First seen April 12, 2014. Last updated on August 06, 2022.

The credit card or debit card charge MDM MEDIA LLC was first submitted to our database on April 12, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen MDM MEDIA LLC charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen MDM MEDIA LLC on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

Charge Information

Merchant The YNC (edit)
Website (edit)
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Description Premium Membership (edit)

What people are saying...

Help on November 02, 2016

Paid for a subscription on a site called the ync a long time ago. ten dollars a month. I think that this is where the charge is coming from because its the only one that makes sense. I don't even use the site anymore so I went to log in to cancel the subscription, but now its telling me that they don't have my email on file. Also, the email they sent me when i first purchased is no longer in my inbox, I don't know why. But i don't want to continue giving these people ten dollars a month wtf

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Anonymous on August 05, 2017

So this on my bank statement and the purchase wasn't made by me

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major on August 21, 2018

that's from the $^%* site

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Marcus C on October 24, 2020

***legitimate charge***... it belongs to a *reality news* site, site includes some $^%* and *real uploads* by various members which are not moderated and may also Contain $^%*

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Atif Shafique on December 08, 2020

Today I receive below message. Kindly guide me what I can do for this problem Dear MR ATIF SHAFIQUE, Your Alfalah card (Xxx) used for USD 9.99 at 14:27 at MDM MEDIA LLC ROCHESTER US. Limit Available.

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Fitzdixindeep on November 26, 2021

This is a legitimate website subscription to the site which is a gore/snuff/$^%* video site. The site is known for featuring videos of suicides, African Tire Necklacing, burning alive, torture, Narco beheadings, rapes, genitalia mutilation, children being cut open for their organs with no anesthesia, men having all of the flesh from there face burned to the bone with molten hot plastic and kept alive to look like Ghost Rider and everyone’s favorite, 2 Girls 1 Cup type scat videos. You know, all of the type of content the Davos globalist elite obsess over and frequently fund. I guarantee every person on here who commented “I never made these charges, I don’t know what site this is…”, are the people who are on the site the most watching scat incest $^%* mixed with tire necklace torture and children beheadings 24/7 day and night.

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David on January 09, 2022

I just have received a notification that a purchase was made in my credit card, and I have sure that was not me

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Ana on January 15, 2022

Clonaram meu cartao e gastaram ai vou fazer bolet de ocorrencia

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Ana Cristina on January 15, 2022

Hoje apareceu no meu Extrato uma com9ra de 61,00 reais na qual eu nao fiz .Vou fazer Boletim de Ocorrencia

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임수빈 on August 06, 2022

I bought it but didn't get proper service. I want 2 refunds on my purchase

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