The credit card or debit card charge EIMHIR*LILPLAY.COM LONDON was first spotted on April 23, 2016. This charge has been reported as trusted by 52 users, 647 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen EIMHIR*LILPLAY.COM LONDON on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Rafid (edit)
Website Smione Card (edit)
Phone Number 0046722749112 (edit)
Category Money (edit)
Description 3.88 (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Marion Bland on April 23, 2016

An unknown charge of $12.63

holly on May 02, 2016

They refunded me one dollar and charged me one dollar (US) On April 24, 2016

MARICRUZ on May 02, 2016


Kim on May 03, 2016


Cydney on May 03, 2016

debited, then refunded $1.32. then I get charged an international transaction fee. Stopped the card - minor pain in the butt but better than losing money to these lowlife scumbags.

Roberta Read on May 04, 2016

Unknown charge of $23.11

Alvaro del Aguila on May 06, 2016

Unknown charge of 14,50 €

Jenna McIntyre May 8, 2016 on May 08, 2016

Unknown Charge of $29.95 this is not okay at all.

Suzie on May 10, 2016

I was charged 3 lots of $1.32 for a free trial period!

Nathan on May 11, 2016

Unknown charge of 29.95 us dollars

Suus on May 12, 2016

Unknown charge €19,95

Suus on May 12, 2016

Unknown charge €19,95

Carol May 2 & 12 2016 on May 13, 2016

unknown charges $12.50 & $4.03

Jac on May 13, 2016

unknown charge €12,95 in Belgium

Margarita may 13 on May 14, 2016

Charge me $19.99..wtf...

Roy on May 15, 2016

Unknown charge of $13.00 while not even awake (check the time tag on yours) now have to wait a week for new credit card so can't do my online grocery shopping on pension day :( Side note if you get a call from anyone saying they're from your provider's company NEVER give them your verification details, hang up and call your provider back on their regular number to confirm that it was them.

Lee on May 16, 2016

Been charged twice for £9.85 god knows what this is for.

BRUHININO on May 16, 2016

wtf I lost money not GAIN. My dad got mad. WHAT IS EIMHIR LILPLAY WHAT ARE YOU!

BRUHININO on May 16, 2016

Is putlocker related to this PROBLEM?

Sylvia on May 19, 2016

I cancelled the same day that I signed up because it wasn't what I thought it would be. I was charged 2.95 and again 2.95 on April 28. I cancelled March 14.

Coni on May 21, 2016

I was charged $1.00 and credited $1.00 on May 20. I have no idea what this was for.

James on May 21, 2016

Credited me $1.00 then charged me $1.00 probably to see if they could conduct transactions from my account. Then charged me $2.95 the next day then charged me $19.95 a few days later. Someone should shoot them all.

Kenny on May 22, 2016

Wtf is this stupid scam. They debit 1.12 sgd money into my account den deduct 1.12 sgd money into my account. Few days later they deduct 25.73 sgd from my account for nothing. I did not do any purchase or what. Those bloody cb scammer. Made me so troublesome. Have to cancel my card and make a new one. Make my life so troublesome. Hope they all get bang by car. Bloody ccb blood sucker !!!!!

Arthur on May 22, 2016

They credited me $1.00 on May 15, then charged me $1.00 on May 16, then charged me another $2.95 the same day. I've reported them, changed my card number and am praying to my personal god that they hang.

Mag on May 25, 2016

From France, debited 1€ then refunded 1€, and since 2 month debited 32.5€. I dont know this site Lilplay.com and I have never been there. I have blocked my bank card to prevent any future bank debit...grrr

Auckland, NZ on May 26, 2016

Charged me on Mon 23rd May, transaction only came thru Wed 25th May, charged me $33.95 / $22.95USD ...wtf did they charge me for????!!!

Steve, U.S.A. on May 26, 2016

Was charged $1.00 on 4/29/2016, then credited $1.00 on the same day. Charged $29.95 on 5/05/2016 for unknown reason. Never opened account with this organization, and do not know where they got my credit card information from. Canceling card.

David .Auckland NZ on May 26, 2016

I was silly enough to try togged a live stream SPORT from UK ... now credit card charged NZ54 on May 26th ... I'm going to ask bank to block further ......

Sundus. on June 01, 2016

an unknown charge £19.90

Miguel on June 01, 2016

Yo tengo un cargo de 15 dólares no se de donde el 7 de mayo y yo nunca he comprado nada con esta empresa ahí está el mensaje FICOCEL te informa: Miguel se registro un débito a tu cta por compra en EIMHIR LILPLAY COM de USD 15.50 --------------- FICOHSA

ROSARIO RODARTE on June 02, 2016


Trish, Canada on June 02, 2016

I was charged $26.95 every month for 4 months based US dollar amounts. I'm housebound, can't speak on the phone, out of town, I have ALS, but I have a ride into town today and I'm stopping by the bank and raising hell

Miguel Dávila on June 02, 2016

Tengo dos cargos de esta empresa EIMHIR LILPLAY yo nunca he sido cliente de esta empresa y me salen dos cargos de 1550 dólares cada uno el 1 de agosto de 2015 y el 7 de mayo 2016 Este es un robo solicitó cancelación de estos robos y que se me retribuye el dinero banco ficohsa mi registro el cobro que me hizo está la empresa LILPLAY

dala on June 04, 2016

they charged me 0.60$ , 25.00$ and 19.00$

Marylou on June 07, 2016

These people have charged me USD 39.50 per month without me knowing. I have reported this to the authorities and had to cancel my credit card.

Bengt on June 07, 2016

Monthly charge USD 39,50 since 2015-09-15

trish.barron on June 10, 2016

I have been getting this charge for over 3 months of $19.95 had been sick so never got to find out what it's about. How do I. Keep them from charging my account?

jackie on June 10, 2016

these people are scammers,had to cancel my card.how the hell do they get hold of peoples details. I hope that they get scammed big time.their time is coming.

Iechia on June 11, 2016

19.95 was took from me. I'm pissed.

Amber on June 11, 2016

$2.00 taken from me, then 19.95 on may 31st. Wtf...

Kathy on June 14, 2016

$19.95 taken 3 months in a row. I don't know who this is or what it's for. How can I cancel? Help!!

Hedvig brenma on June 15, 2016

Charge of 364 kr from these scammers . Had to cancel cards Hope you burn in hell

Barb on June 15, 2016

Seen these on my visa/debit two didn't really notice as they were for 0.01 on Thursday June 2 2016 then another one same day for $2.95 but $3.97 was what I was actually charged. The one I noticed was on Tuesday June 7 2016 for $29.95 but again I was actually charged $39.86. Went straight to my bank and they are doing investigation. I better get this money back.

carleton on June 16, 2016

charged 1 cent and a number shows up---1-302-722-4141GB---what eve that means--I hope its not t o check and see if it is indeed a valid card

CHAR on June 17, 2016

got me with a $1. deposit into my account , then did 2 19.95 withdraws on my debit card...a month and a half later it finally got discovered by me ... scam

Diana on June 19, 2016

They just took 90 $ from my account!

jose alexander on June 21, 2016

It was charged twice a value of 8.95 dollars and a number shows up---1-302-722-4141---what eve that means--I hope its not t o check and see if it is indeed a valid card

gascidr@gmail.com on July 08, 2016

Agradeceré anular mi suscripción en EIMHIR*LILPLAY.COM, con mi Tarjeta Visa: xxxx-xxxx-1909-1350; número de referencia: 74007486162048762120816; ciudad: 1302-722-41; pais: G.B. Sin otro particular, le saluda atentamente Gastón Cid R.

townwithoutpity on August 20, 2016

£6.95, my card company didn't recognize the name as known scammers, but say that it is a subscription. I suspect it may be one I had to work very hard to cancel. I do have a cancellation email, but the name of the company is different to the one I subscribed to, which was moshgame, which I accessed through gomediaz. Beware!

Vanessa on September 05, 2016

Tengo un monte de 10.47 debitado de mi tarjeta sin motivo alguno, sin afiliarme ni nada, como es esto posible? en que momento hubo una afiliación y de que se trata? alguien puede ayudarme. gracias.

Amanda on September 08, 2016

I lost 3.88 last week from this website and somehow someone put my number on here plz dont call me threatening me bc i lost my money too and im not a scammer.

Bjørn L on September 09, 2016

Unknown charge of 38.50 USD, all the bank can do is to issue a new card,A bank and their lawyers cant stop this scam ?, they sure line up when they are missing a penny...

Santiago A on September 27, 2016

Yeah I received a 29.95 dollar charge on my debit card for no reason, how the hell do they even have my card and why did they charge it? I haven't bought anything online over the internet and the last time i tried signing up to watch american horror story the damn website declined my card and never let me make an account to delete my information.

Tom on October 29, 2016

Hey guys lilplay is such a scam do not let them get your redit card details LILPLAY IS SUCH A SCAM do not give away your details.

Anna on May 05, 2017

i have a unknown payment with these on the 19th April 2016 of 9.95

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