The credit card or debit card charge MARK PAYPAL SAN JOSE was first spotted on July 06, 2015. This charge has been reported as trusted by 50 users, 160 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen MARK PAYPAL SAN JOSE on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

NEC on March 31, 2016

Yes, this is a scam artist who will take your credit card or prepaid card info and commit identity theft. Saw a charge for Walmart in Bakersfield, CA on my card. Had the card shut down by AMEX. Beware of this person.

John Smith on November 17, 2016

This is the automatic charge that appears on your CC if you add an AMEX to a Paypal account. It will be reversed within a day or two.

Dmk on May 08, 2017

I verified that all Mark Paypal paypal using your card for purchases when u signed up for a backup card. These are legit charges, call AMEX they will tell you the detailed link/purchase of where it was from

Dudes Mad on June 01, 2017

So, I find it crazy that this is still active. Normally you see shit like this go only for a few weeks and then be done. - I was charged: Day One: $33.49 Day Two: $33.29 $39.97 $39.97 $39.97 $39.97 $39.97 $32.96 WOW - These guys are nuts lol I wonder what I just bought them? ;) You Fuckers....

TBar on August 08, 2017

I purchased 2 items on ebay Australia and used pay pal which has my Amex attached on the 7th Aug 2017 and today 8th Aug 2017 I find a 3rd charge on my CC from MARK PAYPAL PPPL \\SAN. Is this a fraudulent charge or some charge from Pay Pal its self? I have written to Pay Pal and am waiting for a response.

Suzette on September 19, 2017

I never purchased anything why did I get charded 1.00 Dollar on my card. That is fraud from Mark Paypal PPP please refund it back to me or I go legal

Scammed via PayPal on April 12, 2018

Just got hit with 2 scam charges on AmEx card linked to a PayPal account. PayPal seems like a weak link ... unlinking from PayPal. Seems like a cesspool if this keeps happening to them over & over.

Kamu on August 13, 2018

Just got f€%===_ed by this asshole. Had the nerve to send me an email today saying I have an item in my shoping cart and if I act quickly he'd give me a 10.00 fiscount on the item Balls up. Guys are brave. Hope they get what's coming.

gerald hull on January 17, 2019

I was scamed by pay pal chuluo . at my bank what can be done

Ramkishan on November 19, 2019

I saw a recent transaction, debited $35.88 from my card

MitMit on December 02, 2019

A charge to my AMEX account for a hoodie I ordered. I will dispute the charge. DBA MARK Paypal

Anonymous on June 06, 2020

I work for Amex. Companies like PayPal, Square, and others have master merchant accounts set up with Amex. Individuals can set up merchant accounts through those "aggregator" companies to be able to accept Amex cards for payment. Most of these types of accounts are for smaller, online retailers or smaller shops. You see them a lot at art shows, flea markets, farmers markets, etc. You might see a charge on your account such as Mark PayPal *Partsplus. Sometimes the "sub-merchant" name matches the location where you purchased your item, while others are generic numbers (e.g. Mark PayPal *YD3896). It can be confusing sometimes and often the charge might be delayed a day or two from when you made the transaction. In a nutshell, many retailers use third-party aggregators to process their charges because it allows them to maintain a single relationship with the aggregator rather than have processing accounts for each card provider. In general, these are legitimate accounts; however, we do see them used for fraud quite regularly, so it's good to keep your eye's opened.

Abby on June 06, 2020

So.. yesterday I purchased a $25 Gift card from American Express. Tell me why or how in the world When I’m about to purchase something online my card declines.It had said that “supposedly” I had made a transaction to Mark PayPal San Jose CA. Literally the $25 was GONE! ... in minutes my money was gone! do I even get my money back???! I want my MONEYYY BACK!

Bob L. on June 23, 2020

Fuck these prepaid cards, got scammed again, Mark PayPal, San Jose California

Broke Bitch on July 14, 2020

I got $100 dollars for my birthday,and I put 50 on an American Express card. Earlier I tried buying colored contacts but it wouldn't work. I figured the activation would have to wait or the site wasn't working with the card. Later I was buying currency for a game and it wouldn't work. I check and all of my money was withdrew. :(

joe on July 18, 2020

MARK PAYPAL SAN JOSE CA got a hold of my daughter's gift card and charged things on it for $21.79 what a shame that he would do this to a kid!!!!!!! Wish that this son of a bitch would get what he desires!!!!!!! Because she will never get that money back, because amex gift card won't do nothing about it they will tell you to call paypal for them to fix the charge well we don't have a account with them so we can't get though to the paypal people what kind of shit is that!!

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