The credit card or debit card charge CTS*FRONTIER SECURE CT was first spotted on December 03, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 50 users, 398 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen CTS*FRONTIER SECURE CT on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Website http://meetfrontier.com/ (edit)
Phone Number 888-446-7622 (edit)
Category Telecommunications (edit)
Description Formerly Verizon in CA, TX, FL (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Troy Brown on September 28, 2015

Bank charge of 12.99 Never heard of it.

Carnley on December 11, 2015

Debit charge of $13.85 on 12/11/15. Never heard of this company.

Gayle on February 11, 2016

We've been charged $12.99/month for 8 months. We never subscribed to this. I'd like to know how they got our credit card number. I never give it out over the phone. I do remember them calling months ago trying to sell us the plan, and I told them no. I have contacted them, and they said when we signed up for Total Highspeed Internet Service, they (Total Highspeed) would have been the ones to sign us up for the Frontier Select. We didn't get good service from Total Hoghspeed, so it was cancelled in two days. Frontier has cancelled my "contract" and said they will be crediting my account within the week.

Kevin on February 21, 2016

Don't know but just found it on my Chase Visa card; I called the 888 number and was told by Frontier's Customer Service that I needed to refer to my paper billing; I don't do any business with Frontier so I don't get a bill. I was told that the only thing that I can do is go back to my credit card company and stop the payment. Frontier does not even offer services in my area...not for 500 miles.

Angie on February 29, 2016

Apparently I have been getting these charged since Sept 2015 (possibly even longer), Notice just last month, called the company but they were very oblivious to what I was asking. I have no idea what this company is nor thing this company is even in our area.

SCAMBUSTER on February 29, 2016

My wife received an email thanking her for the purchase which cost $19.99. She had never I called the 800 # and after three transfers the guy blamed "third party operators" which he would not name. He then tried to get the last four digits of my credit card so he could remove the charge. I told him no way and to remove it anyway. The whole thing reeked. I hung up on him and contacted the FBI cybercrime dept: https://www.fbi.gov/report-threats-and-crime

ScamShitter on March 22, 2016

I found $12.99 on my account charged since October 2015 the other day and cancelled my card. The only way to stop the charges

DAVID on April 01, 2016


Joe on April 02, 2016

AT&T uses a vendor for their service providers. In order to get free installation they make you sign up a subscription with this service provider that you can turn around and cancel so you don't get billed. It's not a scam but it is definitely sneaky and underhanded.

Kristen on April 02, 2016

Yes it is premium technical support that AT&T automatically enrolls you in with installation of any equipment. You can manage your account (username is your email address) at www.ftrsecure.com and cancel at anytime. It's scammish for sure but technically it is insurance on if you need repairs on your wiring and equipment.

Joan on April 06, 2016

I found $13.64 on my account charged. I do not have DirecTV OR AT&T account. Not sure how they can bill without permission. Called 888-620-3663, the number listed on my bank statement. Kept getting if you do not have an account, to please remain on the line. Never received an agent to discuss. Had to go to bank to have the account blocked.


Check your debit cards on your bank statement. A company called CTS Frontier SE has been charging us for months for a service we didn't even have. There are claims of fraud by this company on the internet. When you call them, each phone operator gives you a different story. Be aware of them. They seem to tack onto any internet or phone service you have. In a few hours of conversation with them, I heard them accuse WOW, Wind Stream and WOW of adding on what they call this technical service.

PROFESSOR MILLIE on April 07, 2016

Check your debit cards on your bank statement. A company called CTS Frontier SE has been charging us for months for a service we didn't even have. There are claims of fraud by this company on the internet. When you call them, each phone operator gives you a different story. Be aware of them. They seem to tack onto any internet or phone service you have.

Patti Pearce on April 11, 2016

My credit card was charged on Feb & March 3rd 2016 for $16.23. This is a communications company that offers internet, TV, & phone services. I have been an AT&T Uverse customer for several years & have never heard of this company. I am contacting my credit card company in the morning.

Larry on April 13, 2016

Verizon has transferred phone/dsl accounts to Frontier. My Verizon bill is exactly reflected in the Frontier charge to my card and there has been no "double charge". It all seems to be good.

Andy J on April 18, 2016

Called Frontier Secure today and after almost two hours of being on the phone figured out where this $12.99 charge comes from. The operator told me that AT&T adds this to your account when you sign up and are supposed to tell you about it. He said that sometimes that does not happen.............. They will stop billing this amount if you ask them to. You just have to hang in there with all the call holds and department transfers!

Chester on May 06, 2016

Stick to your guns,,, after many minutes on the phone with various operators, we were able to pinpoint this charge for "Premium tech support" the reference phone number was used to find the account and get it cancelled. Very frustrating for sure. Many operators passed the buck or simply hung up on us. Good luck,,

Guillermo on May 09, 2016

I don't remember ever filed any form or sign up for this kind of products and surprise me see my bank account charge for $12.99

Carey L on May 11, 2016

Apparently AT&T snuck this by me when I signed up for an installation of cable service. I only knew about it when I received an email from Frontier requesting payment of $12.99. Next I called the service number 1-844-638-2112 and got a helpful agent who cancelled the account and promised to reversed charges from last month off my debit card. What a bunch of a-holes at AT&T!

S KIM on May 20, 2016

I thought it was a scam at first but found that it is a former Verizon in CA, TX, and FL. Check this link http://meetfrontier.com/

S KIM on May 20, 2016

I thought it was a scam at first but found that it is a former Verizon in CA, TX, and FL. Check this link http://meetfrontier.com/

Angela on May 24, 2016

After 5 hours wasted on the phone I finally found the cause and demanded it be fixed. Frontier communications is definitively a fraudulent company as all day yesterday no one could help me because they couldn't find my husband or I as having an account. Well today someone from the rapid response team at frontier 855-447-6380 was able to confirm we have an account and cancelled us. She said we have an account that AT&T uverse signed us up for during installation as premium protection like others mentioned above. She was unable to credit is any amount beyond 90 days but I had already disputed those 3 charges anyway and wanted the full amount from AT&T. Now that I had proof AT&T was the cause of this I was able to get to a manager who credited my account the full amount and was bringing it to attention in the company as she was unaware techs were allowed to sign customers up for things like this. This manager was amazing and helpful and what customer service should be. The bitch I spoke to yesterday at AT&T who told me this was not AT&T's problem was NOT. The woman yesterday said AT&T is only affiliated through frontier communications in the state of CT which I do not reside in. Moral of this story is if this happens to you DO NOT give up as this is a scam the uverse tech set you up for and I almost think AT&T is truly unaware of this happening. Make sure you get frontier to locate your account, cancel the account (otherwise you'll get a collections bill from them I heard) and make AT&T fix this if this happens to you.

Crapola on June 03, 2016

Tonight I was online and checked the CC account. And noticed a pending charge from this rip off outfit on my CC. I called the CC company and reported it as a fraudulent charge. They immediately stopped payment and closed the CC account and will reissue new CC to Wife and I. I have never used our CC for any dealings with Frontier or gave out the CC number to them. I do have Frontier Secure, but it is included on my monthly bill from Frontier and I pay them online from our checking account. I tried calling Frontier but their offices are closed at night, will contact them in the AM.

Jim on June 09, 2016

Watch your cards. They charged me 3 times at $12.99 each. Supposedly they are with AT&T Internet service (another rip off specialist). I do not have AT&T Internet. Called AT&T who advised me to call CTS at 888-446-7622. I called and spoke with Melissa in billing. She said they would cancel and refund me two payments because that is all they show. I gave her the dates the 3 payments hit my credit card but she said they only showed 2 so I would have to contact my credit card company because it was not their fault they billed the card 3 times. What a scam! Right up there with AT&T service.

Liz on June 14, 2016

This so called company has been charging $12.99 per month to my debit card for months now. Finally called last month to ask who they are and why I'm being charged this fee as to my knowledge I've never signed up for anything with them. Told them to stop charging my debit card or I would have account closed. The guy claimed he was looking into it after asking me several times for my account number - what account number - I've never started an "account" with you. He finally seemed to agree that they needed to cancel whatever this is and stop charging me. Well, surprise, surprise, there is the charge again this month. Yet another scam I presume.

Shirley on June 24, 2016

In May spoke with Direct TV because I was considering switching from Dish to Direct TV. I told the man at Direct TV I was not certain I was switching companies just getting pricing information. I did give him my cc number as he said he would hold the special pricing he quoted me for 4 days while I decided. Within 10 minutes I get an email from cts Frontier thanking me for my purchase of their service and was billed $12.99 on my cc. With luck my cc company texted me and asked me if I had made this purchase and since this charge seemed suspicious my cc company flagged it and I called my cc company and they cancelled my cc and issued me a new one. In the meantime I called Direct TV and told them my cc was not supposed to be billed until I was certain I wanted to switch to Direct TV. They said they would give me a refund which they didn't have too because my cc company immediately got rid of their charge for me. I tried calling cts frontier telling them I never order their service nor did I want it but it was like talking o a monkey, as the person I was talking too would not listen to a word I was saying so I hung up. Then for the past two months I get emails from cts saying my account is overdue for $12.99. This morning I called them and talked to a man who explained that Direct TV automatically gave cts my cc information and ordered their service for me. He said he was sorry and would send me a cancellation conformation which he did promptly. He also said AT&T will put cts charges on your cc. without your permission. Just check your cc, or debit card charges regular and if you notice any charges that you're not sure of contact you bank or cc company.

Shirley on June 24, 2016

The source of charge came from Direct TV without my permission or knowledge. My cc company caught it and denied the charge of $12.99 from frontier cts and told me to cancel my cc and they sent me another one with a new cc number

James on July 25, 2016

This is soooo sneaky. Yes the techs come to your home and hook you into charges that have no meaning. The first 3 people I spoke to at CTS couldn't find anything. No account. Then they transferred me to a guy who tried to strong talk me into accepting these charges. I am upset, and I'm still on hold with someone there right now. This has gone on for almost 2 hours. Everyone, don't settle for what they tell you.

Dawn November 6, 2016 on November 06, 2016

First of all thank you all for your comments and suggestions this has really helped me this morning!!. I woke up to find a $12.99 charge to my debit card, I sat there for a minute trying to figure out who and what this was for?? I then went online and found this site with all of your comments about these fraudulent charges!!. I immediately dialed 1-844-638-2112 and waited to speak to a representative (about 10 mins). I explained to her that i was unaware of what these charges were for and at first she couldn't find any information with my name so I had to give her my home phone which I have through AT &T and she eventually found my information. I asked to cancel and reverse these charges since i didn't authorize them to be taken out. After about 30 minutes on the telephone everything was taken care of.

Debbie on November 16, 2016

Realized have paid 12.99 per month for three months for something I never signed up for. They can't find my account by name or phone number, and they won't look for it by my Visa number which is where my charges are showing up. It began when my daughter signed up for internet with AT&T but AT&T says they know nothing about it. I have to stop my credit card to solve the problem, and right before Christmas. Very frustrating!!!!

John& Kathy on April 17, 2017

Both of us were billed $12.99 per month, until it became obvious neither of us ever heard of the company or ordered anything from them (apparently someone we did buy from got a payoff to give the number- we also have Direct TV, so who knows, they appear to be involved as well)... why don't the big mouth politicians do something about crooks like this instead of coddling them and acting like businesses are beyond reproach and deserve to take whatever they can from honest consumers- we're nothing but cattle to them, and if you are stupid enough to not stop it you get stolen from and the law allows it?? Furthermore, many 'membership' companies apparently do this with total impunity- another is 'Preferred Memberships' out of Ohio who runs dozens of scam membership companies we got taken by for several months, they just keep deducting for phony memberships! We were not vigilant so did not know until the charges got so high the debit card bounced when we tried to buy our regular groceries -- over $500 in membership fees and never had heard of a single one! Sad, but bottom line is evil forces are afoot, and will get anybody if not extremely vigilant- Good Luck to you and we all need it alot now.

Tayler on April 22, 2017

My mother texted me because she is linked to my bank account asking what the secure cts frontier charge was. I had no idea what she was talking about, but looked and saw a charge for 12.99 being taken out. I went to the bank immediately and they told me about another three times this has occurred with my account. I've never heard of it and never signed any contract. It is a scam and if you see this I would suggest you cancel you card immediately and file for a dispute.

Hannah on May 03, 2017

Was checking out my CC and saw that there was a charge for $12.99 from CTS Frontier Secure!! What?? I have no idea who they are but thought it was Frontier internet service. Long story short, they have been charging me above amount from at least Feb. of this year!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Hannah on May 03, 2017

Well, would you all like to know who this company is and WHY you are being charged?? I've done some detective work on MY problem and I'm not saying that it applies to everyone BUT here goes: They are a "parent" company that works with DISH!!!! It is a Tech. Support Bundle that you were sold when you signed up for DISH!! Most likely, your first months charge was $2.99 and then $12.99 after that. I was charged for 16 months @ $12.99, one month @ $2.99. Frontier refunded me 3 months charges. The man I spoke with said that's as far back as they can go. I think, in total I paid $168.87 for something I NEVER used and didn't even know I had!!!! So! If you have DISH I would call them, tell them you want to talk to the Frontier Fraud Dept. and at least get back 3 months of charges. I still think it's fraudulent the way they do this and the reps you talk to could be anywhere in the country, come and gone and they have no way of tracking them down so be careful, takes LOTS of notes and make sure what you are purchasing!!!! LIVE AND LEARN!!! :( I am going to call DISH and complain about this practice because I'm on disability and cannot afford to throw money away but who can?? I certainly hope that this answers everyone's questions.

shirley on June 29, 2017

will I did not tell you my story because it is the same one everyone else has told, so I have deciced to go to a lawyer and see if I can sue them for fraud and harassment and stealing money from the elderly.maybe we should think about a class action suit. this is not right to do to god only knows how many people have been strolen from.

heida on September 03, 2017

I just saw the $12.99 charge on my card. Fortunately, they only charged me this one time. I'm calling my credit card company to stop payment. It's all I can think of for now and I'm game for a class action suit. These people need to be stopped!

Tom on October 02, 2017

I signed up with Hughes Net two months ago, and apparently when the tech set everything up, he also signed me up with CTS. I've been getting charged $12.99 for the past two months. I was able to get it cancelled within 10 minutes of calling them. They told me I had signed up for premium technical support. I checked my email, and did have one with a $2.99 fee the day Hughes Net came out. I hate it when companies do this crap.

DONELL on October 08, 2017

the government need to step in and do something about these professional con articess,my experience with them was like all the others except when i finally got in touch with them thy wanted my SOCIAL SECURITY number,in which it didn't have anything to do with the deduction out of my account.

Sheila on November 17, 2017

Hugesnet does this.....It's for the "premium support service" which I cancelled repeatedly by phone with a Hugesnet service rep! Ever single time I was told it was cancelled, and it never was. I finally contacted Frontier and they were able to stop it, but would not refund the charges. Hugenet is a giant scam and you better believe that they are gonna hear about this as I am cancelling their service!

Sheila on November 17, 2017

This charge is generated by Hugesnet, and they call it your premium support service, but don't tell you that a different company is billing you for it every month! I have personally canceled at least twice, by phone speaking with a CS rep for Hughesnet, and was told each time that it would be removed from my bill....and as it turns out they can't actually stop the charges. You have to contact Frontier to do so. I did that and they cancelled the service but would not refund any of the past charges. I have reposted them for fraud though my credit card company, and I am cancelling my contract with Hughesnet today. It's literally the worst service you can buy anyway, and it never works at advertised speed, and getting your contract cancelled takes dozens of calls over the course of several weeks to even get to speak to someone who can do anything. I will be reporting them for fraud as well.

Joshua on January 10, 2019

After months of paying for this service and multiple phone calls to try and resolve it, finally got on the phone with them and I am currently on that phone call. I have been transferred three times but I hopefully about to get the Rapid Response Team, who as mentioned far above, are the only ones who can cancel your account. I will update how this goes as soon as it's finished. So far this seems like a scam brought in by AT&T.

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