The credit card or debit card charge SP * HEATONIST LLC was first spotted on August 11, 2021. This charge has been reported as trusted by 12 users, 218 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen SP * HEATONIST LLC on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant HEATONIST (edit)
Website https://heatonist.com/ (edit)
Phone Number 7185990838 (edit)
Category RETAIL (edit)
Description HEATONIST was founded from a desire to make food more exciting and flavorful, one plate at a time! Building on a lifelong passion for spice, founder Noah Chaimberg set out to share his appreciation for the best hot sauces with the world. While the industry at that time was crazed chasing extreme heat with little regard to flavor, Noah realized smaller craft makers around the country and around the world were making sauces with unique tastes and the highest quality ingredients. In 2013 Noah began selling a curated selection of his favorites from a push cart at Brooklyn markets and pop ups. All it took was one taste for people to fall in love! (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Juan on August 11, 2021

Why is it charging me?

Beate Burnell on August 18, 2021

Had an unauthorized debit card charge to this Business for 10 dollars while I was actually at work and my card was on me in my wallet.

John on August 19, 2021

Had an unauthorized Credit card purchase for $10. The transaction was attempted around 4:30 am. I was sound asleep.

Marty on August 27, 2021

Got a bogus $10 SP * Heatonist charge denied on a card I closed yesterday based on a series of four bogus Ebay PayPal charges the previous day totaling over $500. Card was compromised, I closed it, and fortunately, this charge was denied.

Joy Johnson on September 01, 2021

Just got a bogus charge for 10 dollars

Mel on September 08, 2021

Had a $10 attempted charge on my account flagged immediately by Shazam and my card was on me at the time. Did not authorize transaction.

Robert Little on September 14, 2021

I just got notified by chime that Sp *Heatonist tried to charge my card for $10.00 without my consent.

Denny on September 15, 2021

I’m in the uk and had this just this morning for £7.25

Janet on September 18, 2021

Got a call from my bank this morning saying they had declined a payment to this company. They tried to take £7.29. SCAM

Heather on September 18, 2021

My bank just denied $10 charge from SP * HEATONIST LLC on the card that I closed last week due to suspicious activities that included eBay PayPal. My card was never stolen/lost.

Rick on September 21, 2021

Just charged me this morning, my wallet was on me and this place is in a different country. Beware

Frank on September 23, 2021

Attempt to pay Heatonist LLC $10 using AmEx

Alyssa on September 29, 2021

Tried Sri use my debit card for $10. Never even heard of this place 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jacob on September 30, 2021

Got a fraudulent $10 charge from SP* HEATONIST LLC on my visa card.

Lisa on October 06, 2021

Notified of an unauthorized attempt to charge my card by this merchant. $10 fraud saved by the bank.

V McClellan on October 08, 2021

A charge of $10 showed up as pending on my account from SP* Heatonist LLC. I contacted my bank and asked them why they were not able to stop this scam? How is the scam possible why I do not share my card with anyone. Rats!!! I should go back to using cash and checks.

Zev on October 9, 2021 on October 09, 2021

They tried to charge my card for $12.56. It's obviously fraudulent charge from not trusted site. I never heard about this "company" and their products. 100% scam.

Sheri on October 13, 2021

I was notified by my bank of an attempted charge by Heatonist LLC. No way is it real, my card was in my hand at that moment while I was paying my water bill!

Debbie Mac on October 13, 2021

Got a fraudulent charge from these people this morning, it wasn't me that used the debit card and my bank said mine was used. I have it here in my wallet the whole time. My husband had this happen to him too. Does this mean they have our credit cards #'s that they bought? WTF

Ken on October 16, 2021

Had a 12.71 charge on my Credit Card this am. It was Debited then Credited and a .02 cent extra charge. The only thing I can chalk it up to is I joined a chat to fix my computer as it crashed. When it said they wanted a credit card or Pay Pal. I backed out of it. Maybe that is why there is a Debit, Credit showing on my Credit card. It wasn't authorized so I disputed it while in posting. We'll see!

Kerrie on October 21, 2021

Just got a msg from my bank asking if I used my card for this transaction, $13.85. I haven't been anywhere today and I don't use that card online. Who are these people?

Noreen on October 26, 2021

Just got an email alert from my credit card company of a potential fraudulent charge of 12.39 from SP Heatonist. My card is on me and it happened over night. It had been charged, then reversed. The credit company told me that is a test purchase so they aren’t detected at first, and then later they go in and clean you out! They had to block my card. What a pain!

Angela on November 07, 2021

Just got a $10 charge. My card is in my wallet. Paused my card. Filed a complaint. Have no idea who this company is or where the charge came frpm

Sean on November 07, 2021

$10 charge on my Chase card yesterday, unauthorized

Nancy on November 10, 2021

$10 charge on my Chase card yesterday, unauthorized. Notified by Chase as possible scam

Judith on November 10, 2021

$10.00 unauthorized charge = 334.84 Thai Baht, trying 3 days in a row and just got the message from my bank that they declined it. Who are these people and why am I being charged?

Santa Frauds on December 02, 2021

I just got a fraudulent $10 charge from HEATONIST LLC today (12/2/2021). VISA cancelled my card and I am now waiting for my new credit card. Merry F**king Christmas Shopping.

Madi on December 11, 2021

$10 fraud charge which caused the bank to cancel card

Sam on December 17, 2021

Had multiple transaction for $134 each on my credit card last night.

Barby & Brad on December 20, 2021

This company sells hot sauces through their online store (we heard about them through HotOnes YouTube show) and, in our case, we had a legitimate charge of $16.

Sean on January 14, 2022

I live in Dubai. I just got a charge for 37.89 AED. That equates to US $10.30. That’s what a $10 charge would transact as (there is always a fee)

Gale on March 12, 2022

These people took 10.00 out of my account and without my OK! I have no idea who this are, and I sure never both any hot sauce from these people!

Ed in Arizona on March 15, 2022

Just got notified by CHASE BANK that they blocked a fraudulent charge of $10 on our VISA card. Card cancelled and reissuing.

Patrick on April 07, 2022

Just had a random $10 charge from this company as well. Had to cancel my card. Sad world we live in.

debra on May 18, 2022

had this random charge for $10, looks like it is a test run for more bigger dollar amounts. There was also an attempt later on from a company called results RNA LLC categorized as food.

Ady on May 27, 2022

Just was notified by my bank to verify a $10 charge from this company. Fraudulent charge.

Zou on May 27, 2022

Is SP Heatonist LLC and Heatonist.com the same person?

HAN on June 10, 2022

Just noticed $10 charge that was declined by my CC--this occurred at 0430 when I was sound asleep. Total scam. Not sure why this shell company continues to exist...

Luis on June 17, 2022

My bank flagged a suspicious charge. For my surprise, SP HEATONIST LLC charged me $10 usd to my Canadian credit card. I had several days without using my CC. Hackers

Peter on June 22, 2022

I just got charged $10 yesterday n got the money back n I got charged again by this SP Heatonist LLC, what should I do in this situation cause I do not know what this transaction is all about.

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