The credit card or debit card charge HEALTH FLEX ADVANTAGE was first spotted on December 04, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 7 users, 129 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen HEALTH FLEX ADVANTAGE on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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Merchant Health Flex Advantage (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number 8772472767 (edit)
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What people are saying...

I want this REMOVED from my credit card. I DID NOT order this. on April 26, 2016

Same number as Daily Discounts Plus --- 08666600533 charge $19.95 and $9.95 Health Flex Advantage --- 08666699533 charge -- $19.95 and $1.95

L.Braun on March 16, 2017

Remove this charge! I thought this had already been cancelled!! Cancel my account!

Anna Ferreira on April 14, 2017

I tried to call Health Flex to cancel subscription and was put on hold. No one ever answered my call so I emailed such email account and couldn't leave a message because voicemail was not working.

Charles on May 25, 2017

Twice I ha e been charged for Health Flex Advantage Alger 45712000 Oh USA for 19.95. I want to stop this from taking g off my pay card. Guess gotta cancel my card. This only been happening when I ordered a shirt on li e and now 3 charges two from this one and another charges been made since I ordered form is called Red bubble. I believe when I made my order they gave out my information to third parties and now these charges keep coming off my card.

Wendy on October 05, 2017

I was calling a different number and my call was hijacked. I thought I was talking to the number I called. I was offered a "free" $100 gift card which I thought was a promotion and so agreed. Then informed there was a handling charge of $2.95. I agreed, then they offered $500 "senior citizen" card. I only had to use it for 2 weeks and if didn't like it I could cancel, plus I had been enrolled in a Health Flex Advantage plan for $19.95 per month. At this point I balked and told them to cancel the order. I received a huge harrange about how I had already agreed to this and they only needed to give me the confirmation number and my credit card had already been charged. It had not been charged. As I continued to say I did not want it, I was told if I refused at this point my credit card would be charged $59.99. I still said "no". I heard 3 beeps and then told me my card had been charged. I promptly canceled my card. Today at 8 AM I received a call from them wanting me to continue the order. I refused and hung up. They then called my phone 4 more times immediately after I hung up. Finally my husband got on the phone and told then "no" and to stop bothering us. So far the phone has not rung.

janetb54 on March 07, 2018

I just look at my credit card statement and saw that a 19.95 charge was charged to my card. Oh that shit aint gonna fly with me. I will have my bank investigate this and return my monies. I will stop payment on anything else from them. this crap is crazy.

Anne on April 13, 2018

I had the same experience as Wendy,.I was calling the customer service number for my credit card and the call must have been hijacked, First they was a foreign voice which is not uncommon. They were from India.They acted like they were customer service and I was to receive the promotional 100.00 gift card for $2.95. They asked me to give my credit number to charge 2.95. Once they had this information, I was being treated rudely on the phone. Telling me I hung up before the confirmation number was given to me and they also told me to stop yelling at them I not once yelled at them. I also found it strange that I had to speak into a voice machine. They hung up on me. Then I knew this was a SCAM. I called my credit card immediately and no charges had gone through, but they issued me a new card as a security precaution. Fraud and SCAM.

Allie smoot on May 04, 2018

Take this off my credit card. NoW I did not order this

Jeff on June 14, 2018

Take off $1.95 from my account. It states Withdrawal SIG Transaction on 6/14/18.

Arlene Whitney on July 03, 2018

I called Wells Fargo customer service and got this peron (foreigner no less) who was constantly talking, I just wanted to make a transaction. I too thoighht it wasabank promotion. I kept saying NO but after the first yes (stupid) it was a wrap...never got the bank, by the way. Then these charges, I reported them, yet first thing this morning, bam 19.95 charge. I am on SSI and cant afford this pilfering of my money. RETURN MY MONEY!!!!!

Tiffany Turner on October 04, 2018

Ive just realized that i have been charged this 19.95 amount last couple few months and i did not request this or ok this i need temoved and reemburst the ounts taken im on limited income and this is an outrage that this can be happening

Curtis on November 26, 2018

Same as Wendy. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM!

Diana Terlosky on February 01, 2019

Still being removed from my account..$19.95 every month have tried to get it stopped for quite a while and I am not having any luck.

Carol on September 13, 2019

cancelled credit card once knew it was scam and they removed original charge

Ron on October 05, 2019


Chris H. Stevenson on November 18, 2019

I'm terminally ill, and what do I find? I find a deduction in my account to the sum of $19.95 from so-called Health Flex Advantage, and another deduction from Daily Discounts plus. This has riled me to no end and I want this firm/firms prosecuted to within an inch of the law. NOW I MUST CANCEL MY CARD DURING MY UTILITY BILL PERIOD AND RISK BEING SHUT OFF. I HAVE NO TRANSPORTATION TO THE BANK TO GET ANOTHER CARD CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

judith l. roberts on January 06, 2020

take me of this and put my money back, I did not ask for this and I have contacted my bank.

Jennifer on October 30, 2020

It’s happening to me right now I’ve been tryna get them to remove my account and they keep telling me they don’t have an account I’m so annoyed right now

Kathie on December 03, 2020

Scumbags... Tried to activate my CC... I too must have got hijacked by the dickhead from India .. started rattling on... I said wtf are you even saying quite speaking gibberish.. he hung up... Got 2 more charges from different companies... I called the one back so many times they changed their recording... ASSWIPES name was Angela... So after she was getting pissed.. I said oh sorry you don't like me being a douche .. plus a few more choice words. .I got my refund today... 2 more too go

Sheila sulser on January 06, 2021

Health flex advantage took money from my account & I had not authorized it! I was able to cancel the account they supposedly opened in my name but they refused to refund my money! Their phone # is 877-247-2767

NECIEY on January 11, 2021

I got charge about 4-5 different times by this company on my debit card I want to know how they can do this!?

Benny L on January 20, 2021

Just seen a $2.95 charge on my debit card don't know what this is.

19.95 charge on February 05, 2021

Can you please take this off I didn't even purchase anything.

AL F on February 18, 2021

These guys are real crooks and I don't know how they are getting away with this scam on so many people. I had 2 charges for $2.95 on my CCard. One was Value 4 Less and one was Health Protect. I didn't order anything from either of these. I told them to cancel and they said if I hadn't called I would have gotten billed $19.95 on each every month. The woman I spoke to was just a phone answer person. These people should be shot. I cancelled that card to make sure because how can you trust these scumbags.

Starla Howell on March 02, 2021

I don't know what this is but I need a 19.95 refund, how did ya'll get my card number anyway

KATIE S on March 24, 2021


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