The credit card or debit card charge CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS was first spotted on February 22, 2016. This charge has been reported as trusted by 32 users, 200 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Website (edit)
Phone Number 8772168069 (edit)
Category Technical Diet and FF Health (edit)
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What people are saying...

Catherine I smith on February 22, 2016

Txgrandma on July 25, 2016

They charged me $99.99 for Blossom youth cream. This was after I ordered a sample. I will try to call the above number to straighten it out, but will refute the charges.

Ihavebeenscammed on October 30, 2016

They charged me $89.69 for COAL Cosmetic Moisturizer after I ordered a sample that was free with Shipping Charges of $4.95. The number that was on my Credit card was not customer service but a number where a recording wants to sell you all different items. There is no way to contact them to cancel the recurring charges. This is a scam- even your bank cannot help you. Stay away.

D MAc on June 09, 2017

Total scam - DIRECT MARKETING G-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION - ordered skin contour cream sample for $4.95 no reoccurring ship - then 15 days later I am charged for a uni-trim tablet subscription by the same company, a $98.71 reoccurring shipment charge for something I never ordered and was NOT on the trial info form. Total scam!

BASSEY ETUK on June 24, 2017


Carol P on July 09, 2017

Thank goodness I had insufficient funds in my account when charged $94.96 for continuity/subscription Merchants of whom I have never heard and who I certainly never authorized to withdraw a hundred dollars from my meager funds! Thank God I have cancelled the card! Hope this ends this nightmare. Called the 800 number and got a recording that this number is not in service.8007979545

Mary S. on July 15, 2017

What is this and why did they take 99.$98 out of my checking account? i went to get groceries and my card was declined. I'm on a more than fixed income. What is this?? Who are they and what do they do. Did anyone get a refund??

Priscilla Shoemaker on November 08, 2017

I have been billed $14.95 for the last few months by this organized crime operation. The charges are listed as for Audible. I have NEVER authorized any payment through these scam artists nor purchased any "subscriptions" related to Audible. I do purchase material from Audible but Amazon/Audible doesn't need any help with billing! I will be reporting to credit card issuer, Better Business Bureau and NYS Attorney General

miss A on December 19, 2017

This is a scam, please report this and have your card replaced immediately

Another dupe . . . on December 30, 2017

I also was duped by a scam touting a Sam's Club survey in which I was offered a $50 discount on some face creams. I signed up for $24.95 one time offer and submitted my Master card number for billing. Next thing that I know, I'm billed for $127, and then $95 a month. I called the company and spoke with a customer service rep who was very rude, and claimed that I had signed up for monthly service. I denied it, and told him to cease any further business activity with my account. They continued to send me a monthly 1 oz. jar of face cream and bill me $95. I Reported scam to Bank America.

ralph on January 03, 2018

I ordered a sample of weight loss pills and then a charge of 93.00 was posted to my debit card. I didn't order this and am attempting to call the company at 844-477-6358. I have been waiting on hold for 28 minutes listening to piano music. they said that the call was very important to them ha. I am trying to cancel the order and retrieve my funds but nothing yet. I have put a stop on the payment from my bank. I am a little ticked off. live and learn don't order anything off the internet that you cant cancel on the internet. the wait for the customer service people is not the best. they hope you will give up and hang up. well I am staying on the line.

becky on August 02, 2018

How do I cancel my account? I don't want it anymore!

Squeaky on September 18, 2018

This website. Continuity subscribers merchants. Had took out of my account. I don't know what this website use for. Every time I try to pull it up it goes on here. They took out 39.98. And there is a another website it's called wizard. And I didn't order no books because I don't have time to read

Julius little on October 10, 2018

This is a scam y'all please donot use your card online they will steal your information

Craig on December 20, 2018

I toet the money back from my credit card compoanyo got charged $99 and there is no one to cancel the charges. Hopefully I can get the money back from my credit card company.

bob scammed on February 05, 2019

I fell for some ED pills advertised by Terry Bradshaw on Dr. Phil's show. Now I know that was a phony altered video. I ordered the FREE pills and only paid $4.95 shipping. I did NOT sign up for reoccurring shipments. I got a $93.00 change which I am going to fight to get taken off my charge today. Crooks cost good Americans billions of dollars. This charge was shown as the merchant "Continuity/Subscription Merchants".

davis on February 28, 2019

Ceebea-greedy health 8772043183, Deliver the shape, 8003253678 somehow is connected to Continuity Subscription Merchants. They advertised a free product, yet they debited my credit card and I never received the product. Recently got unauthorized debit charge that I will dispute.

Nan on May 01, 2019

free trail of face cream ended up costing almost $400. had not reordered after trail, was able to get 50% refund after getting credit card disputes involved. never reordered it but product automatically shipped and charged to card. BEWARE, read all fine print of offer. I do read and I still missed something in the statement. .

Kim on May 03, 2019

I just noticed a charge for $130 marked Merchandise - DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION from Amazon. I have refuted the charge with my credit card company. They suggested contacting the merchant directly, but I find no phone number. I believe this is definitely a scam!

Ron on October 28, 2019

I ordered the FREE pills and only paid $4.95 shipping. I did NOT sign up for reoccurring shipments. I got a $93.19 and 94.69 change which I am going to fight to get taken off my credit card. These folks are not legit. This charge was shown as the merchant "Continuity/Subscription Merchants".

Pat on November 20, 2019

I just checked my online credit company website and discovered this fraudulent charge of 19.99 from an online action. I NEVER authorized and I do not know who this company is! I contacted my Credit Card company right away to report it. They did not have any info on this company and just said they were putting a freeze on my card and will issue a new card for me. Be sure to stay vigilant, check your charges often and change your online passwords often. This is happening more and more to people.

Laurence Almand on April 03, 2020

This company charged me $119.00 on my credit card which I did NOT authorize. I called them and got some jerk in Asia who could scarcely speak English. He said there was no account under my name and he could not help me. So how did they get into my credit card account? This is blatant internet theft and should be stopped. I would like to find out just how much money this company has stolen from customers around the world.

WILBER L. LONG on April 06, 2020


Richard S. on June 08, 2020

The following was charged to my Visa card -- still in "pending" at this time. Will try to block transaction. I don't know where the charge came from or what it is for or what Amazon Prime has to do with it or how whoever it is got my credit card number. It is a small charge amount, but I think there will be more. 06/06/20 - AUTH : Amazon Prime $1.81 Merchant Info WA Merchant Category DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS Purchase Method Manually Entered Recurring Transaction Yes

Melissa on August 12, 2020

They tried taking 500 from me but luckily I didn't have it. But every time they do I get charged 1 dollar. Cant seem to figure out how this happened

ANGELA on August 31, 2020

They have charged me over $47 for showtime I didn't order! I have no idea even through where are they getting this info!

Becky in WI on November 02, 2020

I was charged $119.52 on 10/31/20 & it said recurring. I called my bank card & was told it was Amazon Prime Membership. Didn't realize it was that high now but probably save that in shipping. For me it was authorized; just didn't recognize "CONTINUITY/SUBSCRIPTION MERCHANTS".

Debbie on April 11, 2021

Call your bank. That is what I did on another situation and they took care of it. Now I have a difference again. Gonna tell bank about this one also!! Good luck! Creeps are everywhere.

Jaydeel on April 29, 2021

I, too, saw "Mail telephone or internet order - Continuity Subscription Merchant," and just plain "Continuity Subscription Merchant." Turned out to be the first two orders from Life Extension - an excellent vitamin & supplement company -- I used my Amazon Prime CC rather than my debit card online. Funny how stuff slips your mind and then your remember when you go to and lookout your account & see the itemized orders. Whew!

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