The credit card or debit card charge FFNHELP.COM*ADULTFRIEN was first spotted on February 24, 2016. This charge has been reported as trusted by 250 users, 1240 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen FFNHELP.COM*ADULTFRIEN on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Adult friend fingers and spread love nder (edit)
Website Adultfriendfinder.com (edit)
Phone Number 0620056814 (edit)
Category Dating site us (edit)
Description Found unauthorised payments been taken. Looked into it and the website has a button to toggle on and off for auto renew of gold. I contacted them. They have said they will give refund of all the unauthorised payments. (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Iain Cadenhead on February 24, 2016

Every couple of months USD 32.49 taken from visa. Know nothing about this, its not authorised.

Ffnhelp.Com*Adultfrien 4087021033 GB on February 24, 2016

I have no idea where this has come from, and I certainly have not authorised it.

Beck Cole on February 25, 2016

Son just charged on February 24,2016 $205.29 taken from Visa debit card - not authorised !!

Jess on February 25, 2016

This is a adult hookup site.

dumptruck5656. walt on April 07, 2016

They hit me for a200.00 pop and the site don't even work they said 19.00 for a trial that what I clicked on plus another20.00 for someone to process it

Clntbwmn on May 04, 2016

I tried the discounted first month then tried to cancel. The person on the phone was very hard to understand & I don't believe they understood me any better. Need less to say, I just got charged again even though I got a confirmation email.

jat krishan on May 27, 2016

Plz give me a meetings

swamy on June 01, 2016

I have no idea about this site, as early as possible plz refund my amout

William on June 11, 2016

You need to go to your banks and cancel the card as soon as possible,ask for a new card with a completely new number.Don,t worry about e-mails your wasting your life,you can,t fight cowards hiding behind monitors,I would like to smack them around to.Cancel the card and take it as one of life,s experiences and move on.

Roger on June 18, 2016

太恐怖了 為什麼 可以這樣扣我的錢 NT$3,897 請還給我

Chris on September 27, 2016

Add another fraudulent charge (29.95) by these crooks! Have never been a member of their site and yet these parasites have managed to find a way to fraudulently make this unauthorized charge on my account! These SOB's have now caused my account to be overdrawn on the 26th!Already alerted my financial institution regarding this thieivery!

Mike (Michael) owens on October 03, 2016

I have a charge on my checking account for $29.95 fromFFN.Help.com 7273. I think I have been charged incorrectly can you help?

Eva Jordan November 11, 2016 on November 11, 2016

I got a text from my credit card company telling me I had a $50 charge from FFNHELP.com. I have never heard of you!

anon on November 15, 2016

Just found on my card months of payments and I've never heard of them so how did they get my details, I blocked future payments and they slightly changed payment name and took money again

Guillaume on April 11, 2017

wow this is finally explaining how strong fraud is and how bad it destroyed my credit getting charged for years every month thinking my gf was just over spending ... 50000 credit card loaded top up in 2 or 3 years .... so many scam thru my credit letting all go trying to be generous to my women n blaming her for ripping me off n lying to me.... how can I go back 5 years and prove this many scams n restore my credit?!?!

Phil on April 13, 2017

Just cancel your debit card , get new one ! That will stop future payments

Bobbie on May 07, 2017

Why am i being charged 20.00 i didn't authorize the withdrawal

Abdul on May 11, 2017

Why have you made to direct debits to my card for 10th of May of $182.68 and $27.38, I will cancel my membership if you take it

Challas on May 18, 2017

I just now noticed I had two separate charges the same day this month, one was $19.90 & the other was $19.95. The first charge was in April of $40. What the fuck!? How did this place get my unemployment card information and where is this scam originating from?

Richard on June 09, 2017

Had 175. Removed from checking account without authorization. Have not been on this site for years Submitted notice to bank to hopefully recover.

wiboon on June 26, 2017

charge me on 2 Jun 2017, not authorised by my.. Not even auto re new.

JLW on August 05, 2017

Hit my bank account for $179, I don't even know what this is! Filed fraud paperwork with the bank and canceled my card. Ridiculous though, I'm on an extremely fixed income and mfers still steal from ya.

Angry wife on October 01, 2017

Found this on my husbands account. He denies paying to hook up. I call bullshit. I went in set me up an account. It’s a free site!!! You only pay when you want to chat and hook up!! Non of the charges were ever the same amounts for that reason. Hmmm. Girl’s go make your own sites!! My husband has neglected me for years. I think I’ll go find me some Dick!!! Apparently this shit is more exciting than being faithful to your wife. Good riddance Asshole!!!!

Angered person on October 06, 2017

I've never said to withdraw $20 from my account and they fucking did anyway. I wasn't aware of this at all. I was already negative in the bank I didn't need to be more. I fucking demand it to be fixed this is complete bullshit

Bef OrUGoNuts on November 07, 2017

This number, 888-575-8383, was referenced on my 86 year old Mother In Law's bank account for three attempts to charge over $200 all on the same day. I am 1000% certain she was not looking for a "friend" or an escort service (the bank indicated the company who was attempting the charges.) Give your husband some slack if the bank confirms his story. Anyone can dispute the charges with your bank. Just do it before the dispute period ends.

JORGE JO on November 09, 2017

The website adultfriend finder dot com is a total scam. The took money from my first subscription and then deleted my account completely. The good thing is that my bank seems to spoted this and then refunded me. I would recommend you block your card if you have charges from these punks

anon2 on November 14, 2017

2 unauthorized charges to my card today for $40.00 each, contacted by my Fraud dept. and filling out paperwork for refund. also card was used online at Walmart.com will be getting refund for all charges made unauthorized. and if possible will be seeking legal help to get this resolved

susan griffith on February 02, 2018

please cancel

ron longone on February 03, 2018


Ronald lej on February 19, 2018

I've asked to be cancel twice and i am saying it again. Cancel Me Now. You are not authorized.

Satyendra on February 21, 2018

Unauthorized charges

scrapiron on February 24, 2018

unauthorized. i canceled over a year ago and now they've decided to randomly charge me again. taking this to the fraud department. wish me luck.

CeCe on March 02, 2018

Unauthorized charges!

Angry people on March 21, 2018

A terrible website and took money unauthorized. Seems a fraudulent place. Some legal organization should do something to stop it.

Joshua Mason on March 27, 2018

Hi can I please have my money back please.

Jim Croyden on March 28, 2018

These people have taken hundreds of pounds from my credit card, they have been taking varying amounts every month, I have no idea who they are, and have certainly used any services that warrant this kind of charge, the fraud department of my card issuer are looking into it, but I don't hold out too much hope!

Janet pasbete on March 29, 2018

Ask your husband.

Riedhwaan on April 14, 2018

This website has unauthorisedly taken R1589 out of my bank account. This is unacceptable and unprofessional

Jean Houbrechts on May 03, 2018

This website has unauthorisedly taken 30,00 Euro out of my bank account or Mastercard. This is unacceptable and unprofessional

Tyrus on June 21, 2018

This website has unauthorisedly taken about $50 out of my bank account. This is unacceptable and unprofessional

Israel on June 25, 2018

Three fraudulent charges over three months appeared on my debit card from Chase. I knew nothing about these charges, the bank gave me a new credit card.

Anthomy on July 27, 2018

Not authorized this is d Some bull

Scott on August 26, 2018

These people are notorious for their unauthorized "extending" of memberships, or "re-enrolling" members, or in some way RIPPING OFF anyone who gives them credit card or banking info. Stay away!

CHRIS on August 28, 2018

the only way you can fight these sorry ass fuckers is to cancel your card and get a new one like I did , cant screw me anymore . you can also file a complaint with the BBB . I contacted my bank and adultfriendfinder showed I had previously used them but I did not authorize the last two transactions but my bank didn't reimburse me .

John McGarvey on September 20, 2018

Return the funds, there was no authorisation and you know there wasn’t.

Matt on October 05, 2018

I don't remember even adding my credit card

Tracy on October 08, 2018

I have had 209.00 taken from account without authorisation. Bank has taken their for it that I allowed it to happen. I can't get my money back

Belvin Lee Pettus on October 10, 2018

I joined the site on the 8th of October and was charged $20.00,2 hours later was charged an additional $25.00 now I cant login,the site is a ripoff aka scam,now Im staying away from all dating sites.Its a shame that all the good we have in modern technology its always some one who used it to take advantage of honest hard working people.

Larry on December 08, 2018

2 checks out of my checking account on 11-26-2018 $19.00 and $24.95

Dave on December 18, 2018

To get out of this call this number eight eight eight 575-8383. Rip them a new a******* and tell him to cancel your account and take everything that they took back in your account and threatened to report them and they will take care of the problem. I just got done doing it December 17th 9:51 p.m.

Frank on January 28, 2019

This is a charge from one of the many Friend Finder network of dating sites. They are legit in that they provide the service you pay for, but they also try to trick you into signing up to a site without being aware of it and automatically renewing your subscription monthly if you don't find and disable this feature on your account. The disclaimer/legal stuff when you sign up (that few people read) clearly states that they will do this, and that they can cancel you login at any time without explanation or refund, so you have officially given them permission to debit your account even if you may not realise it. Be careful what you sign up for, read the legal stuff and check the Internet for advice on how to prevent recurring charges or cancel an 'inadvertent' sign up.

I. M. Annoyed on March 15, 2019

This company has been withdrawing money ($134.99) once a year from a bank account for the last 3 years without authorization. I know it is without authorization because the check they print doesn't even represent the true checks and the signature is typed. The person they claim authorized these withdrawals was dead over 4 months before the alleged authorization of the first withdrawal and continues to be dead each year thereafter when they make their withdrawal. It is time to bring the feds in on this company, I think.

Thom on June 14, 2019

I found this site withdrawing money from my credit card. I didn’t join this site. I didn’t know what it was. I had trouble trying to cancel the account. It was not authorized.

Die Scammers on August 25, 2019

I was trying to get laid on the Adult Hookup site, but it kept trying to get me to pay for different things, like to buy credits so I can chat with some horny chick. I did buy a few credits and I told her to text me if she was DTF, but she's obviously a schill for the website and her only job is to try to get men to spend money on the site. She hints at the promise of sex, and strings the poor horny fucker along getting him to spend more and more money hoping to get his pecker wet. She has no intention to do anything with him, matter of fact, she's probably not even a female, she's probably some big sweaty, stinky Ukrainian or something! Ha. Anyway, I tried to purchase several things, a premium membership, a 3 day trial membership, tokens to be able to chat with the other members of the site and every time the transaction either went through or it said that it didn't go through. I damn sure didn't pay $3.00 for Help... OHHHHH, YA KNOW WHAT? I DID PAY $3 FOR 10 CREDITS! HAHAHA, Yeah, so the charge is actually legit! Well, I think I'm in the rare 1% because I'll bet a hundred dollars to a donut that 99% of all charges on this site are fraudulent! This site is definitely designed to get you to spend money and in return, you don't get anything, especially pussy!! The only thing you're going to get from this site is, "RIPPED THE FUCK OFF!" Don't go on it if you don't know what you're doing or if you don't know what to look for that clues you in that their not being honest about things when dollar signs are on the page!

Roger Bailey on October 27, 2019

I had my card number somehow used for this scam and requested them to not process.

Loren Miller on November 26, 2019

I was charged 29.95. I did not authorize this charge.

Simon Emery on April 13, 2020

How can I stop this charge of £24 95

lanedakota745@gmail.com on July 03, 2020

Plz my son was on my phone plz refund my cash to my Chase card that is my bill rent money plz

Nelson Carballo on July 23, 2020

Yo no entre en ningún chal de nada ahora me quieren cobrar 41 dólares por algo que no uso

Kim ky on August 04, 2020

Mine showed up as FFNHELP com*Book irk what it is but they took 27 95 and then 24 95 out same day I got to looking at my acct balance n knew it was wrong got on my accout n seen it and called my bank they cancelled my card and I hope they get my money back I signed a paper but I'm find out more bout these ppl and see if n who I could report them too

KO on December 02, 2020

This so called company is at it again (FFNHelp.com)...they used a typed check on my name to cash it out. They did not type my name correctly nor did they use the correct bank account for my checking acct. Also they made up fake check numbers. Amount $239.40 and my bank charge a $30 NSF fee. I reported as Fraud. I need to get my money back. Plus I don't even live on state where they wrote check from. SCAMMERS!

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