First seen October 27, 2021. Last updated on September 21, 2023.

The credit card or debit card charge GOOGLE*GOOGLE PLAY HELPPAY G/CO was first submitted to our database on October 27, 2021. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen GOOGLE*GOOGLE PLAY HELPPAY G/CO charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen GOOGLE*GOOGLE PLAY HELPPAY G/CO on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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Merchant Google Helppay (edit)
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Category School/Test prep (edit)
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What people are saying...

Angelina Rodriguez on October 27, 2021

On October 26. 2021 at 10:58 pm I’m sitting in whataburger line and I have my bank to let me know for any authorizations over a dollar after the 5 th charge that we’re back to back I got a text from my bank asking me if it was fraud so I had to shut my card down I don’t even have Google play the only thing my car design is on PayPal they can really take peoples money that don’t have notifications set up

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Dymnd on October 29, 2021

Looked at my bank transaction and saw 7 pending charges for $5 each. Idek what they are for. Very suspicious and need answers...

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rich on October 29, 2021

Oct 28, 2021 Google Tammy Dawkins 650-2530000 CA 10/27 Card −$13.01 fraud

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Mack on October 31, 2021

we just got with GOOGLE *Google Play Ap 19 charges of this at 12.45am -- Nov 1 - EST (Qld Australia) ................ on our Commonwealth bank debit card -- never used google play - we have never paid anything google related with that card.

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AILEEN SMITH on February 08, 2022

I want this charge deleted it has been taken off my bank twice

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Narfiti on February 28, 2022

GOOGLE *Google Play Ap,, GBR got this since october 2021 and i just noticed in december. i complain to my bank and their recommendation is to block the card and replace. I did however comes my january 2022 bill again this is showing. If anyone can help how to get rid of this as it has taken alot from me :(

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MattLL on March 12, 2022

Just got hammered by them trying to buy a copy of Fantasia on youtube. It seemed to not work so I tried 5 times like an idiot: 5 withdrawals of £8.99 from my account. What to do?

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Shelly on June 22, 2022

I received a text from my credit card of potential fraud charges. When I asked what it was from, it was an Apple Pay thing. I don't use Apple anything (and if I pay anything through google, I use paypal) so I knew they were fraudulent charges. My account was closed and a new card issued, This is what showed on my account - GOOGLE *KEVIN RABBITT G.CO/HELPPAY#CA and GOOGLE *Oloungesj Shol

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tmana on June 26, 2022

It looks like this is supposed to be from an app (HelpPay) that sounds like "GoFundMe" for run-of-the-mill bills. How they get on to your accounts (in my case, it was my regular bank debit card) is another story; there are SOOOOO many ways someone can hack into your phone, computer, tablet, etc that antimalware software can't detect...

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Kade on June 29, 2022

I have 23 charges on my account like this. Not all of them are from or including that "helppay" part, but all have names attached to them that I've never seen in my life.

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Reduardo on July 31, 2022

I've been charged 3 times already. Please delete this from my account.

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Marin Georgiev on August 13, 2022

I was also charged from 9 euros, why do they do that ???

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Nick on August 23, 2022

My grandpa received the message from bank that he paid from so weird called "app". I decided to go on Google play, but that app didn't exist. Then I went on Google, searched the name, but nothing popped out, when suddenly this website pops out and managed to block credit card in time. Thank you for making this website! It was really helpful.

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Tracey on September 07, 2022

GOOGLE*GOOGLE PLAY HELPPAY G/CO took out altogether 79.48 out my bank account is there away to refund the back in bank account

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Ryan on September 11, 2022

Lookout for google* jagex

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Troy Cheever on September 13, 2022

Just Today I received charges for $653.93 from GOOGLE *GOOGLE STORE G.CO/HELPPAY#CAUS and boy oh boy try and get a live rep to talk to at Google is almost impossible. I have filled out there claims form only to be put on hold all day without an answer. I called numbers listed as Google customer service. Finally after calling their number I got someone and they told me to fill out a claim that it was not Google What? It clearly says on my bank statement Google what is the issue here? I called my bank and they said it could take 10 days to get my money back. I have bills to pay I need this taken care of immediately. What do I do now? This is a huge circle here.

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Amor on September 29, 2022

Hi everyone! I also received the same notice of payment (GOOGLE*GOOGLE PLAY HELPPAY G/CO worth 6.49 euros) and also thought it was a scam. I figured out that it was IntellectoKids Learning Games app which I subscribed almost a week ago. It has 7days free trial. I don't use and need the app anymore so I forgot to cancel it. Anyway, there's a refund button and I was informed to wait for 48 hrs to process. Hope it helps.

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Nardy charles on October 04, 2022

Between the 28th and 29th $600 came out of my account. I have been ttying everthing possible to get a refund but nothng seems to be working and to make matters worse these are purchases i did not authourize

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Tommy on October 12, 2022

This happened to twice, 1st it happened on 12th of September 2022 with 2 dollar charge and today with 5 dollar charge. I have IPhone, my whole family has iphone. Its impossible that it could be someone from my family. This is a fraud. Stay safe.

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Dean on November 06, 2022

I just bought a giftcard off amazon, when i activated it i was hit with 5 charges or 4.99 i needed the money and now its gone.

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Virginia on December 03, 2022

Checking my bank account and found this charge through Google *YouTube premi" for $13.03; I have no idea what it is for but I know I don't want to pay this again.

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renzo on December 31, 2022

si, y yo no e hecho ninguna compra y no quiero mas cargos

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Irina on February 04, 2023

I got charged $90.40 by GOOGLE *Google Nest on my January, 2023 statement. I don't own Nest, so I called my credit card to list this as a suspicious charge. Now I am waiting for a replacement card to sever this connection. I never allow anyone calling to "pay all my debt", and I monitor my charges, so how hackers get a hold of my name/credit card info I am not sure.

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Geoff Willson on March 19, 2023


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Steven Fuller on March 20, 2023

Yes I want it off

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M McHugh on May 20, 2023

I've been hit 4 times by HELLPAY SO I'VE GONE IN TO Google an cancelled my card to make payments from Google. I have no idea what they are..

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Patrizia Marcheselli on June 22, 2023

Anche a me sono stati prelevati sulla carta prepagata 19,99 presso google*google storage \ \helppayn/ Penso di bloccare la carta. Non conosco cosa sia questo sito!!!!

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Tim on June 27, 2023

g.cohelppay#ns Charges are from a scammer AND NOT GOOGLE. I have been in contact with Googles Fraud Team and no chargers were made to my account. When I contact the CC carrier, they said it looks like Google charges. But said it did not come from a Google merchant likely, and we're just under the name as a guise. Call your CC, make a claim against the charges, get a new card asap.

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fl on July 11, 2023

GOOGLE *Wild Life NS aucune idee cest quoi!

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Not happy on July 16, 2023

This has been taking close to $100 a week out of my account. I have no idea what this is what the charges are for or how to stop it.

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Thomas on July 17, 2023

I had 34 transactions from GOOGLE *YouTube CA 12345678 I tried live chat and they asked about my account when I continually told them it had nothing to do with my google account but someone did this with my debit card. Then they referred me to a form which didn't have anything that helps with this situation. I've tried every way to get an agent on the phone and that's impossible as well. I'm so %*&!ed off, they cleaned my account.

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Simon on July 29, 2023

In my case it appears that this transaction may be related to a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, with a recurring, small monthly payment, although I don't remember how or why the payment ended up going through Google Play. It's an option worth checking.

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lyn parsons on August 10, 2023

so how do i cancel this or do i order a new card

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Greg on September 12, 2023

A charge on my debit card with the transaction title "GOOGLE *Google Play Ap,, IRL" was made 2 days ago. Nobody can explain to me who made the charge, it was not authorised by anyone. The curious thing is that I made a legitimate purchase in Google Play a week ago and the transaction title was exactly the same. But the first purchase was confirmed and authorised and I received the app and a confirmation from Google.

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Daniele Ellis on September 20, 2023

I've been charged for this "funimation" thing for several months now, and I have no idea what it is or how to get rid of it. Please look up my name and email address and unsubscribe me!

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Harold Dougherty on September 21, 2023

Someone charged my bank account. And it wasn't me. I want my money back. Return all my money. Thank you

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