The credit card or debit card charge UBER BV HELP.UBER.COM NL was first spotted on September 22, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 183 users, 1633 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen UBER BV HELP.UBER.COM NL on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Uber BV (edit)
Website Uber com NLD (edit)
Phone Number 2102604823 (edit)
Category Taxi (edit)
Description Dzire tour (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

PAUL on August 12, 2015


ELLA on September 18, 2015


Alex. on October 09, 2015

My husband just found this crap on our Navy Fed bank account. We have nevet used uber. We had to cancel the card and get another one.

Maxine on October 09, 2015

5 charges for UBER and 5 foreign transaction fees on my credit card. Have never used UBER in my life. Had to cancel credit card.

Dee on October 10, 2015

I have just found this on my visa debit account. Just rang up Natwest fraud team who advised that the NL country code is due to tax reasons and they were very familiar with this. I asked how this happended and they said that all someone would need is your card number and the 3 digit security code. This could be accessed from any website that you have made payment on. When going through the payments that were legitimate - there was also a small payment from the US. The card was cancelled and thankfully the bank refunded the money.

chris on November 25, 2015

never used uber and charged twice on mu card

Lins on November 25, 2015

I have just found 28 transactions in 2 days (!!) from Uber BV totalling over a one thousand euros and to top it all a Turkish transaction for a overnight stay in a hotel! My card has just been cancelled which will arrive in 5 days. To get any chance of getting the money back, I then have to go to the police and send the report to Ing Direct who may give me the money back. v v annoying, time consuming and leaving me skint!

Nick on December 15, 2015

Same here - unauthorised uber bv transations, card shut down by the bank. Also - there had been an attempt by some pixmania site in ireland apparently, to take funds out of my account. Both incidents as a result of the same security breach. So watch out!

Anette on January 02, 2016

Never used Uber BV and charged 5 times on my creditcard. I cancelled my card!

Harold JANUS on January 14, 2016

This credit card or whatever it is ,is a FRAUD. The have taken five amounts out of my account and my Building soc. is investigating. Also I noticed this morning that HK are taking money out, I have never used Umber and Hk!!! I am sure this story will be continued.

Jase on January 14, 2016

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 Uber charges have been placed on my account. Cancelled my bank card, got a new one, waited to activated it, and still found an Uber charge on my account--on the old, DEACTIVATED card. I've never used Uber an day in my life.

Pissed in Seattle on January 14, 2016

I have never used Uber in my life and also have had multiple charges (over 20) on my card. I cancelled my card and may never use Uber due to this situation.

Mei on January 16, 2016

Do not even know what is "Uber BV", until now. 9 CHARGES in my bill last month. I cancelled my card and get new one.

Vivienne in Australia on January 18, 2016

Found about $50 worth of charges on my account yesterday - Sunday - and have never used a Uber Taxi. Not happy!!! Bank is going to remove charges thank goodness!!!

Marleen Van Overstraeten on January 18, 2016

6 charges for UBER and 6 foreign transaction fees on my credit card. Have never used UBER in my life. Had to cancel credit card!!!!!

Marleen Van Overstraeten on January 18, 2016

6 charges for UBER and 6 foreign transaction fees on my credit card. Have never used UBER in my life. Had to cancel credit card!!!

Khunt on January 19, 2016

7 charges in less than 24 hours all varying amounts I have never used Uber in my life. Bank has cancelled card but it looks like it has been used again somehow

Millie Meng on January 20, 2016

In Melbourne, has been charged by UBER BV...since 5 days ago, more then 30 small amounts charges, more than $200 now! All from overseas, China and HK!! Canceled credit card and I have never used Uber Taxi! I don't know how can this happened!

hasi on January 20, 2016

12charges within 48hours on my credit card. I shopped at "raffaello-network.com" and minutes later the misuse started......card cancelled and lots of work (police, card provider......)

hasi on January 20, 2016

btw: all bookings via BV Uber from a Dutch address but the currency was South African Rand

Yudi on January 21, 2016 on January 21, 2016

14 charges plus foreign transaction fees over 3 days by Uber BV! I have NEVER used Uber before in my life. I had to cancel my card. 3rd time in 1 year I've had get a new card due to FRAUD or SECURITY BREACH. This is out of control!

RITA EVELYN MURPHY (83) on January 27, 2016

I have just received over $500.00 in charges from these people, I do not know who they are and I do not care. Also I understand that UBER is not all over Canada. So what do they do and who cares anyway. If they ever come to the city in which I live I will tell everyone NEVER to deal with them.

RITA EVELYN MURPHY (83) on January 27, 2016

I do not know what the charge is for

RITA EVELYN MURPHY (83) on January 27, 2016

This must be a fraud as I have never heard who they (Uber) are or what they do. They have just charged my Visa at randem for various amounts and I do not know what they are charging for.

Sophie on February 01, 2016

Uber charged me with 41 transactions in 9 days for a total of 1320 CAN$. I never took a Uber taxi. My credit card is now cancelled, but I wonder where do they get the CC numbers ? I rarely take my card, just on secured site.

JohnH. Holten on February 01, 2016

I recieved 10 charges on my bankcard this weekend. I had to cancel my bankcard. i never even ysed Uber!!

gary booth on February 04, 2016

never made these charges, have no idea what this uber crap is. who in hell would charge a nickel on a cc. you can pick that much up in the parking lot.

gary booth on February 04, 2016

someone is accesing these accounts, had other charges to differ. places i've never heard of. time for new card or go back the old way, cash.

Emily on February 05, 2016

Checked my account this morning to find 3 transactions taken out by UBER.com! Never heard of this company before in my life, contacted my bank and cancelled the card but nothing they can do until the payments stop 'pending'. So upset!

Nancy on February 08, 2016

Seven charges between February 3rd and February 6th. Cancelled card with the credit union on Saturday and got a new one today. Total over $360 but will be reimbursed the charges and foreign transaction fees within 3-5 days. Never gave used Uber and now I never will.

Nikki on February 09, 2016

3 charges to uber bv on my account this morning totalling over £100 , contacted my bank they classing it as fraud and will re-emburse my money once it has stopped pending , banks says its showing as payment for limousine taxi hire , never had a limo in my life , absolutely shocking bank cards cancelled

C W on February 10, 2016

35 transactions on my card this week. I've now cancelled my card and am awaiting to hear whether my "disputes" will be paid back to me - I have never used Uber and have no idea where they got my card details. So angry!

Anonymous on February 13, 2016

Its a private taxi company! Fraud is more like it.

Anonymous on February 13, 2016

I would suggest purchasing a credit card holder that protects your cards, use cash everywhere you go now! And if the stores that your using to purchase items doesn't have their check out advanced with chip credit card devices then don't use them! Maybe even enroll in Lifelock!

alan angell on February 16, 2016

I have been taken for £159 by these robbers.

Anna on February 17, 2016

20 charges total over $500 over 2 weeks in Jan from UBER BV HELP.UBER.COM NL in CNY and HKD. Never used Uber before. Cancelled the card and disputing the charges.

Beverly on February 19, 2016

Just found $221.76 on my charge. Cancelled the card! Makes me so angry!

davis on February 19, 2016

I have never use Uber in my life and I was charge multiple times, resulting in hundreds of dollars? What the hell is happening??????

Glen on February 20, 2016

I have 5 charges of $24.70 in one day showing up as 'Uber BV help.uber.' and my credit card was deactivated by my bank after three different $500 charges were attempted. The Uber charges were reversed by the bank and those $500 attempt charges just never went through. All I know the Uber charges were from from Toronto, I don't live anywhere near there. It would be easy to track down the scammer by finding out who made those charges, but, Uber's response is that they respect the account holders privacy, even when that user is a criminal and using Uber to test other people credit cards before using it or selling it. I still don't know how this criminal piece of crap got my credit card number.

Wayne Watkins on February 23, 2016

I have never used Uber & just noticed a pending debit charge on my St George bank account for $21.65 code no 498750000002171 . Crooks

mush on February 23, 2016

I have never used or heard of uber until my pay pal account got charged 3 times in the space of a few hours all for the same amount. it just says uber BV on my transactions page. I don't even have an uber account no idea what's going on. I'm from the UK

Casey on February 23, 2016

We got scammed $500! Never used uber either. We have to get these scammers, go on tv, use the media or something. It is just so so wrong. So many people and so much money.

Steve Hills on February 23, 2016

I also have several transactions all for this Uber thing that I've never heard of before. I really hate thieves, so I hope they get nailed hard.

Muff diver on February 23, 2016

I stayed at the courtyard in Bismarck ND the next day I had 5 charges to my Wells Fargo Bank card from uber bv totalling about$130 American. Idk if they got it from there computer system or somehow over the phone when I made the reservations, but I had to cancel my bank card and file claims against it!!!

Alex L on February 26, 2016

I just saw a charge on my account from these dicks for 75.27, I don't have uber connected to this card so I have no idea where this charge came from. I called my bank and I will be getting my money back and also a new card, but still this is horrific that I even had to go through this....

Tony on February 26, 2016

Yea, so far 6 transaction and counting all minor less than 20 bucks from uber...some say uber Hong Kong and Netherlands. This is textbook hacking. Calling back and getting money back along with different card. Just gonna be more careful with my card's security.

GC Chua on February 27, 2016

i just found my Credit Card had 10 transactions of charge from Uber, whereby i not using it before....don't where is the source...

Peter W on February 27, 2016

Just noticed 25 transactions totalling around £200 on my account from "UBER BV, HELP.UBER.COM NL" taken between February 22nd-26th. I have never used Uber in my life.. Waiting so speak to some one at Natwest now

Chris on February 29, 2016

Over $500 AU dollars taken by uber bv overnight from my ING account. All charges were made in amounts of $2.50 or less.

Steve on February 29, 2016

have found 19 transactions for Uber BV. i don't have an account with them. called the bank and they have stopped the card. don't know how they got the info for the card. probably of a website buying stuff. trying to contact uber but they don't give a lot of contact details. probably don't want to give the money back. they should do better checks as it seems this happens a lot .

AustraliaNSW on February 29, 2016

I found these charges yesterday along with UBER *5UQRI2P18PP HONG KONG with various other numerical codes! There were HUNDREDS of transactions all under $6 and totalling nearly $600 which left my bank account totally empty. I have no idea how this happened but I am hopping my money is returned to me soon :(

DG on March 01, 2016

I have just found 4 transactions for uber bv from the 22nd to 29th Feb 16 totaling over £85 I do not have an uber account not sure how they have managed to get my details I have called the bank and they have refunded my money and cancelled my card.

Uber THUMBS DOWN NOW on March 01, 2016

I've had 2 charges by "Uber BV" in the last 2 days totaling about $15. Each charge comes with 2-3 "foreign purchase fee NL" ranging in cent values. Once the transactions cleared, the foreign purchase fee NL label popped up. I read online that the Uber BV charges come from Uber in Europe (no taxes so Uber Keeps all profits). I've cancelled by bank card and they will report my card as fradulent now and I'm sure my bank will be able to refund my $. As for Uber, I've contacted them via email (because its the only way to contact them) with images of charges, my cries for answers but they've not replied. I've deleted my financial information on the app and now waiting for a reply before I delete them completely! If this happens to you, don't wait until they drain out your account. Cancel your credit card ASAP and your credit card and or bank will have some kind of protection implemented in your contract and they will likely refund the $...if they don't you can complain to them and say, "well YOU did a terrible job of monitoring suspicious activity on my card! A foreign transaction is a VERY suspicious activity!"

Joanne on March 03, 2016

How is this still happening!!!. On hold with my credit card company. I have over $500 of charges that are fraudulent!

Cats and Snacks on March 07, 2016

Had the same thing, numerous charges from Uber.BV NL. There were also charges from "BT BILL PAYMENT 1 DURHAM", which was also fraudulent as I don't use BT or Uber. Reported it to Lloyds Bank who told me that they had had a number of these reports over the weekend. I'm just baffled how they could have got my details - I don't have the Uber app on my phone and I rarely use that particular card. Card cancelled and charges refunded.

Paul L on March 09, 2016

2 charges by Uber on my credit card that i did not make, appears i am not the only one being screwed by this company

Paul L on March 09, 2016

Don't know where this charge came from as i have not used Uber

Derek M on March 10, 2016

Woke up to a text saying my card was flag for fraudulent activity. Found out after talking to the bank that my account was not only over drawer do to these Uber BV crap but also some Artisan hotel over in McAdoo PA over 2500 miles away from me. So card is canx money is gone until search is over and I am flat broke that sucks.

Uber Sucks on March 11, 2016

Today I noticed two charges by "Uber BV" on my credit card account, totaling over $75. Never used this service in my life! Immediately reported the fraud to my credit card co and they will be removing the charges and sending me a new credit card number.

SLT on March 12, 2016

Have been charge 4 times (7 march, 7 march, 8 march, 9 march)!

SLT on March 12, 2016

Have been charge 4 times (7 march, 7 march, 8 march, 9 march)

wtf on March 12, 2016

Have been charged twice so far each for 22 bucks, makes no sense because I'm in Germany.

wtf2 on March 16, 2016

I was charged over $1k from this vendor before my credit card comp caught it. Uber says "In order to add a card to an Uber account this person had to have the full card number, the security number on the back of the card and the billing zip code for the card or the physical card to scan in app"

Angela on March 16, 2016

I just found several charges to a company card for Uber charges that are in Chinese Yuan (shows up as Uber BV, which is just the international version). I don't believe it's "uber" that is making the charges - someone has gotten ahold of the card information, and is using it via their own (or their new fraudulent acct) uber account. I highly doubt Uber, the company, is randomly charging credit cards all over the place...it's just plain old credit card fraud. Hackers get ahold of numbers, and sell them. Card is cancelled; unfortunately in our card-driven world, it's just part of life. Best to use cards that offer fraud protection!

Balan on March 24, 2016

Went to pay my credit card and noticed two payments and Uber isn't even in my area. Googled it and found this page. Cancelled my card straight away. Such a pain.

Pissed on March 24, 2016

I have 3 uber charges on my bank card and I have never used Uber in my life! All three are from 3-24-2016

Pissed on March 24, 2016

uber bv help.uber.com NL and Uber Hong King Cn

Terrence on March 25, 2016

It almost five (05) times taken out money from my account .I dont have fucking connection with this fucking hk Uber BV . Made a complaint to bank & blocked it. So where to complain any other institute ??

WTF-March 2016 on March 29, 2016

UBER charged me 18 times and I have never ever heard of them till I got my CC statement. They all say Foreign Transaction Fee and some say Hong Kong...What a crap company....would never use them now for sure....Jerks.

CLD - MArch 7- 23, 2016 on March 29, 2016

Just reviewed Visa statement on line and found 20 charges from Uber BV help.uber.com. Bank refunded costs of $218.32 and cancelled card. This card is used very seldom so not sure how they would obtain cc number.

dubs on April 03, 2016

same here more than 10 transactions for 300 euro +. Card cancelled - money refunded by bank.

Beatrice on April 05, 2016

Waking up this morning to see 8 transactions appearing on my account from Uber BV help.uber.com totalling £150.75! I've never used uber in my life, I ride my own car and work locally. This is annoying........

Sandi on April 07, 2016

While going over my cc billing notice 2 charges to PP*OCISZSKO4029352244IN and Uber/help...I don't even have Uber in the small town I live in. Called cc company to find out that they have charged even more to my card! Had to cancel card and have to file a fraud report to them to get charges removed! This is BULL!!!

Dan on April 16, 2016

Just received an Alert from Paypal claiming there was a suspicious transaction, when I logged in I saw UberBV charge for 678.93 RUB. I logged in and clicked dispute charge, I hope they can figure out how they are able to log PayPal which is supposed to be so secure.

Sri on April 18, 2016

Noticed 4 charges from "Uber BV help.uber.com" with a foreign transaction fee on each of the trasaction. Called my bank and cancelled the card. Bank refunded the amount and sent a new card. All the transactions are minor amounts with total of $6 USD.

from toronto on April 19, 2016

My card was charged 3 times per day for several days by ubr bv help.uber.co for a total of several hundred dollars. This cannot continue to happen.

terry g on April 20, 2016

my checking account has been charged on an average 100-140 $$ a month you would think the bank would learn their lesson and block these charges but the idiots at Canada trust keep running these charges on my account when they have to go through the process each month to refund the money.... Dont bank with Canada Trust

Jacqueline on April 20, 2016

I have also just found 8 charges from my Credit Card I have used them two times only

An Tran on April 24, 2016

today i found out i had 6 charges from last month from the credit card which i never used lol. i had to call them to cancel the card permanently. sometime it's not good to have to many cards. can't keep track lol

Houston, TX on April 27, 2016

charge on Business Credit Card in March, never used UBer Bv help... PEOPLE LETS REVIEW OUR STATEMENTS.........

Houston, TX on April 27, 2016

Also charge from tickets Masters....... What in the world....

From Oregon on April 28, 2016

I woke up to 2 charges from UBER BV HELP UBER CO on my card. With my husband being disabled and only me working I pay very close attention to my accounts. I called right away and had my card cancelled. I have NEVER used Uber or taxi's for that matter. I did advise my bank that I looked this up and it has been reported by many people as fraud. My bank tried to get more info including a phone number but the only information that was reported to them as well was UBER BV HELP UBER CO. If you are able to see if what type of transaction that helps too. Mine were signature based card purchases and I advised my bank of that as well. I hate seeing so many people being scammed out of their money and hope this helps anyone else that is having the same issues.

david on April 29, 2016

My wife just found out she has charges from Uber BV/ help uber and she has NEVER used uber. however, she did install their app and register. Calling them and bank.

Timm on April 29, 2016

Quick Question! Are all of you on Android Phones? (Not iPhone) I think this might be an android bug!

karrie on April 30, 2016

Happened to me, too! In response to the question above, no, I don't use Android.

Anthony on May 01, 2016

Has anyone who has had these charges appear actually taken an Uber ride and know that legitimate transactions show up as on your statement. If so, can you please post what they show up as here. If the charges do appear different than the fraudulent ones we are receiving, this should be an easy...ish charge to block through the banks.

Anthony on May 01, 2016

Has anyone who has had these charges appear actually taken an Uber ride and know WHAT legitimate transactions show up as on your statement? If so, can you please post what they show up as here. If the charges do appear different than the fraudulent ones we are receiving, this should be an easy...ish charge to block through the banks.

Raychel on May 02, 2016

I also just had my card compromised after making several international purchases to have uber.bv taking amounts that get larger every day with a foreign currency fee also.

Frank on May 05, 2016

Just received a credit card statement on a card which I have not used since 2009. There were 7 charges and foreign transaction fees in Peso's. I called and cancelled my card. How can someone get the number when I haven't used the card in 7 years and why didn't the credit card company notice the foreign charges after the card not being used?

Cindy on May 05, 2016

I've never used Uber. Had something like 20 charges to Uber in one day. I don't use an android.

George on May 06, 2016

Never used uber before in my life, checked bank yesterday, £210 had by them

George on May 06, 2016

Never used uber before in my life, checked bank yesterday, £210 had by them, went to bank, card is now stopped and bank refunded the money within a couple of hours.

Tommy on May 07, 2016

Luckily for me i check online everyday and spotted 2 charges one for 6 pound something then 7 pound something, got money back, police are absolutely useless at catching these mongs, so if anyone finds who these cunts are then please give me their details so i can end it for good.

Kathy S on May 09, 2016

Beware ive just checked my bank statement 👹 Over 40 uber charges ,card cancelled ,not happy at all , never ever been in a uber car ,wtf how do they get peoples details ???

Denise on May 09, 2016

Charge from Russia for Uber ride. This is a nightmare. 28.00. Came through PayPal.

uber ride on May 12, 2016

Have been Informed by my Credit Card that they have rejected 2 payments of £16.07. I have never used uber & this card has not been used for 12 months

Derek on May 12, 2016

2 rejected payments by credit card, thank to my bank being on the ball. Never heard of uber until this (a pox on them)

Troy on May 12, 2016

I've never used Uber and caught my account was taken out $700.00 😠😠😠

Sean on May 13, 2016

Just caught a bogus Uber BC help.uber.com charge for $10. immediately reported fraud and asked to replace my card. For what its worth i do use uber and noticed a couple things. 1) my atm card which was charged is not even on file with uber and 2) all legitimate uber rides ive taken show up as UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC. These charges are probably using help.uber.com as a mask to hide from the banks.

chun on May 14, 2016

total 6 charges in CNY to my credit card. Never used Uber and do not have an account. Bank cancelled my card.

Naka on May 15, 2016

My CC details was hacked. I got plus £1k bill within 7 month which I didn't notice until couple day ago when I saw my bank statement. I asked uber to refund me since somebody was using my CC details own other account. The response was they see it was a physical person, they cancelled the account, howeverthey rejected to reimburse and told me to contact my bank. Has anyone had similar situation ? Will the bank refund the money ? Will they do investigation with uber for this amount ? Or they would just give my money back ?"and close the deal ? Can they track who it was ? Thank you

Rena on May 17, 2016

I had 5 fraudulent charges to my credit card over two days; 4 were Uber and 1 was a gas company. I am very careful about keeping my card secure, however this card was on file with PayPal. Just wondering how many of you were scammed with a card that is on file with PayPal? It's not an android problem for me; I don't use my phone for anything financial.

Dutch guy on May 17, 2016

3 charges todat, may 17th. Never used uber. Bank cancelled my card.

Jenna on May 23, 2016

Have a bunch of charges from Uber Bv on our checking account. Had to close the account and open a new one. Don't have, and have never had, an uber account.

Strawman on May 27, 2016

Today.... £221.06 from suppose debit card transaction ... Never ever used a Uber Taxi

Trev on May 27, 2016

Found AU$328.05 worth of charges today on my debit card from this uber bv help.uber.com nl Credit card cancelled. Someone is making a mint. Maybe the bank themselves, knowing the chances of paying it back slim.

banker1 on May 29, 2016

Received three charges today totaling under $20.00. Thank goodness my credit card company sent me a fraud alert. Great Job. I'm sure by the end of the day there would have been plenty more. Way can't these scammers be shut down? The FCC or Federal Government has to know this is happening to it's good hard working, honest citizens. TAKE ACTION. Help the Good Honest People out here!!

TDC on May 30, 2016

I just had 3 transaction on my credit card, and I have never used Uber or even registered with Uber

Derek on June 03, 2016

8 different amounts taken from my account between 27th May 2016 & 1st June 2016. Now got to wait for a new card due to this shitty scam, NOT AMUSED, but bank says i will get my money back

PLC on June 03, 2016

6 different amounts were charged on my MasterCard from the Uber account as well. Bitter!!!! There isn't even Uber where I live!!! Canceled card and now have to get a new card and deal with all of the issues of getting things back in order!!! Arghhhhhh!

Suzanne on June 04, 2016

I had an email receipt from PayPal yesterday around midnight charging me for an uber journey I hadn't made. Reported it as soon as I saw it and changed password. Then I had another - changed password and security questions. And another.... PayPal said I had a 'billing agreement' and to contact uber. All uber could tell me was that I wasn't on the database. So I'm assuming the uber account is in someone else's name. I asked PayPal to suspend my account (and they said they would block uber). That seems to have worked, so far. Am hopeful that I won't be charged anyway.

Carlo on June 05, 2016

I've got an SMS just now from my bank that I made a transaction for this UBER BV with amount of IDR 1167000 using my credit card. I didn't used my card for this transactions. how the hell they got details on my account.

Phil W on June 05, 2016

Yet another here, a fraudulent Uber charge in the Netherlands, Uber bv.

Renggo Ginanjar on June 10, 2016

My wife was shocked by her credit card bill of statement on this month. Thera are uber bv charge in her bill of statement. She was never use these uber. Soon after she found it, she blocked the credt card

Sally on June 11, 2016

Same thing, 4 charges went through after 8.30 last night for just over $300. My Credit Card has never left the house and is used for Internet transactions only. Thankfully my bank blocked the card, but may take up to 3 months to reimburse.

Wayne-PA on June 11, 2016

Same thing here. 3 transactions of about $50 late last night and this AM. Card cancelled, awaiting new card and reimbursement. You'd think by now, Uber would've taken measures to further secure transactions. No physical card, no deal. This is my 3rd cancelled card in 3 years. Glad that security chip was the answer to protecting my accounts.

Tara on June 11, 2016

My partner just got hit with this today! Two transactions, all up $350 in one day. He is going overseas and needs card. Does anyone have any information on this yet!? Surely banks are onto this scam... He better get his money back. This is bull

Katzi on June 16, 2016

435€ in 2 weeks for Uber (14 rides)....who is using up to 6 times a day Uber letting me pay ?

Ashlee on June 20, 2016

19 charges over 3 days, clearing my account. $513.23 taken I have NEVER caught an Uber nor signed up to it. Does anyone know why and HOW the banks are still letting this scam account do this????

Vero on June 22, 2016

My husband get scam charge from UBER BV. We never used Uber for helping us in our life. I request to the bank to block my hubby's credit card so that UBER can not ever use my hubby's cc. I request to change the credit card.

Vero on June 22, 2016

My husband get scam charge from UBER BV. We never used Uber for helping us in our life. I request to the bank to block my hubby's credit card so that UBER can not ever use my hubby's cc. I request to change the credit card.

KJS on June 23, 2016

1 card charge. Bank statement shows ' Uber BVhelp.uber.com CD5614 ON 02 JUN' Have called my bank to report and charge back. Obviously my card has been cloned somehow as there has been another charge for Adobe the day previous!

Bsd on July 03, 2016

Just got charged 25$ never used or even heard of uber until today

Karla on July 04, 2016

Not even living in the states. Never used my debit card for online purchases. I live in Nicaragua and this Uber BV charge appeared on my DEBIT CARD statement. Had it cancelled in may and got a new one. GUESS WHAT! The charge just appeared again for the same amount. Had to cancel the card AGAIN. Hope this won't happen a third time.

John on July 11, 2016

Credit card charged 13 times by Uber BV Help CN. All charges were in Yuan Renminbi over a period of 3 days, so it appears they originate in China. We have never used Uber nor have we travelled in China since Uber's existence. Credit Card cancelled.... Can't understand why my credit card provider's fraud protection/profiling department doesn't catch these easy and glaring examples of fraud....The funniest aspect of this example is a charge at a US burger joint sandwiched between two Uber charges in China, all on the same day....!

Deum from Turkey on July 12, 2016

We dont even know what that is and Im here thru the search Im doing to find out what that is. 4 charges in 2 days last week, My husband talked to bank and they said invastigate shows that our credit card number was copied and charges were made by a post machine with a signature ! What the hell ??

Deum from Turkey on July 12, 2016

And it was over 1000 Turkish Liras which is ap. $300 !!!

Shara Maheswaran on July 18, 2016

Was charged eight transactions by Uber BV Help.Uber.com on 26 Jun. I live in Sydney Australia, with associated Renmini international currency fees. My bank will obviously refund and issue a new card. I do have a Paypal account, but don't purchase much.

Ms. A on July 20, 2016

I have been monitoring all my expenses. And to my surprise, my card didn't work in a merchant which I am definitely aware that I still have a remaining balance to use. As I check my account online, there is an unknown charge made July 16, 2016 from UBER BV help.uber.com NL. I am from Philippines and never tried using uber and what the hell it'll be from Netherlands?? Called my bank, closed it and will send a new one for me. It sucks.

Peter on July 20, 2016

Had 2 chargers on my credit card on the 12 July never used uber on this date and it was in rupiah wasn't in Bali bank said it was fraud and will reimburse me

Dave B. on August 29, 2016

Just found a pending transaction on my credit card from UBER-BV-NL help.uber.com. I just had credit card number cancelled.

Moe on September 29, 2016

I was charged for the same thing on Sep 27th 2016. WTF is this BS thats going around. I have called and blocked my card. But i feel feel so bad for myself and everyone that is getting scammed by UBER.

Gabriel on October 17, 2016

I just got robbed this weekend, 370.59 US dollars, I can't believe how this happened, i have never used UBER in my life. Please let me know if any of you got your money back, and how you guys did it. (in case you did)

Erika on October 24, 2016

I was charged 599 with my citibank card oct 12 but i didn't take the trip. Pls help me with this.

Erika on October 24, 2016

Credit card

Paulius on October 26, 2016

If you see that "UBER TEMP AUTH HELP.UBhelp.uber.comNLDNL" reserverd ~2Euros, it should be OK. I have received official Uber staff response that this is their authorization check-up. Nothing to worry about if you have just added new payment card and use Uber time-to-time. Peace!

Jorge Jurado Cuéllar on October 27, 2016

Me estás apareciendo un cargo en mi tarjeta de crédito por 313.28 por un servicio de OpenPay*cabifayMexico san el cual no tengo idea ya que no he contratado ningún servicio de taxi, chofer o algo con esta empresa esto es un fraude

Mike on December 01, 2016

why i am charge with this?

Jef Tek on March 26, 2017


carol on May 10, 2017

These rip of scumbags need prosecuting why are the banks doing something about it. Barclays and paypal seem to have a lot of this happening and they don't really care. How can this be stopped when I have never used this shit outfit. They are nothing but scum I hope they get whats coming to the. Karma will get you wankers']

carol on May 10, 2017

Barclays paypal

carol on May 10, 2017

Paypal to uber bv

carol on May 10, 2017

pay pal charges

Cristine on May 10, 2017

I didn't use taxi in my whole life why this uber get my money in my account this is scam please back my money

Kendarl on May 10, 2017

Never used UBER and have been charged over a 24hour period 7 times. Such a joke and fraud. Thank gosh I found the payments before more money was taken.

Farina on June 03, 2017

same happen, bank account in Maldives, 50 box charge, may 2017

Max Powers on July 07, 2017

This Madafaking Merchant is not related to any Uber charges in US .. UberBV is different in Uber . .

Claudia Ling Chan on November 14, 2017

Aqui no Brazil também ocorreu comigo 6 vezes

Nate on March 03, 2018

Same thing as everyone else is saying. I got 2 transactions of 5 and 12 respectively for Uber and another 79 for Microsoft XBOX. Seriously i'm fucking livid.

David Stover on March 24, 2019

I do not recognize these transactions,But they better stop now!

Sonflower5b on April 06, 2019

UberBV help.uber.com NL - same thing half a dozen or so charges on the credit card for piddley little amounts. What a pain getting a new card, but visa was on the ball, called right away to see if it was legit!

Armando Camacho on July 17, 2020

Charge for $24 to UBER EATS HELP.UBER.COM help.uber.comNL

Antonella on August 28, 2020

Charge 3 times (€171 - about $200 each) during the night. I block my credit card

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