The credit card or debit card charge AUTO AIR & VACUUM SERV PLAINVIEW NY was first spotted on April 17, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 334 users, 483 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen AUTO AIR & VACUUM SERV PLAINVIEW NY on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Air vending machine (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number 6394490336 (edit)
Category Vacuum in gas stations (edit)
Description Auto/tire pumps (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Sanford on September 17, 2015

Air pumps now take credit cards.... T hey are a legitimate company charge

Caitlin on November 06, 2015

Just saw a charge for $1.25 from them on my bank account and was confused by the Plainview, NY considering I live in Florida, but then I remembered I used my debit card to put air in my car tire.

Auto Air and Vacuum Plainfield, NY on December 09, 2015

I do not know about this company, but the air pump stations are a rip-off!

Auto Air and Vacuum Plainfield, NY on December 09, 2015


David on December 17, 2015

I thought my identity was stolen but I did use my credit card for $1 to put air in one of my tires so it appears to be legitimate

John on January 25, 2016

Used at Shell station ($1.50) because I didn't have 6 quarters. Confusing directions. When you are side of vehicle you can't see digital pressure gauge on other side showing tire pressure. Would not use again except in emergency.

James on February 01, 2016

Confirmed...this appears to be a charge for the credit card usage of an air pump machine used for filling tires at a gas station (Santa Barbara County, CA). I remember when air for tires and water for your radiator were no-cost items at gas stations. In California, they have to give you the air at no cost if you purchase gas during that visit.

Jennifer on February 02, 2016

This is a legitimate charge for tire air pumps. I used it at a Speedway gas station and highly recommend using it for accuracy in air measurement. It is worth the charge.

Butch on February 09, 2016

Yes, this is legit. The air pumps taking credit cards. Not a rip off. You swiped your card!! :)

Ulrich on February 13, 2016

Have 2 charges on my credit card from your company, while I was in Mexico. My card was in my possession. Both on 2/12. Please explain.

Ulrich on February 13, 2016

Says Auto Air&Vacuum 2/12/16 $1.50 and 2/12/16 $ 1.25

Ulrich on February 13, 2016


Ulrich on February 13, 2016


Anthony Trevino on March 02, 2016

I got charged $28.10 for putting air in my car tire. Im talking to my bank about this

Florida on March 06, 2016


Karina on March 22, 2016

I got a bank alert telling me that I spent $2 at the auto air and vacuum in Plainview, NY, but I did not make this purchase. I live in Florida and was in Florida at the time of "purchase". This is clearly fraud. If this happened to you, CALL YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY

Karina on March 22, 2016


Karina on March 22, 2016


Lewis on April 14, 2016

It is legitimate. The air pump at my local 7-11 drive in gas and grocery takes credit cards. I saw this company issued a charge against my account so I looked them up here. When I saw what they do I remembered having used that pump.

Camille on April 27, 2016

Hi,I am french and my bank blocked my crédit card telling me that i spent 1$ at an auto air and vacuum in America. But i'm in France so it's rip off

Dodger on May 19, 2016

I used my debit card at an air pump. It said the charge would be $1.50, but it miraculously rose to $1.75 when it hit my bank!

Peep on May 20, 2016

Got an alert today on a c.c. that I do not use. I had a charge for $1.25 for this company. They are frauds!

george on May 27, 2016

Used for tire pressure in Myrtle Beach and the only thing it took was a credit card. Very short hose. very short time before shut off. I'll avoid except for emergency.

John on May 29, 2016

At first I thought it was fraud because I didn't recognize the Plainview, NY location. Then AHA, I remembered putting air in my car tires at a Circle K and swiping my card in the air machine. So, yes this was legit for me.

Nancy on June 03, 2016

If you see this charge on your bank statement, your credit card number has been stolen. They charge a small amount at first to see if you "catch" the charge. If not, they continue to charge other items within a very short period of time. Call your bank immediately if you did not put air in your tires. I became a victim very quickly.

dewey on June 16, 2016

i did put air in my tires and charged it

dewey on June 16, 2016

i put air in my tires

McBeck on June 17, 2016

I used my card for air at gas station. Supposed to be 1.50. Charge came thru at 3.25.

Chuck on August 02, 2016

Had a charge but it was legit. Used the card at an air pump at the local chevron.

Alexandra Nunez on October 01, 2016

This change is from the air and vacuum services. The company is located in NY.

Greg on October 06, 2016

Legitimate. I didn't recognize it at first, but I did put air in my tires at a local Speedway station. There are places in my neighborhood that provide air for free, but I was out of town, the "low tire pressure" light was on, so I stopped at the closest station. The charges was $1.00, as posted on the sign.

Art on November 18, 2016

If you see this charge on your bank statement, your credit card number has been stolen. They charge a small amount at first to see if it goes through, if it goes through they charge a large amount. I had a $600 charge Nov 6 and they did the same thing on Nov 9. My credit card company caught the charge and disabled my credit card.

Andy on May 09, 2017

I have an full-size air compressor at home and that is why I don't use gas station air pumps

Denise on May 11, 2017

This charge is fraudulent. I have been hacked 6 times in the last 9 months. I have narrowed the hacking to a restaurant I frequent. This card has not left my house except when I used it at the restaurant. I have a small compressor at home that I use. I also keep a very small one in my car. I would advise people to buy one. They are $10-$20

Hacked on May 12, 2017

My charge was unauthorized and fraudulent. I don't use air pumps at gas stations but the charge from AUTO AIR & VACUUM SVC Irving TX appeared on my card. I suspect my info was stolen from a chain restaurant I frequent that recently had a security breach.

gale on August 02, 2017

I was just charged 1.50 four times on my debit card. I had the bank check the address and it was listed as Plainview, NY. When the charges came through my bank shut my card off as they have it listed as a scam company.

M. Crain on August 27, 2017

Fraudulent charge! Shell NG also! Call your credit card company!

G-Rob on October 04, 2017

This is legit. If you have ever put air or water into your car at a gas station check the date and I bet it matches up to when this charge happened.

Bill on October 26, 2017

This company may be legitimate, but it is also used by credit scammers to test your card after they steal your information. I had a 1.50 charge here without ever using any gas station service besides gas and 2 days later the fraud charges piled up. If you haven't filled your tires recently, cancel your card immediately.

Fraud on November 10, 2017

This is not a legitimate company...charged $1.50 and I live in Louisiana and I would never use a card to get air for tires.

Dan on January 04, 2018

I thought the same thing, now I remember I used my card at the gas station to pump air into my car tires.

Gary on January 16, 2018

legit. had to google it to remember swiping my card in Oregon to get air...

Jim on January 16, 2018

Used to buy air on Interstate 70, between Columbia and KC. I forgot also until checking this website..

Carol on February 03, 2018

Had a $1.50 charge on my credit card in Jan 2018 from Plainview NY. I didn't use air machine in NY, but in FL, so assume that is the charge. However, will keep a close watch to make sure no other charges show up after reading the other comments.

Stacey on February 19, 2018

Had a charge for $1.75 and then had a reversal amount of $1.75. Never used my card to get air for my tires. Called my bank and they stopped my card and issued me a new one.

trevjen7 on February 28, 2018

These are those "ExactAir" tire pumps beside some gas stations that you pay for to pump the exact amount. Mine was $1.50 for 5 minutes of air. I'm in UT, but still just shows the NY info on my stmt

Bill on March 27, 2018

These are Legit charges. Funny how some claim it's fraud because they don't Like paying for air. Then don't Pay for it, you put your card against it. We all did. (Well, most did. Some.. could be fraud for small amounts but This is a Legit business. The Company HQ in NY throws many of us but yes, I think we all remember putting air in tires. Very convenient not having to walk back and get quarters, in the Cold!

Shekila Jones on April 06, 2018

Be careful if you receive this charge. It showed up on my account recently then I received a phone call from my bank about some more transactions. Apparently someone was testing my account out at the air pump then decided to go grocery shopping with my card number.

David Tilley on May 19, 2018

This is a legitimate charge. When I first saw it on my account I was concerned, but then I remembered I used an air machine in Camden, SC. Apparently this is the company that owns the machines. Don't let the location of the company confuse you. I imagine they have air machines all over the country and the location you see is their headquarters.

Wendy-Meridian, Idaho on November 17, 2018

Realized that this is the charge of airing up my tires at The Jackson😀 All legitimate!!!

Wendy-Meridian, Idaho on November 17, 2018

Aired up my tires with my card at The Jackson...all legitimate!😀

sergio on December 07, 2018

just got charged 13 for using it twice! THEFT THEFT THEFT DONT USE THIS SERVICE THEY FRAUDULENT

Don L on December 31, 2018

This was a forgotten charge from topping off my tires on a rental car in Green Valley AZ. Legit.

randy smith on January 05, 2019

I live in Morton Il, and there is no way I used my card in one of these air and vacuum machines, but yet there it is, 1.50 pending against my debit card. SCAM SCAM , if you see this cancel your card and get a new one. Its not the 1.50 they are after. This is a test to see if you or your bank notice. If you do not, they will put you in the sucker catigory. Then you are in trouble.

Mark W on January 08, 2019

I used in ft myers fl. For air. Double charged me. Will not do that again.

Jake on January 25, 2019

At first, I thought this was a false charge since I live in Phoenix. Looked up the company online and remembered having to put air in a tire on a Sunday afternoon. Because of timing on my credit card bill, this charge took 5 weeks to show up. I'd forgotten all about the low tire problem, which happened well before Christmas. I agree with others that the charge is waaaay too much for what you get, but I needed air pressure and this was the only option I could find at the time.

Hailey on February 01, 2019

They tried to charge my card twice and I do not live in Texas. Fraud!

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