First seen January 03, 2022. Last updated on April 12, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge US AMZN.COM/BILL WA was first submitted to our database on January 03, 2022. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen US AMZN.COM/BILL WA charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen US AMZN.COM/BILL WA on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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What people are saying...

Michael Flanigan on January 03, 2022

charge of 33.86

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levester canty on June 04, 2022

yes I have. Amazon Digit*

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karen dellgard on June 08, 2022

what is this charge for???

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Vickie Perrier on June 24, 2022

Can't get ahold of anyone at amazon prime to help me

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Shaggy99 on October 24, 2022

Charge of $41.59 on 10/21/22. Reported to Citizens Bank while Pending.

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mark franklin sr on December 11, 2022

do not know what this purchase is for

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JUNE G KASSEL on December 13, 2022

I have canceled Amazon Prime dozens of times and still I am being charged $16.28!!!! For months and months. I cannot get the charges off my master charge. Nothing but Fraudulent charges ever since I opened the account. Cancel cancel cancel

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Dorismae Drill -/ Roger Drill on January 27, 2023

Ther are 2 charges on my elderly sisters bank account. $24.28 and $25.82

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Tira Norris on April 06, 2023

How can I stop any further charges??? I have not order anything from Amazon Prime in over two years. Cancel any membership I may have please.

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Linda Purcell on July 13, 2023

There's a charge Chanamzn.Com/Bilwa, anyone know what that is?

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Claudia on July 19, 2023

Yes have 9 charges over last 2 months. Who knows how many before that they have gotten away with. Should have been checking my account more often but it was for 10.98 almost every time and just didn’t realize I was getting taken like that. Done with amazon unless I really need something and I’ll just buy gift cards for that

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Kathie on July 26, 2023

There is a charge from Chanamzn every month, at least, if not every week to my bank card. I have no idea what this is but it appears to be coming from Amazon Prime. It says it's a purchase. This is wrong! There should be no charge for this amount at all. Description Debit Purchase -Visa Prime Video Chanamzn.Com/Bilwa 07/22 Card

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Sheila Campbell on October 08, 2023

I have a charge on my bank statement each month for Amazon Prime and can't get it off.

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Carol on October 17, 2023

Just got this charge on my bank statement $12.96 from Going to dispute it

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Innocente on October 30, 2023

Just got 2 $500 charges to my cc. No idea where from.

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Diane M Yourie on November 09, 2023

recurring charge for $15.13 Is this a legitimate charge? I read it could be scam

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kenneth crosson on December 04, 2023

was charged $112.64 to AMZN.COM BILL USKO8T59FX3 and $58.96 LOS AUROA CO,and $59.99 to FASHIONSTADDRESS CENTENNIAL CO, received nothing from any of the above

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peter dowd on December 04, 2023

amznmktpus m55vt3Amn.combill WA is ON MY jet blue master card. for$5.90 was paid

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Sandra on November 03 2023 on December 08, 2023

was charged for $201.54 Do not know what this is about

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MARY ZIMMERMAN on January 13, 2024

i was charged $10.77 for something i did not order. i do have prime, but i had paid for that in full for a year. whats going on

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Wanda Jones 17 January 2024 on January 17, 2024

We have tried to cancel and get a refund from all the charges for amazon has charged us.for a monthly membership fee of $16.25. they are such scammers. I am going to call the Better Business Bureau. Do not know how they got our bank account number they have charged us for over a year. I tried to call and chat with no success

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lela wilson on January 26, 2024

i have been charged for prime video for 3 months and they get angry with me everytime i call for refund how do they get our card numbers

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Pedroza Bernardo on February 08, 2024

Don’t order this

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Rocky L Jones on February 13, 2024

this charge is on my Bank of America card.

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Gerald Alexander on February 18, 2024

I have numerous Amazon charges on my card starting 2/11/2024 thru 2/17/2024 that I did not charge. These charges total $375.32. I want my money back and have notified my card company.

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Sharonlee Mclean on February 27, 2024

Charged 12-29-23 AMZN MKTP 3y6DM7gk3 $121.60. I do not know what this charge is. Can you help me?

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Louis Palmieri on March 02, 2024

I am being charged $15.89 for AMAZON I did not order this. p;lease cancell this and remover from your list.... Thank you

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Margie A Norris-Bell on March 05, 2024

I didn't authorize this charge

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Anna Banks on March 09, 2024

Charge on bank statement is:*R66FK1NL0 WA 03/08 This charge is unknown to me.

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Melissa Kennedy on March 26, 2024

This Amazon Prime WA is unknown to me, I didn't authorize this charge. Please remove this charge a cancel any and all!!!

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l. seabrook on March 28, 2024

7 to 10 charges every month on my bill to prime video comes to over $50 a month I cant seem to find out whats going on.

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Linda Farrar on April 01, 2024

amazon marketplace WA $184.25 Suspicious charge-unauthorized

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Robert James Ross on April 04, 2024

I have a charge on my debit card in the amount of $16.53 dated 4/2/24. I did not authorize this charge.

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CHESTINA JEAN DAVIS on April 12, 2024

Bought brain pills

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