The credit card or debit card charge AMAZON MKTP was first spotted on November 05, 2018. This charge has been reported as trusted by 76 users, 687 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen AMAZON MKTP on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

Phyllis J Behr on November 05, 2018

Charges of $9.90 on 9/24/18 Amazon MKTP Charges of $65.48 on 9/.29/18 Charges of $40.89 on 10/5/18

zexuanliu on August 21, 2019


kclapp on January 11, 2020

(ordered 02/12/2019 - (as I thought Amazon) 2 throw pillow covers - $11.47 each - "Amazon" then debited my account with $59.70 and then to add insult to injury they have not arrived as at 11/01/2020 - how are the public able to pick this fraudulent internet site?

liuyiying on March 17, 2020

charge 144.49rmb AMZN Mktp 2020/2/21

dpowell on March 22, 2020

Charge of $30.48 appeared on my bank account March 16, 2020. AMZN Mktp 188.84_V. Am now discussing with my bank to have the charge reversed as I have not had any business interactions on-line with Amazon since April 2019.

Joe on March 25, 2020

Two charges of $53 spread only a few minutes apart. Trying to get in contact with my bank to reverse it. Definitely fraudulent charges as there is no order # associated and Amazon has no knowledge of the charges.

Jerome on April 19, 2020

AMZN Mktp US*Z39V74XH3 Talked to Amazon customer service chat, it was a legitimate charge for an insurance i got for a tech device. nothing to worry about, at least for my case:

Sherie Sims on May 07, 2020

40.90 +63.89

dinnis on June 06, 2020

AMZN Mktp CA_v charged me $98 today. how to refund my money back pls. i need help. i dont even order anything from amazon ever since. and they deducted me.

Keith on June 12, 2020

Got charged $97.66 from AMZN Mktp CA_V to my debit card. Never used this card for Amazon or online purchase.

Steph on June 24, 2020

Was charged over $85 on the weekend by AMZN Mktp CA_V. Have not purchased anything from Amazon in years and have never used my debit card to purchase online. Called the bank immediately to have the charge marked as fraudulent, got a new card and it was sent to the fraud department at the bank for review. The charges were reversed today (3 business days after initial charge.

Billy on July 07, 2020

I ordered face mask on 04/21/2020. My credit card was charged $38.62 by AMZN MKTP/ As of 06/07/2020 I have not received anything I have not been able to locate any orders through Amazon I do have a reference number and recipe. Can I get a refund?

Joe on July 08, 2020

Got charged by AMZN Mktp CA_V for over $200 CAD. I do not own an amazon account and has never purchased anything from Amazon.

Pascal on July 22, 2020

i did not buy any thing from AMZN Mktp CA they keep debiting my card $13.19 AMZN Mktp CA when i did not buy any thing from amazon

Shirley Bristow on July 25, 2020

I was charged several times on my chase credit card to things that I did not tell them to put on my card, and they would take it off and then later put it back on. I am reporting them to the credit Bureau, the are people working for amazon that are taking upon them self to change things on our cards, and I'm not paying it.

Lee on July 30, 2020

We have a charge for $10.19 and we have not used Amazon or this web site. We used EBay. We will dispute this charge with our bank. No more internet ordering for us.

Keith on August 20, 2020

Charged for 26.73 for an account that isn't related to me on 8/15. Amazon cannot tie the order to me in any way.

Christine Smith on September 05, 2020

I was on my card for something I didn't do

Bruce Mauzey on October 01, 2020

Bank statement shows a charge of $74.63 made on 9/10/20. No purchases have ever been made on Amazon.

berthomé véronique on October 19, 2020

Hello When are you going to reimburse me € 82.69 from July 30, NEVER ANYTHING ORDERS AND ESPECIALLY NEVER NOTHING RECEIVED. I intend to reopen my account for the Christmas holidays Thank you for answering me

Chris Vallett on October 30, 2020

Regular Mouth Canning Lids - 12 lids per packs - No bands included Sold by: lizewuwuwu. mine was legit

Gary S Wallick on November 14, 2020

i want to know why i was charged 40.60 on my bank card and i never sighed up for any of this shit

kate Cowan on December 01, 2020

I ordered some bereavement flowers for my daughter ( for the loss of her husband) My credit card was charged $516.49. The flowers I ordered were $51. And never received. I very rarely order on line as this may happen to me. I talked to my bank and all they said I can do it get hold of the merchant. HA HA

azzura on December 07, 2020

Vorrei sapere perche sono stati addebitati 176.66 euro sulla mia postepay senza nessun permesso di addebito vorrei riavere i soldi perche non hofatto nessun acquisto e non mi sembra giusto che vi siate presi dei soldi ladri

S. Bell on January 02, 2021

Have had several regular charges to a new credit card marked as AMZN Mktp US and I do not use Amazon for anything now I will have to cancel this card and get another new one!

melissa on January 06, 2021

I keep having the AmZN MKTPS on my account for diffrent amounts. from 19.00 all the way up 199.00. Its crazy. Every time i have to call my bank for fraud and then they have to block my card and get a new one. Its getting so frustrating I just want to scream.

momo on February 22, 2021

charaged HKD748.74 by AMZN Mktp US and i only have an account on amazon without adding any credit card.

beth foy on April 12, 2021

received an unknown charge on my discover for 32.09 AMZN MKPT US*87S55H03 AMZN>COM/BILLWA5KG30V25301

Julie on April 19, 2021

I just saw this on my debut card. Never have I seen this. It was only $5.39 ... I’ll have to call to see why I have this

Jessica on May 16, 2021

Charge showed up on my credit card statement of: AMZN Mktp CA *ZXXXXX of $10.99 and then $24.95. Fraudulent; never made Amazon purchases on those dates for those amounts. Called my credit card company and got them reported and refunded.

Toni on June 08, 2021

Just happened to check a credit card statement that was long paid off and not used since and saw two charges for just under $50 each!!!! They were from Amzn Mktp NL, a fake Amazon in the Netherlands!!!! Whats more odd is that I've never used that card to purchase from Amazon ever. I am currently waiting on hold with the fraud department of my bank (for over an hr).

Loli on July 10, 2021

I bought something on amazon for 239.99 and my confirmation message showed 239.99. But the statement on my card showed 271.00.

A new bought of charges has started from "fake Amazon", as "AMZN Digital" on July 11, 2021

Amzn Mktp was an issue for me last year. Just last month I had about 12 charges varying from .99 to 3.99 each from "AMZN Digital". They are not actually Amazon charges, but rather a form of debit card fraud. They look like this: AMZN Digital*211UJ 06-25 888-802-3080 WA 3993 DEBIT CARD PURCHASE

Angel Luis Carrasco on July 12, 2021

cargos frecuentes de compras sin justificación. RESULTADO, impotencia, cambio de tarjeta, Amazon lo menos que pueda y de otra forma, defensor del pueblo y similares INOPERANTES, gobierno INOPERANTE. Bancos que van siempre por DETRAS de los engaños y fraudes Conclusión en cuestión de transacciones económicas nuevas tecnologías con mucha mesura ,las mínimas y un con control exhaustivo.

Karl Wray on 16/07/2021 on July 17, 2021

My card was charged by Amazon mrktpl three unauthorized transactions of $32 and $87 then $112 my last couple of hundred bucks to buy groceries aswell mthf@$$#ers no Amazon account and never used only eBay!?!? fraudulent Amazon can't be trusted with people's personal bank details I probably wouldn't of noticed if I had a substantial amount money in my account always check your bank transactions

Bruce on July 26, 2021

Just checked Chase card and recent charges $162 and $23 for recent AMZN Mktp US*2E32P6V02. Checked account on Amazon and they said no new orders in 90 days. Reported to Chase as fraud. Have no idea how credit card number was stolen.

Brock on August 02, 2021

had a charge show up on my bank statement for $23.98, Amzn Mktp US . i have never purchased anything from amazon. bank said fraudulent charge and will refund the amount and cancelled card, fucking scammers are everywhere

Joseph Calvo on August 04, 2021

I was charged for Amazon Prime on 7/24 for $14.11 and I called Amazon and I was told I would get a refund and I was told that a "Matthew" made the purchase. Then this "Matthew" made a AMZN MKTP Purchase on 7/25/21 for $18.11 and when I called Amazon on the 26th, I was told that I can't get a refund for the purchase that I did not authorize or even purchase from Amazon.

Oneyda on August 04, 2021

The MD took almost $7100 from my bank account without no reason

Joel on August 10, 2021

Same boat as everyone else, $216 charge but dont use amazon. On phone now to correct transition

cherry on August 17, 2021

i was charged with $86 by this yet i don't have an amazon account. How come?

Denise on August 19, 2021

I also have never used Amazon and was charged $63.05 + $1.89 international transaction fee. Is it possible to correct this?

Mark on August 26, 2021

Two charges marked as “Amazon seller repay” totalling $470AU on separate days. Even though I canceled the suspect card after the first one, it happened again today. The bank has now cancelled the Apple Pay wallet. They seem to think that security was compromised. Let’s wait and see.

CHOIJIEUN on September 03, 2021

Amazon charged $23.71 AMZN Mktp in my account 09/02/2021 Can you have check plaese.

Tommy DEan noah on September 03, 2021

How do i get charge removed

BillyWells on September 07, 2021

was charged 33.72, for amazon I dont want it nor do expect to pay for it. Please deal with it.

Dave on September 11, 2021

Discovered six unauthorised charges averaging ~$50 per charge, spread over a two week period. Amzn Mktp Us Now have to dispute it with the bank and reissue card. Not cool.

billy Crepeau on September 13, 2021

real amazon told me they didn't take out any thing me so are you scamer i want my money 7 dollar back on my card deal with scamer last week i am get scam again if get real Amazon we will pressing charges and FBI for scaming and fraud long with charges pretending you are Amazon rep

Emmanuel on 17th september 2021 on September 18, 2021

mzn Mktp Us is fraud and charged €24.50 + €24.50 total of about €50 euros for purchase that never existed on

Donald on September 28, 2021

AMZN Mktp US # 2C6pm2ch1 On September 21 $4649 Can. on my Master Card---Bogus charge

Ruth Jones on October 01, 2021

Mon 27th Sept @ 12.23 £34.96p taken from my bank account WHY amznmktplace I want this returned to my account unless you have a plausibe explanation. Will be contacting Amazon and will not stop until it is returned.

Rodney Nolan on October 02, 2021

I am from South Africa and I just discovered a fraudulent debit transaction for approximately 100 dollars which is R1500. I believe my Account was hacked through my Skyworth Android TV. I contacted my bank and cancelled my card. I am definitely opening a case of Fraud and I plead with every person who has fallen victim to these criminals to do the same. This was going on for years so why has nobody done anything about it?

wren on October 02, 2021

I got charge a whopping AMZN MKTP US - 112.45 dollars I did not authorize those bastards

TCG on October 02, 2021

My bank immediately notified me that someone tried to make a purchase for something that cost $21.78 on AMZN MKTP. My bank CHASE BANK was on it right away and it was declined. They cancelled my card and issued me another.. SCAMMERS.

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