The credit card or debit card charge TN-TNPAYM was first spotted on November 02, 2016. This charge has been reported as trusted by 47 users, 502 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen TN-TNPAYM on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant (edit)
Website TN-TNPAYM.COM (edit)
Phone Number 1-800-860-4857 (edit)
Category (edit)
Description First they took a 1.35 and then they took another 1.35 the same day and then after I woke the next day they took another 5 dollars. This just started yesterday out of nowhere (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Chris on November 02, 2016

They took $1.27 & $.03 three or four times a day for a whole month and I did authorize any of this. It came of to be $35.42

Brian on April 17, 2017

They charge my card over 60 times in less then a month.when I figure out who this is I will do my best to sue their asses

Lisa Vaughn on May 11, 2017

Just seeing 3 charges for .99 so far. What is this from

John SeU3Ng on May 28, 2017

They put a 175$ hold on my card

Grendel1950 on May 30, 2017

I have been charged each month by this organization. I have read many of the complaints, but don't see any resolution. If we're all just bitching about these charges, but nothing comes of it, what good is this site?

BRIAN on June 15, 2017


Antonio on June 18, 2017

I found a charge on my debit account for $36.41. Where is this company from? What company is this?

Geotom on August 09, 2017

I canceled within the 3 day trial period when I saw what it was. I am still being charged! I contacted my bank and thought that it was taken care of but it hasn't. 18 debits were made and 8 small credits were given, the credits I thought were bank fixing the issue but that is not the case!

KINGLEE on August 19, 2017

This is a scam, he will deduct money from the card every month, I can only cancel my card now

bren australia on September 06, 2017

these guys are scammers get onto your bank immediately and cancel the transaction

Ahmad hamieh on September 13, 2017

Stop taking my money guys i will go to court

USA got it fixed on September 30, 2017

I called and told them it was charged to my bank but not by me had my card changed by bank and told the people that charged it I needed my money back and I was haveing police looking into it for identity theft they got my money back in two days and never heard from them. It worked for me

Phil allison on November 11, 2017

Who is pulling money from my account w/o my authorization?

Nik on January 22, 2018

$69.47 was charged to my prepaid card all within an hr charges of $1.41 99 cents 24.99 and 27.99

bruno on January 27, 2018

Da diversi giorni noto dei prelievi piccoli ma continuativi Penso si tratti di rinnovi non autorizzati di servizi Voliate provvedere al rimborso di quanto illegittimamente prelevato In caso contrario eseguirò denuncia a CARABINIERI, POLIZIA POSTALE, PROCURA DELLA REPUBBLICA e incaricherò SOS INTERNET di occuparsi della faccenda. Costi a vostro carico. Essendo oggi sabato attendo sino a lunedi 29 genaio prima di procedere. Saluti From several days known of small but continuous withdrawals I think these are unauthorized renewals of services You want to provide for the reimbursement of what has been illegally collected Otherwise I will report to CARABINIERI, POSTAL POLICE, PROCUREMENT OF THE REPUBLIC and I will instruct SOS INTERNET to take care of the matter. Costs charged to you. Being today Saturday I wait until Monday 29th genaio before proceeding. Greetings

Johnna724 on April 15, 2018

I don't know how this company or website got my credit card information. Since the 6th of April they have already charged approximately 60$ 2 my account!! Today is April 15th.. I had 2 cancell my card & dispute all charges with the credit company!!

Jesse Pannell on May 10, 2018

they took a total of $160.28 from my credit card. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Ken. Arizona on May 22, 2018

Before my trial. Results they began charging me memberships to other sites immediately I began to cancel all those memberships or subscriptions still they continue to charge me 3 4 5 times a day anywhere from $0.97 to 3995 this happens daily in fact to the point they have overdrawn my account twice now and I'm not subscribe to any of their sites yet the charges continue to pile up I even took all the money off the card so that it would not have money on there for them to take yet they still take it repeatedly over drawing account.

luc canada on June 13, 2018

i subscribed to 1 site for one month for 27.99 got my bill had 4 different sites at 27.99 each and 2 at 39.99 wtf how can one get their $ back what a bunch of fraudsters what venue can one take this is just not right

Timothy on June 22, 2018

A me mi hanno preso 35.70 ×2 e 14.99 x2 Li rivorrei indietro

Istvan on July 29, 2018

Hogy tudom megszüntetni a pénzvonást?

Juan on August 31, 2018

Okay I don’t know where y’all came from but y’all have no need to be taking money off my card! Please give it back.

Linas V on September 12, 2018

Please give my money back.... they taking from my about 100 euros..... please stop it

donald on October 20, 2018

they took 95 dollars in unauthorized charges and i still don't know what was purchased at 1.30, 5.00 and 5.50 at a time over 2 days and a total of 66 transactions i would not have known about it had i not been receiving text alerts. i'm disabled and on a fixed income. because of their fraudulent activity I wasn't able to pay my rent and this month is my birthday month and i am broke on payday. I'm upset that this could happen and this is the third time something has happened to my card. i never had this problem when i used cash and a bat ...let someone try to get my money then...

Jacob on November 13, 2018

Please stop charging my credit card please!!!

Jan on November 25, 2018

Vzalo mi do 25eura a neviem za co keď som nič nekupovali mam dať trestné oznamenie na políciu?

Jan on November 27, 2018

Uz zase mi ukratli peniaze ja ta najdem a bodom sa teší vratis mi do 100 nasobne a potom putes voňať fialki zo spotu!

Cory on December 29, 2018

They deposited 2.20 into my overdrawn account twice in a row then withdrew 34 something That's obviously a trick to overdraw while already overdrawn ....I'm going to suggest to you guys what I'm about to do and that's to simply go to your bank and request a new card and new card number

Fuckin mad on January 19, 2019

Do not get on the dating sites promising pussy or dick. They tell you to do a cheap trial then they hit your ass up multiple times. Beware

Francis leas on February 02, 2019

Please stop charging me Nd refund my money y’all took please I’m in need of every penny y’all have taken please

Brian on February 04, 2019

Canceled all subscriptions and was continually billed. Called the number and was given an email to get a refund.

Victim on April 27, 2019

So what has been done? How do we report this scam? And how can they be shutdown?

Fred 4/27 2019 on April 27, 2019

I canceled my subscription about a week ago and charges are still coming out of my debit card stop charging my card I would have to take legal action my lawyer has all my documentation this is the last step before taking legal action

Federico on April 27, 2019

Call them I did and it Stopped it was charging my car like five times a day the number is 1 8006915793 good luck

Mike on May 20, 2019

It takes two to $10 a day from me this is bulshit

steve on May 20, 2019

Now I have to contact Chase fraud divsion because of repeated sharing of my card informtion

Julius on may 26 2019 on May 26, 2019

Past few weeks have got ripped off by this so call company they keep charging my card and my card isn't a credit card it's a debit card that I get paid my weekly check on so far they have taken about 15 bucks from me I'm canceling that card and activating a new one

Jeffrey Mackey on May 29, 2019


Benjamin Garner III on May 30, 2019

Tnpayment keeps on taking money off my debit card and I want this payment to stop immediately!

Chuck on June 11, 2019

I just noticed that I had a charge of $36.41 out of my account. No idea what it is on 6-8-2019

Jow on June 13, 2019

I had this money returned you scamming robbing fucks need to get a real job.

Scammed by TN-Tnpay on June 22, 2019

I did a 3 day trial in January and canceled. They continued to charge my card twice a month ($21.99 & $59.97). In April I called them after finding this out and was told by them everything was canceled. I find out today that they have been still charging my card. When I called, they tried saying that in April when I called, that I agreed to continue with a 7-day trial, then another subscription which is bull. I know have hundreds of dollars taken from me and will be pursuing legal action against this reprehensible "company".

Cliff on July 01, 2019

There has to be a way to stop this scum of the earth.

Tracy .... on November 02, 2019

They just took money from my account.... out of no where..... I was sleeping and heard the alerts coming to my phone. They took $74.40 from my account... and I want it back. This is an online dating service or something. I could care less give me my money!!!!! We all need to sue them.

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