The credit card or debit card charge VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY AUS was first spotted on June 26, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 18 users, 243 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY AUS on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

David kinder on September 26, 2018

Unauthorised charge on my cash passport multi currency card for $125 to Vodafone north Sydney. Made twice on separate cards.

Lisa Quain on October 05, 2018

Strange, weird charge of only $1 to Vodafone North Sydney, my credit card has been scammed and the card was only replaced from a previous unauthorized transactions 2 weeks ago. We can only blame foreign ownership, as they put all us all at risk by giving our private detail to scammers in foreign countries, and unfortunately some of my Australian bills are paid to foreign companies, who require my credit card details.

Cam M on October 08, 2018

I came across the same scam today. I was reviewing my account statements and found 2 transactions both for $60 each which were to VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY. 1 was at 5:36am on Saturday morning while I was asleep, and the other was in August 2018 which I hadn't noticed until now. I have never used Vodafone and never plan on using them. I am in Vic. Reported to bank. The bank advised they would pursue and arrange refunds within 3 days from today. I also had to get a replacement card as a result.

Steve on October 11, 2018

Overnight charge of $10 to my cc. Vodaphone North Sydney. I'm not in Sydney and don't use vodaphone ever. Also a simultaneous payment of $200 to Telstra shop. Spoken to bank and Telstra. Likely fraud.

Megan on December 28, 2018

Had $30 taken from my account two weeks ago, only just noticed. I'm not even with Vodafone. The bank is investigating and my credit card has been cancelled.

John on January 29, 2019

I had this happen to me - Amount was deducted around 2am. Reported to bank.

Morgsy on January 29, 2019

23/1/19 three separate transactions for $3 each - Vodafone North Sydney on Mastercard Debit. 24/1/ a transaction rejected for insufficient funds - must have been a large attempt, no further details 23/01/2019 PAYPAL *CHENLIXIA93 4-00:00 -$100.00 25/01/2019 VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY-05:20 -$10.00 This is an account I never use my card on, it is used only income direct credit and for DD of mortgage and car repayments, with the balance going to various transaction accounts set up for "barefoot investor" style budgeting and so the card transactions really stood out. Bank notified, second incident. Unfortunately last time they sent out an identical replacement card that I didn't realise had the same details. This time it will be a different card number, and since I will not be using it, I won't be activating it. Hopefully thats an end to the inconveniences it has caused.

Peekay on February 04, 2019

4/2/19 I received a $3 transaction notification from Vodafone North Sydney on my Mastercard Debit card. I am not even with Vodafone and have no idea about the $3 transaction whilst I sitting in the office. Rang up the bank and they cancelled the card straight away. Bit of a hassle for $3 but I am sure they will try again.

Sunshine coast qld on February 07, 2019

Not with vodafone but charged $7 on 31/1/19 by Vodafone North Sydney. Second time it has happened and we cancelled the card the first time. We suspect card scanners or keylogger in computers?

Victoria February 12, 2019 Vodafone North Sydney on February 12, 2019

Haven't been a Vodafone customer in over a decade and haven't been to Sydney in a similar time. Two transactions of $60 at 5:37 and 5:39pm at Vodafone north sydney (pending). Tried to call the outlet but only able to get a 1300 robot and figured it was a scam (since I certainly haven't authorised these or been anywhere near the location). Called the bank, card cancelled to be re-issued. Pending transaction can take 10 days to clear, they will lodge the dispute, card takes a few days to re-issue. The biggest inconvenience is that while I can get cash I don't use it, I do everything online with the Mastercard Debit. This is for a Mastercard Debit which I use for online transactions and mostly keep $0 funds in until there's a valid transaction so it's like a clearing account. I never share the card, never use it physically that I can recall, use a computer with AV and a secure mobile phone (nothing is perfect but this is as good as it gets). Online I only pay via paypal wherever possible to get a further layer of protection and opportunity to refund. So the best targets of opportunity for the attacker are: 1. Insecure (non-compliant) retailer storage of card details exposed to hacker 2. Insecure (non-compliant) website interface stealing details exposed to hacker 3. Infection on (unsecured) user device 4. Direct physical access to user card Sadly, many retailers kid themselves by believing they can manage a secure website and store card details successfully, and there are weekly breaches published of evidence to the contrary. I'm very confident that it's going to have been one of the retailers that online payment processing is handled in-house rather than outsourced. The annoying thing is these are usually the bigger (more 'reputable') companies. Working in the IT industry I can assure you that the budget applied and skills available are always at maximum stretch to manage this kind of thing until a breach is identified and proved which can take a long time if at all. Could I be doing more, annoyingly yes, so the next level which I have been avoiding is to 1. one-time virtual credit card numbers generated by your financial institution that charge the transaction to your account and https://www.canstar.com.au/credit-cards/virtual-credit-cards/ 2. run a security check on website interfaces, refusing to use any that fail (point it out and possibly refuse to use the provider). https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ *enter the URL you're about to enter your credit card details into The only recent and unusual item in the lead up was a door-knock campaign to change electricity provider for better rates, they were better so I said yes, and I seem to remember being asked for the CC number over the phone by their call centre and a credit check. This was just a few days prior on the weekend. The implication would be that their card handling practices are insecure and the details were stolen from them or the agents computer is insecure/infected, or the agent is involved in some way. Sorry for the excessive detail but I can see a lot of worry about scanners and loggers which while not impossible to rule out are less likely than the far easier to implement/manage; broken website security and poorly secured corporate database. These create a simple one-stop shop for the gangs to grab and sell in bulk. Don't use dodgy websites or companies if possible (they are cheap because they're not budgeting/funding their IT/security teams to prevent this kind of thing). Check/report/change provider to make it obvious this is important (it's incredibly annoying, inconvenient and expensive to all of us, we're paying the price that they should have in their security budget).

Sheena on March 08, 2019

Yep same thing happened to me and I live in NZ! They took a random amount of $42.85 from my credit card. Reported to the bank.

Craig Adelaide on March 25, 2019

Can anyone getting hit by this scam say whether or not they use Flight Centre or a Credit Card Rewards Program?

Cindy on April 11, 2019

I was charged $60 from Vodafone North Sydney on 9/4/19 at 11.20pm on my Mastercard Credit Card. Didn't find out until my husband asked me about a $700++ transaction made on 10/4/19 from Coles Mudgee. I quickly checked my CC transaction and neither of us has purchase any services or products from either merchant. Called our bank and lodge a dispute. We rely on CC a lot as we don't like carrying much cash. This is gonna be a difficult weekend for us until the new bank card arrives.

Steve on May 04, 2019

I have this exact issue. I have NEVER dealt with Vodafone in any way. There is only one card, and I have it safely in my possession 24-Apr-19 – my Mastercard charged $30 by Vodafone. Spotted it in my on-line banking. Was after banking hours, so I reported the transaction to my bank by phone 30 minutes after the transaction. Then reported again in-branch next working day on 26-Apr (25th was a public holiday). Bank says I must cancel the card before transaction can be disputed. Replacement card will take 7-10 days. Currently my card is very busy and I cannot cancel the card until 07-May. In the interim will block my card via the bank's app. Unblock the card when I need to use it, then re-block. 01-May – Vodafone attempted to charge same card $40. Because the card was blocked, transaction was declined. Called bank and advised that Vodafone is not authorised at any time. Bank noted this on my file. Obviously from this thread, the issue involving Vodafone is too co-incidental, needs to be investigated

Jas on May 09, 2019

About $170 taken out last evening (8-May-2019) around 7 pm in small small transactions $1 and $10, all with merchant name VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY from one of our debit card that we hardly use. Bocked the card. Bank will simply dispute it.

Arat on May 14, 2019

Just noticed that this has happened to me. On the 8th and again on 9th of May. Luckily I didn't have much mo ey one the account. So frustrating. Cancelled card and making charges.

Nell on May 30, 2019

3 x Vodafone North Sydney charges on 27th May. Thankfully they only add up to $64.00. Reported it to St George and their fraud team.

Gordo on June 08, 2019

Just spotted a charge Vodaphone nth Sydney $10 on my cc it was not me as I pay NO BILLS ONLINE WITH CC. if It is Fraud the store MUST be involved

Jitend on June 27, 2019

An unknown transaction occurred on the 10th June by VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY where $30 was deducted from my account via debit card.

David on June 29, 2019

Same scam...but trying to report it to Commonwealth Bank hopeless...gave rung 9 times now...all our operators are busy bullshit.

Phillip on July 07, 2019

Do you all use Kogan Prepaid Mobile? I spotted a Vodafone North Sydney charge on my credit card statement - wasnt sure where it was from until I remembered I bought a Kogan Prepaid voucher on the same day as the charge. Same figure. I believe Kogan mobile uses Vodafone North Sydney for their payment system.

Nicole on July 10, 2019

Had 2 x $50 transactions from Vodafone North Sydney on our business debit card this afternoon within half an hour of each other. Called the bank and had the card cancelled The bank advised that there has been an increase in these fraud transactions all with Vodafone as the merchant

Sydney Person on July 11, 2019

$30 debit, reported to bank, card reissued, not sure how my CC number was compromised

Melbourne on July 13, 2019

$50 transaction with Vodafone North Sydney on July 10, 2019. I have never used Vodafone.. Bank cancelled card, and will investigate.. My card was on file with a few online retailers.

Melbourne on July 15, 2019

$60 transaction from Vodafone North Sydney. Reported to Commonwealth bank who will investigate, card cancelled.

Mel on August 08, 2019

Noticed a charge on my card on Sunday 4th of August at 12:28am from VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY. Took out $46.90 from my account. Bank said I will need to cancel my card in order to raise dispute.

Jack on September 05, 2019

$60 transaction from Vodafone North Sydney on 24 Aug. Reported to Commonwealth bank who will investigate, card cancelled.

Toni on September 16, 2019

Yep, $40 on our credit card at 4am Sunday morning. We have nothing with Vodafone so went straight to CBA, who cancelled card and disputed.

Lim V on September 20, 2019

Charged 3 times by Vodafone North Sydney on 9th, 18th and 19th Sept

Wendy on September 23, 2019

Vodaphone Nth Sydney $30 debits x3 from one account, $30 x2 from another after wallet was stolen.

Beee on September 26, 2019

Vodafone Australia North Sydney. Two $50 payments minutes apart. The thing is I dont use the physical card, I use Apple Pay. Locked the card, disputed with CBA.

Chris on October 03, 2019

Charge made after leavign card behind the bar, charges appeared around same time.

Sydney dweller on November 04, 2019

Charged by Vodafone North Sydney 6 times from 23Oct to 27Oct 19 totaling $220 on my CBA Mastercard. Reported to CBA and card has to be replaced.

Tegan on December 12, 2019

Found transaction for $20 exactly on my business card. never and not with vodaphone as well as i dont live in NSW. locked card and bank contacted.

Luke on December 18, 2019

Same thing happened to me today, I noticed two pending transactions from VODAFONE North Sydney. I am with the "real Vodafone" for my mobile phone. So these two unauthorised transactions nearly fooled me. Im surprised they are still allowed to get away with trying this scam on.

Sad Lady on December 18, 2019

On hold with bank right now actually. My debit card has 5 separate pending transactions atm. 2 for $100, 1 for $56 and 1 for $496 all just today and yesterday another 1 for $100. Crying inside because it's Christmas next week and well....there goes my children's presents😥😣

Unlucky Chap on December 20, 2019

Looked to check how much money I had in my account to see -$40.00 deducted from Vodafone North Sydney... read this thread and thought how this scam is still working to this day :( Called CBA immediately, cancelled card and issued a refund.

Jeff on January 14, 2020

24.49 taken from my card. Exactly the same Vodafone North Sydney.

David on January 23, 2020

Card details stolen from Christmasworld.com.au then a guy called Mossa used it to rent a truck, buy pizza and then I got debits from that Vodafone fake store. The account name Vodafone but it's not Vodafone behind. The whole things is links to the owner of Christmasworld.com.au

Linda on February 7, 2020 on February 13, 2020

$1 "check" amount, then $50 taken form my credit card by "Vodaphone North Sydney NSW". I live in Perth, and don't use Vodaphone.

Ella on February 13, 2020

Had $3 taken from my account from Vodaphone North Sydney NSW. Never had a vodaphone account in my life. I have noted they all seem to be from MasterCard accounts.

Kay on February 19, 2020

2 x $60 transactions deducted from my card (still in my possession) for VODAFONE NTH SYD. Do not hold any current Vodafone accounts. Card cancelled and reported to bank. Apparently was used for credit top up on a phone.

Farmer John on February 24, 2020

These scumbags tried to steal 80$ from me. If one of you scammers read this: You should have charged way more, because my bank account is loaded and I am mental, happy to make it my new life mission to track you fuckerz down and put you in jail! I start with a police report but I will also get lawyers involved. You will end on the Street you dirty pigs!!!

CBA Customer on February 28, 2020

Reading all of the reports above, the common thread here is the Commonwealth Bank. My husband and I both had several $10 transactions made to VODAFONE NORTH SYDNEY, for completely separate accounts, on debit cards that have never seen the light of day and are sitting at home in the cupboard, never once used. The card details aren't even recorded anywhere for the info to have been hacked. One account was Business and the other was Personal. When I called CBA to report the transactions, they instantly decided the case in my favour and processed the refund with no investigation. I suspect this is a known issue.

Krizty on April 10, 2020

Is it all linked to Commonwealth bank...... Coz I'm reading a lot of these people are with them so who is at fault... Vodafone is just a popular alais so it goes un noticed to the average customer and if this scam has been going since 2014 how is Commonwealth bank allowing it to still happen?

Donna on June 30, 2020

Had a vodafone North Sydney transaction 23rd June on mastercard, never purchached anything from Vodafone!! North Sydney, CBA want me to cancel card before opening a dispute.

Carina on July 01, 2020

$222.00 in multiples of pending deductions of $10.00 and $1.00 vodaphone North Sydney and Milsons Point from my CBA debit card yesterday and today

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