The credit card or debit card charge DIGITAL STORES 01179556672 GBR was first spotted on April 06, 2017. This charge has been reported as trusted by 122 users, 219 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen DIGITAL STORES 01179556672 GBR on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Digital Stores (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number Click to Add (edit)
Category Music seller (edit)
Description It was a pre ordered cd or vinyl for music (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Laura Butler on April 06, 2017

No purchase??

Sandra C on May 19, 2017

I initially thought it was a suspicious charge, but it was for an item I had pre-ordered 2 months earlier from Music Vault. My Music Vault packing slip that came with the item said Digital Stores on it.

Neil T on January 12, 2018

Still scamming away in January 2018. Just rung up the credit card company to cancel it!

Mike on June 23, 2018

Pre-order of a cure record. Bad descriptor, but valid transaction.

Emma on November 21, 2018

Pre-order of a Paul Heaton cd from 2 months ago but just been charged for it.

Celia B on November 22, 2018

Valid charge for pre-ordered album (charged 4 days before release date). Looked back at email received when ordered and it did actually say at the bottom 'If you have paid by credit/debit card the name shown on your statement will be 'Digital Stores'.' A case of needing to read the small print...

Claire T on November 23, 2018

I wasn't sure but on checking found this was the pre-ordered Take That CD which has been delivered today.

Damian on May 16, 2019

I never ordered here. They took money from my credit card.... I don't know what to do in this situation.

D Man on June 12, 2019

Description doesn't help - but thanks to comments on here, realised it was for a pre-ordered Bastille album

Jon A on July 21, 2020

Valid charge for pre ordered CD

Kirsty on July 22, 2020

This is from universal music for an album I had pre ordered

Ben on August 04, 2020

In my case, it was a pre-ordered Glass Animals vinyl. I didn't receive any emails about the charge, and neither did I receive any emails with the receipt, which explains why I couldn't find the sum when searching my emails. However, I searched for "Universal Music" as Kirsty suggested - and that was the moment I realized. I just noticed that the purchase page also states - (PLEASE NOTE: If you have paid by credit/debit card the name shown on your credit card bill will be either Digital Stores or Worldpay). It's legitimate. Look for pre-orders from Universal Music you might have forgotten about.

Claire Lane on August 12, 2020

I thought this was dodgy, but when I searched my email for it, it’s actually a valid transaction for Decca Records. Not a scam.

Kelly on August 23, 2020

Pre ordered Killers album, release had been substantially delayed so didn't recognise initially.

dobyblue on September 30, 2020

Terrible name as it's not descriptive at all, but it's for any items ordered online from Music Vaultz such as Blu-ray Audio, SACDs, vinyl records, CDs, etc.

Donelley Mercurio on October 03, 2020

I got this transaction and deducted me $256.73.

Lucie on October 13, 2020

i had no idea what this was until i saw it on my card. once i looked it up and found this site i remembered that i had pre ordered Beabadoobee's new album bundle off of the Dirty Hit site. The amount i was charged was same amount of money the bundle was, but i am almost positive that i had already paid. i'm just really confused.

bababui on October 19, 2020

2020 it shows in my bank that i paid that mf 40 euros???

Manny on November 04, 2020

I was confused on what my charge that just said Digital Stores was, but it ended up being the Shirley Bassey album I pre-ordered in October. Why it took so long to charge and why the description is so confusing, who knows.

I.Sct on November 24, 2020

Sound of Vinyl Pre-Order

Rob on November 24, 2020

Taylor Swift preorder! Genuine Purchase!

Jose on December 11, 2020

My wife recently purchased our son a vinyl album from Digital Stores for Christmas. This site is legit!

Tracey on December 22, 2020

Legit McCartney III pre-order from Britain. In UK, Canada, USA: Universal Music, MusicVaultz, UMG are all under the same umbrella. 'Worldpay' or 'Digital Store' is seen most frequently on bank statements.

Lego on December 24, 2020

Yes...I found the email was Taylor Swift folklore preorder!! genuine purchase!! I called the bank service before and they just see the UK website and no more details...

Simon on January 10, 2021

No purchase

Mark on February 03, 2021

Pre ordered LP from They state that digitalstores will show on statement.

Colette on March 26, 2021

Didn’t purchase anything from digital stores. Contacted bank. It’s a scam

jvmerlin on May 07, 2021

It is a charge for pre-ordered music CD Bundle. Thank you for helping those who suggested this. I had not read all the small print when ordering - this said it would be shown as DigitalStores.

K.S. KT10 on May 20, 2021

Found this site when googling the payment details. For me it was a charge on delivery of band merchandise that was pre ordered. Not a fraudulent transaction for me.

MJB on June 06, 2021

If people would just bother to read their emails that they get when they order music, merch, etc., from artist's websites, they'd realise that they've already been told that their transaction will show up as being from Digital Stores. It's NEVER a fraudulent transaction. They generally have the decency to wait until the goods have actually been sent, so it might be that YOU've forgotten what you've ordered.

Kyla on August 14, 2021

Yup. Calling the back now. $120 charge on my credit card that wasn’t me

gaven on August 31, 2021

I had this charge, and thought what? But looking back through pre-orders, I found that it was for a LORDE LP that I pre-ordered back in June, but was released in August.. Good job I keep screen shoots of my orders until they arrive

Nick on September 08, 2021

It was a scam from me. Contacted my bank day it appeared as I keep records of all my credit card transaction. Bank said it is a known scammer - I have had to change my card on banks reccomendation.

Gianmarco Cei on November 06, 2021

It looks really suspicious because it has no description other than the title, but it's actually the address for preordering CDs and vinyl; in my case it was the Sawayama vinyl which I had ordered many months before, but had not paid yet due to it being delayed multiple times.

Jo W on November 12, 2021

I too though this was a scam charge on my credit card. However, like many people above it was a genuine charge for a CD that I had pre ordered back in September that was not delivered until 6th Nov. So a genuine transaction I had forgotten that I hadn't yet been billed for. It would help if the descriptor was less vague .

S.T. on January 28, 2022

For me this was a real charge. It was a preorder of merch from Ariana Grande's site from October that just dispatched after looking through my old emails, and I guess they only charge after dispatch. Confused me at first since there is no description, but at least it wasn't a fraudulent charge!

AAA on February 01, 2022

It's a real charge. I preordered a cd/vinyl bundle from Bastille back in October 2021 and the album comes out this Feb. 2022. Was just charged for it today. Went back to original email and it said on the bottom that the charge would say "Digital Stores."

Hugh on June 18, 2022

Purchase from udiscovermusic who take payment when the order is dispatched no matter how previously you placed the order. They say the charge will appear as digital stores in their communications. Does no one read anymore? Definitely not a scam.

Cazza on July 12, 2022

Pre-Ordered James Bay New Album and thought had already paid for it, legitimate order.

Philippe on October 18, 2022

Couldn’t remember at first but it’s legitimate. It’s for a pre-ordered vinyl I purchased a few weeks ago.

Emily on October 20, 2022

Thought it was unusual but checked pre-orders on my email and it’s for a vinyl record I pre-ordered, out in a couple of days.

Holly on October 20, 2022

Pre-ordered Taylor Swift Midnights, however the charge was taken today 20th Oct, not when I put it through on the 16th Sept.

Marco on November 23, 2022

Ho fatto bloccare la carta pensando che fosse una truffa, invece era l'acquisto di un cd musicale effettuato da mia figlia a settembre e l'addebito è arrivato solo ieri 22 novembre. Sito legittimo.

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