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The credit card or debit card charge MAAS TERM 1 UPT MANCHESTER GB was first submitted to our database on March 02, 2014. It has been deemed not suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Manchester airport parking (edit)
Website Click to Add
Phone 07360860110 (edit)
Category Terminal 1 (edit)
Description Just for exit (edit)

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No-Name on June 04, 2017

Manchester Airport Parking Charges

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STE on April 16, 2018


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Bandi Guti on July 26, 2018

The clue being "MANCHESTER" and "TERM 1"

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Henry Ogbemudia on August 09, 2018

The short stay barrier machine at terminal 3 in Manchester airport charge my bank card 3 times in different days. machine is not reliable.

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Joyce lawson on October 14, 2018

Be carful the machines unreliable, charged my card 5 times 6.50 and I still had to put cash in to get token!!!! Tried to contact customer service, was given the run around for 3 hours !!!! Now managed to get phone number that probably won't work either . 39.00 !! Not bad for 40 mins parking . Rip off

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Chris on May 08, 2019

Parking Charges for Manchester Airport Parking - Business travellers beware as machines will sometimes randomly not provide receipts!

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Peter gough on June 21, 2019

Payment machine t2 man airport parking

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David Roston on July 13, 2019

MAAS UPT charge of £10 on my credit card statement June 2019, not recognised.

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David Roston on July 13, 2019

Correction - £10 credit card charge is now recognised and correct, apologies

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Keith Sales on July 26, 2019

Payment Machine Terminal 2 West at Manchester Airport. Correct though expensive. Will watch for repeated charges.

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Amanda on August 01, 2019

Hi as anybody got a contact number

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Joseph Fee on September 20, 2021

Hit me. For £12-00 twice for the one parking session (32 minutes) trying to get hold of anyone to look into this is almost impossible,daylight robbery,the cost is extortionate,but to be for the same payment twice is criminal,no accountability and I’ve found out that this has been a regular occurrence since.2014.should be closed down.

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Mary Morgan on October 06, 2021

Charged twice for parking at same time the machine didn’t work initially and I had to contact staff through intercom how do I claim back

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Peter on December 10, 2021

Manchester T2 drop off charge. £5 for two minutes !!! What a disgraceful rip off

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Herbert on January 13, 2022

Charged me £25 on December 31, 2021 for a 10 minutes drop-off. That was after another machine took £3 off the £5 cash I paid without opening for me. Please, who can help me locate the phone contact of the managers. I need to get my money back. Records show that it is an organised rip-off of people. Those who reported represents a tip of the iceberg of obvious cases... Something must be done, please!

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George Smith on April 07, 2022

I had "MAAS Term1 UPT" on my debit card statement and wondered what on earth it was. Why can they not put "Man Airport parking T1" instead, or are they just not a user friendly organisation?

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DAVID TOPHAM on June 04, 2022

£42.89 for 5 min pick up car park Manchester Airport 30 April 2022.!!!!

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Nadeem Sheikh on July 24, 2022

Manchester Airport terminal 2 charges, Absolutely redicluos, charged us £30 for an hour half at airport, absolutely, day time robbery. Is there anybody not watching them,.

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gerard on July 29, 2022

£6 for two min pick upT£ Manchester absolute disgrace profiteering at its worst

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Da vid massey on August 15, 2022

Over charged £100for 15 mins both disabled

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M M on August 22, 2022

I am not happy at all with these machines, I think there is a scam behind. I was charged three times £5 & £6 I agree because I paid for that but not the £20 which was taken out off my account in the name of parking I don’t understand that, can’t even find the phone number to report this.

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Ageman on August 29, 2022

Stayed for 11 mins my Daughter and grand children where going back to Japan it was heart breaking to see them go lots of hugs and kisses THEN when I went to pay £25 what a rip off but to get your money back is impossible

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Angela on September 01, 2022

Dropped grand son at terminal 2 27 august problem at exit machine pressed for assistance told to try again after confirming reg she would delete the payment when I checked my account 3 x £5 has been taken cannot find phone number to contact them

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Hardi on October 27, 2022

I just go terminal 1 by accident then when I try to go out I talk to staff there he say we charge u £5 then u can go out but actually charge me £100.00 I’m try to contact number but didn’t have number on website

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Sheila on December 12, 2022

Not been to the airport, but getting bills each month for £10.00 or £6.00

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SubCuthbert on January 17, 2023

Machine didn’t seem to be working at 11.15 am ish, Monday 16th January. Refused my card, then accepted it and barrier wouldn’t open.Then said card declined and asked me to use PIN number. I didn’t and tried to do contactless again, the green light and barrier opened. Then they charged me twice, Scammers, Does anyone have a contact number for them please?

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Ron on June 22, 2023

£6 charge for up to 30 minutes at Manchester T1 short stay today at 13:05, showed up as £438. I rang the Manchester Airport Group, who denited any knowledge of the transaction MAAS UPT name. I then immediately instigated a query with my bank who confirmed the transaction as being for parking and that is was pending. They advised that I should record this on their dispute form and await the transaction to move from pending to actual. This is when the action starts. I will be also raising this with the Airport and try to find MAAS UPT's phone number.

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John on July 19, 2023

Manchester airport charge for dropping off client for flight. 5 mins in and out. Expensive but genuine payment.

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I use Manchester airport drop off alot as I'm a Taxi driver from Warrington & only to check my statement and being charged £116 Tuesday 5th Sept 9:28am after I used it hour earlier at the barrier. on September 09, 2023

Nav. Aualkh

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Mike on October 23, 2023

Paid this to get out of pickup drop off car park at terminal 1 Manchester Airport

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Ann lees on November 01, 2023

Charge is £6 on 29/9 and 21/10

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Ali asik on December 31, 2023

I'm a taxi driver, when I picked my customer parking machine charged me twice, can I have a refund please. Thank you

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A nony mouse on April 13, 2024

Is this charge from Mcr Airport. I paid £6 for a short stay car park at Terminal 2

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