The credit card or debit card charge CIRCUMTEC MENTONE AU was first spotted on June 18, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 515 users, 696 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen CIRCUMTEC MENTONE AU on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Circumtec Pty Ltd (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number 1300656882 (edit)
Category Cashless Payment Solution (edit)
Description Purchase on vending machine, car wash, cigarette (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Jack on September 24, 2015

Took me a while to work this one out but finally realised that it was the Vending Machine at my local gym!

Roogirl1 on February 18, 2016

Car wash charge Springvale/Heatherton rd Feb 2016

Grafton on March 06, 2016

Also took me a while to work out, it was the vending machine at local shopping centre selling eco bags for vege scrap bin (recycle)

Smithy on March 09, 2016

Car Wash on Chesterville Rd Moorabbin

Rosie on March 11, 2016

Vending Machine at the Logan Hospital

Malleegirl on March 28, 2016

Car Wash Horsham

SSHAH on March 30, 2016

It was a passport photo booth at VFS Office (Indian Visa Consulate), Kent St, Sydney.

Jordan on April 06, 2016

Vending machine at St. John of god hospital

Mrs M on April 06, 2016

Coin Operated Dog Wash at 97 Ferguson Street, Williamstown, VIC 3016

Warren on April 11, 2016

In my case the photo booth at India Visa Service (VFS) Office in Sydney. Legitimate !

Parveen on April 13, 2016

Car wash Geelong Legitimate

CathR on April 20, 2016

Carwash Dural behind Hungry Jack's. Legitimate..even though the carwash was terrible and not worth $18 !

rick on May 01, 2016

Photo booth at infoan visa centre Swanston street Melbourne

Carol on May 09, 2016

Thanks Mark. Car Wash Horsham. Was not going to bother but if 100 people @ 10.50 did the same that amounts to a lot of $'s

Ben on May 18, 2016

It's a vending machine at my local gym

EMH on May 19, 2016

Vending Machine at Wollongong Private Hospital

Belinda on May 19, 2016

haven't been able to work this one out as yet and so far i have been charged $7.40 this week

Georgette on May 27, 2016

Yes this is just a vending machine. In my case it was our work vending machine which accepts card. Took a while to charge to my card hence why the transaction looked odd.

Sam on June 04, 2016

Vending Machine at Jetts gym!

Rob on June 14, 2016

Drive through car wash, Taylors Lakes

Damian on June 14, 2016

Car wash - Yarrawonga. Had to look as well........................all good!

James on June 15, 2016

Vending machine Alexandria

James on June 15, 2016


James on June 15, 2016

Vending machine Alexandria

Chris on July 14, 2016

Took me some time to work this out but it was the DIY dog wash at my local servo.

Mal on August 17, 2016

Didn't get a receipt so I queried it. It was the local car wash.

Kelly on November 06, 2016

Vending machine at local gym fitness plus

Phill on March 21, 2017

Car wash at Round Corner Dural.

Adrian van der stap on May 08, 2017

Ice machine at the shopping centre

Diane on May 16, 2017

My charge was for a car wash in Essendon

Maxishine Car Wash on May 21, 2017

McGrath Hill / Mulgrave

Maxishine Car Wash on May 21, 2017

McGrath a Hill / Mulgrave

Josh on June 06, 2017

Car wash seaford SA 5169

Josh on June 06, 2017

Car wash seaford SA 5169

Catherine Lewis on June 10, 2017

Had one as well and it was legitimate. Ice vending machine, West Burleigh Heads, QLD

Jan on June 12, 2017

Was puzzled too but I believe Mine was recycling bags in shopping centre at Yamba NSW

Jan on June 12, 2017

Was puzzled too but I believe Mine was recycling bags in shopping centre at Yamba NSW

Rena on June 14, 2017

Carwash in Palmerston

imran on June 14, 2017

car wash springvale...

Tom on June 15, 2017

Car wash Seaford south Australia

Tom on June 15, 2017

Car Wash Seaford South Australia

Tom on June 15, 2017

Car wash Seaford South Australia

Angela on June 16, 2017

Carwash Yarrawonga Darwin

Gayle on June 20, 2017

Carwash at Seaford SA

Trish on June 24, 2017

Car wash on Chesterville Rs Moorabbin, but it wouldn't accept my cash & has added $0.30 without telling you beforehand!

Lachlan on June 26, 2017

Was a smoke machine at a leagues club

mark on July 20, 2017

Vending machine at anytime fitness

Peter on July 28, 2017

Yep after reading the comments, I realised it was the local car wash at Seaford Rise in South Australia. They have just upgraded their card facilities and this is what it was.

Amanda on August 04, 2017

Dream World Vending Machine

Sharon on August 26, 2017

Car wash at Seaford South Australia

Jack on August 27, 2017

Car Wash- Torquay Rd, Grovedale

Andrew on August 31, 2017

went to Sydney convention center and purchased Hi Visibility vest from a vending machine

Luke on September 20, 2017

Car wash on Mitcham Road, Donvale.

David on October 02, 2017

Car Wash , Secker Road, Mount Barker ,SA

Marc on October 04, 2017

Car Wash, Langwarrin, Vic. All good.

Steve on October 27, 2017

Circumtec - this is the company that processes credit card transactions on behalf of vending machine operators along with car wash operators and other vending equipment located at gyms and shopping centres.

John on November 08, 2017

Car wash Inkerman Road Caulfield

Ann on November 17, 2017

Dog wash Hope Island - legit

Dee on November 18, 2017

Car wash in Belmont, VIC

Colin H on November 28, 2017

Car wash Grovedale

Colin H on November 28, 2017

Car wash Grovedale

Colin H on November 28, 2017

Car wash Grovedale

Kris on December 09, 2017

Smoke machine at Star Casino Gold Coast.

EBK on December 15, 2017

Cigarette machine in a pub near Southern Cross Station in Melbourne

Craig Salmon on December 19, 2017

Car wash Huonville. Much easier if they just said so.

Jesh on December 23, 2017

Car wash in Grovedale, Geelong. Charged me $8.50 when the actual fee should have been $6.30, AND then debited another $17.40 for no reason! Absolutely criminal. Will be persuing this further.

SK on January 29, 2018

Ice Machine Sunshine Coast

SK on January 29, 2018

Ice Machine Sunshine Coast

jacky on January 31, 2018

car wash glenorchy tasmania

jacky on January 31, 2018

carwash glenorchy tasmania

Beth on February 07, 2018

Car wash in Townsville on Ross river Rd

Tracey on February 19, 2018

Car wash at Seaford south australia

Calvin on February 21, 2018

Everybody was saying vending machine so I was worried because I haven't used a vending machine lately! But somebody said car wash then I remembered I spent 12.50 at a self serve car wash/dog wash.

Jennifer Mullins on February 24, 2018

Was puzzled too but I believe Mine was recycling bags in shopping centre Tweed Mall NSW. Charged an extra 30c for using the vending machine but the only way you can purchase bags

Liz on March 04, 2018

Cigarette machine at Jade Budda Brisbane

Jay on March 15, 2018

Gym vending machine. I don't usually use it, but they have a new protein shake I hadn't heard of and decided to try it on that particular day. The once-off payment threw me for a second, especially considering I've been a victim in the past of the "minimal pay probe, then lump sum withdraw" overseas, but this turned out to be legit.

Lionel on March 19, 2018

Car wash DONVALE

bobby on April 22, 2018

pretty sure this is Greenwood Car Wash West Aust as they have recently changed the way you have to pay at the carwash

d00bius on April 23, 2018

Car wash in Wagga Wagga!

Annie on May 06, 2018

It was the vending machine at local shopping centre (Tweed Mall) selling eco bags for vege scrap bin (recycle) - hurray finally found these bags ! The vending machine accepts card only, but doesn't print a receipt, best write your purchase down asap so you don't forget..

Laura on May 07, 2018

Vending Machine at Coffs Harbour Base Hospital

Jen on May 28, 2018

Wash & Go Palmerston NT

n/a on June 19, 2018

Car Wash - BP Corner of Waverley and Huntingdale rd

Mark on July 05, 2018

Circumtec supplies hardware and its software to vending, car wash and dog wash operators. It's a payment processor for them so customers can pay by card. Your bank statement will not display the name of the owner of the machine/service you used ... only the name of the payment gateway used. That's why you see Circumtec on your statement.

Ray on July 29, 2018

Looks like a fraudulent transaction as I have not used any of the devices that would use Circumtec

Brad on August 09, 2018

Ah thanks to the comments here. Worked out its a cigarette vending machine in Fitzroy Vic

Chris on August 19, 2018

Automatic car wash - Patterson Rd Bentleigh

Kelsey on September 07, 2018

Scam. I don't use vending machines, car washes or dog services.

Kate on September 13, 2018

Car wash at Brisbane Airport. Definitely legit.

Paula Attard on September 17, 2018

This is a hidden charge that I would think is illegal if it is not displayed on the vending machine. Circumtec why are you hiding this fee??

Shari on September 27, 2018

Drink machine at Hospital. 4655

Joe on September 29, 2018

Car wash in Adelaide

Brent on October 28, 2018

Car Wash Alice Springs - Took me a while to figure out - charged two weeks after using

Jen on November 11, 2018

Car Wash - Greenwood WA

Emma on November 13, 2018

Vending Machine at University

Panicked on December 10, 2018

Car Wash in Hallam also.

Anon on January 04, 2019

$5 in photo booth at 'Welcome to Thornbury'.

Jeff on January 16, 2019

Had me baffled and concerned. Mine was too irregular though, so a little digging and Bingo the Car Wash at Seaford SA.

James on February 06, 2019

Car Wash, Canning Bridge, Perth WA

Mark on February 18, 2019

Car was in Lismore, took me a while to work it out

kathy on March 15, 2019

wizard car wash south Tamworth

kathy on March 15, 2019

Car Wash South Tamworth

Judith on April 12, 2019

Car wash vending machine in Duncraig. Fee was $14.00 but extra 50 cents added onto Visa statement

Angela on April 17, 2019

I was charged $2 x 4 and I never used a vending machine or car wash. I had used my visa card 4 times that day at Zaraffas, Woolworths, another cafe and a gift shop. This company is ripping people off….I am cancelling my card.

Liam on April 19, 2019

Car wash Huonville, Tasmania

Liam on April 19, 2019

Car wash Huonville, Tasmania

will on July 04, 2019

card tap at a dog wash in hope island. Gold coast

Christopher on July 10, 2019

after using a car wash three times previously i have now received four additional charges adding up to $62.00 which I did not authorize, very suspicious indeed. Am investigating further.....very poor.

VRao on August 07, 2019

Charded for Massage Chair at Epping Plaza, was wondering why this was showing up as Mentone !!

Duped on August 15, 2019

Car wash, Mackay. The thing is, such businesses claim to be local (merely by their local presence). The same thing happens with Yarra Trail, Woolovers etc. We pay then find out after the event that we've been hit with international fees (without our consent). WE'VE BEEN DUPED. WE ARE BEING DUPED. Businesses in Australia need to make it very clear that their payment system is set up in another country and consumers will automatically be hit with an international transaction fee. We budget for our spending. They trick us. It is trickery. 'False and misleading advertising'by omission. Class action sounds like the right way to go. Why is the Australian Government doing anything? They tore shreds iff our banks but are allowing Corporstions and big businesses to 'launder' money through seemingly legitimate ways, accessing our money without our knowledge or consent. It's form of rape. Certainly not good.

Duped on August 15, 2019

Change.Org Change.Org does the same. They solicit 'donations' in the name of helping others but the money doesnt go to others. It goes to On top of which, after a person donates, they are hit with an international fee same as this car wash business. We find out later. It's a rort. Why is the Australian Government allowing it? I regret voting Scomo in. Won't happen again. His Christianity like Falou's is a sham. It's business. No good going to Labour either. They're in bed with Change.Org and others who are milking us and laundering via such fees that 'appear to be' legal but are not. Absolute trickery. Duped again. Do we look that stupid?

Sam on August 21, 2019

Car wash in Drysdale

Bronwen on November 04, 2019

Car wash in Turramurra

Dave on November 28, 2019

Laundromat at Millers Junction

Marty J on November 30, 2019

Car wash at Ocean Grove.

John on December 01, 2019

Car wash at Salamander Bay NSW. its OK

Ku M on December 02, 2019

Vending Machine at Dreamworld, Gold Coast

Car Wash at Hastings on December 06, 2019

Had to rack my memory as to what this was. Then remembers that i used the car wash at Hastings

Justin on December 09, 2019

Cigarette dispenser at Great Northern Hotel in Carlton North

Matt on December 09, 2019

Thank god for this site, was really puzzled. Turns out to be Carwash in Kilsyth, Vic

TomF on December 10, 2019

Carwash in Morwell. Circumtec handles cashless transactions between you and your credit/debit card provider.

Kate on December 13, 2019

Car wash on Chesterville Road, Moorabbin, $7.70 spent by me then charged another $15.30 for no reason!! Bloody ridiculous how much money they are making by scamming people.

Daryl on December 23, 2019

Smokes vending machine at Crown

Brendan on December 29, 2019


Adrian on January 21, 2020

It was a carwash in Como, Perth. Pants need not be poo-pooed

Adele on January 29, 2020

Chocolate Vending machine at Chandler pool in Brisbane- took scrolling through these to work out what the payment was for. Btw, several swipes that didn’t yield chocolate were also charged!

Terry on February 08, 2020

Duncraig Superwash. Car wash and invoice were $14. Charge on credit card $16.50. Very dodgy.

Mike on February 08, 2020

It was vending machine at the local brothel.

Mike on February 08, 2020

It was the vending machine at my local brothel. Couldnt work out why I had so many transactions from this company, then I realized where i spend most of my time

Stevo on February 18, 2020

Smoke machine at casino, perth

Stevo on February 18, 2020

Smoke machine at crown perth

Stevo on February 18, 2020

Smoke machine at crown perth

Stevo on February 18, 2020

Smoke machine at crown perth

David on May 07, 2020

Biodegradable bags from vending machine for kitchen tidy

Sara George on May 28, 2020

Thanks everyone, this was doing my head in! But then I saw Car Washes popping up and remembered that I went through the drive through car wash in Doncaster and tapped my card. Is not a scam!

Connor on January 19, 2021

Vending machine, completely legit

TMH on March 06, 2021

Seaford hand car wash SA

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