The credit card or debit card charge PADDLE.COM MARKET LIMITED was first spotted on May 08, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 92 users, 659 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen PADDLE.COM MARKET LIMITED on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

Paypal User on September 24, 2015

Someone has access to the payment gateway on the website and they randomly process fraudulent payments. Contact , dispute the charge through Paypal and keep following up.

Arizona on September 10, 2016

What are this charges for?????, I had NOT give any permition to charge my credict card. What is your phone #??????

Arizona on September 10, 2016

What are this charges for?????, I had NOT give any permition to charge my credict card. What is your phone #??????

Jenni on November 11, 2017

I noticed the charge on my PayPal account and I do not even know the two products that they sold me. I am trying to get my money back, but they just keep sending me emails stating, "[W]e will get back to you. This is criminal activity, no one should be able to access my PayPal account and charge me for something I know nothing about or did not give permission to access my PayPal account.

JerryVietSgt@AOL.Com on November 20, 2017

My Name is Gerald Dixon, Screen Name is JerryVietSgt@AOL.Com On 10/27/2017 I contacted the telephone number; 1-800-7204642. I wanted to order Driver Update Plus. I spoke to a person named Linda Barns, She ask me if I needed help? Then there was a delay and then it read connected , A support representative will be with you shortly. Support session established with Sudesh , He requested for me to give him remote control of my PC, I then ask him if he was with Microsoft he answered yes. Sudesh took control of my PC. Sudesh did some things to my PC. Then he transferring session to another tech his name was Amir he took control of my PC. Amir sent something called run bat at which time I ask Amir again if he was with Microsoft he showed me a logo and stated Yes and said read the numbers 5400 000 FTC. I asked if the Drivers were installed? Amir told me yes and then a message came across stating Amir ended the session, Remote Control ended by Amir. The price was supposed to be 19.95 but I was charged 29.95 by Sudesh. The next day I called Microsoft and they informed me that those two people didn't work for Microsoft and they were not even in the United States. I filed a report for an investigation into what they were doing by robbing from people. A few days latter I got the message again that my drivers were out of date. So I called the number again. Guess who answered the phone? SUDESH I had a long conversation with him and informed him I was a retired Police Officer and that an Investigation was being started. All I had to wait for was permission from the UK to get started and they would contact the America FBI because it was an International Crime. Sudesh tried to get me to talk to him on the phone. After a long talk with Sudesh , He told me he would refund my money but all he wanted to do was help me. I did receive an E-Mail telling me my money was refunded. That was just another lie there was no money refunded to my credit card. Sudesh also told me he didn't work for Microsoft he worked for Driver Update Plus, another Lie. Tonight I got the same message about my Drivers I have been getting that same message every night since I last spook to Sudesh, Sudesh called my home and spoke to my wife trying to get her to purchase some kind of program because he was getting a message because of a security problem. Tonight I called when I got the message about my drivers, It was a different phone number . I spoke to some that said her name is Beep I told her why I was calling because the driver program was not working and that I was over charged again. She offered to install the program . I told her no . That I wanted my money refunded. I ask her if Sudesh or Amir worked in the same place she did she told me no. I do not like to be lied to , I also don't like a thief. The receipt she sent to me was the same address as Sudesh receipt was from. Paddle in London UK. Here is what I want you to do I want all of my money refunded, and if in anyway you are still connected to my PC I want to be removed. Also when you have refunded all of my money, I want you to remove any records you have of mine. This includes my Credit Card Number. After all that is done then we can talk about how far this investigation will go.I have copies of all my conversations with Sudesh, Amir and Beep if that is there names. Remember I am a Retired Police Officer after 30 years. I will find you either through the UK or by my friends in Manchester. If I don't get a reply to this E-Mail You Will BE Very SORRY! I don't play games.

Laslowaet on December 26, 2017 My paypal showed a charge I know nothing about paid by PayPal sounds 'suss to me

Laslowaet on December 26, 2017 My paypal showed a charge I know nothing about paid by PayPal sounds 'suss to me

CRAIG T BRADY on March 07, 2018


Shelby on June 13, 2018

Absolute scam! Downloaded “Mac Cleaner” and it made me call a number. I was suspicious when I called and it was busy the first time. Second time an Indian guy picked up the line and hung up on me. I called again and the same guy picked up. Fast forward a few minutes and he was remote controlling my computer. Going through my applications, saved credit cards, etc. so I tried shutting off my computer and he kept blocking me from doing so. He kept pushing and pushing for me to purchase something else for $500 and I told him “No, I don’t feel comfortable. Please stop the screen share.” He wouldn’t stop pushing for more of my information and he kept promising they were helping me. I was finally able to shutdown and restart BUT HE WAS STILL ON MY COMPUTER! I immediately called Apple support and they confirmed it was a scam and they helped me get rid of him. Unplug your computer and when it restarts hold down the shift button to start it up in Safe Mode. I filed a dispute with PayPal and they informed me this company will try to pull money out every year so you HAVE ago ask PayPal to cancel the agreement for you.

Susan Yates on July 21, 2018

On July 1st a message came up on my pc screen purporting to be McAfee Security saying my antivirus software was due for renewal that day so I hit the button to renew. It was not until afterwards I realised that the actual renewal date was January. I have been emailing Market Limited ever since to get my money back and I don't get any reply. They owe me £35.40 and I want it back. I have contacted McAfee and told them but they just issue a complaint number and do nothing. I paid via paypal and so contacted them they say they can't help.

Mary on November 04, 2019

I have no idea who this charge from is from. I am on a fixed income and can't afford anything, especially unexpected. I'm trying to get this reversed. I have not purchased anything online !

Londro on December 26, 2019

Sam from Long Island on December 30, 2019

I just received a PayPal charge and was at first suspicious. In my case though the charge is legit. Last year I bought Adguard to block pop ups in my cell and this was simply the renewal.

David Bélanger on January 28, 2020

Indeed it seems to be a scam, I never bought from them and I ended up with a transaction of $ 53.57 CAD, so I denounced them to PayPal. Damn the world is all wrong today! Effectivement ça semble être un scam, je n'ai jamais acheté chez eux et je me suis retrouvé avec une transaction de $53.57 CAD, je les ai donc dénoncé à PayPal. Putain que le monde est tout croche aujourd'hui ! De hecho, parece ser una estafa, nunca les compré y terminé con una transacción de $ 53.57 CAD, así que los denuncié a PayPal. ¡Maldita sea que el mundo está todo mal hoy!

fishy business on March 03, 2020

got charged by Inc, but I never know or visit the website before. However the transaction did not go thru and I have to change my card. Really fishy website.

Saavedra Limited on May 13, 2020

$69.90 payment to Market Limited was not authorized

Dave on May 26, 2020

I purchased a software download from a website called I didn't receive anything from them just a transaction notification from PayPal saying I had paid Market Limited, I tried to contact this company but I didn't receive any reply from them to my messages. When I contacted I was told that Market was nothing to do with their company but I had already paid on their website through PayPal to this company. I think the whole experience was an elaborate scam and on investigation I have become aware of many instances of the same scam taking place. PayPal looked into this matter and I was issued a full refund from but I believe the original payment to who I found are an Indian based scam software business are using them to launder their money.

Chris on October 15, 2020

I just got charged from these. Thought it was a scam until I realized it’s apparently from my yearly Drops language learning subscription. All good, nothing fishy here.

Kristof on October 26, 2020

Last week they just charged me for 40 dollars for a software subscription named Advanced Repair Pro, a purchase I never done. Checked by bank account, the payment happened at 4 in the morning. Contacted them immediately, they said they'll look into it, not a word since. Unbelievable, how the hell this they got my credit card information?

Anna on November 18, 2020

I received a charge 11/10 for a charge I didn’t make!! Phone Number doesn’t work!!!!! What do I do??

Rob on December 24, 2020

PayPal User. Got the same Charges, monthly description. Have NEVER been on their website before. This is a World Wide scam.

Geri - got charged on paypal for paddle on January 04, 2021

I am a senior citizen and have a limited income. I was charged $292.13 from market limited on December 27, 2020, through paypal. Paypal has been very difficult in allowing me to reach out to them and have sent several messages. I know nothing about and have never been on their site to order anything, although they were showing as an automatic monthly payment. I have spoken to my bank about this as it came directly out of my bank account, and if paypal doesn't do anything about it, my bank said that they would start their investigation. Of course, market limited showed up on my bank statement and in the automatic payment section of my paypal account. This withdrawal was created on December 27, 2020. Although paypal shows my payment to netflix of $17.99 on the same day, they do not show this "automatic payment" to paddle of $292.13 on the same day. I am starting to believe that paypal is a scam as well, and I have transferred my automatic payment to netflix through my cell phone provider.

Camilo on January 24, 2021

The same as above. Someone hacked my paypal account and bought some services in I sent email to all the involved parties (Paypal, my bank and paddle) to see how it goes. Wish you luck if you are having the same problem.

Alicia on February 11, 2021 is not selling anything, everyone on here is blaming the wrong folks. is a payment processor. Different software companies use it to run their charges and store tokens that allow payments on a schedule. The biggest issue I see is that does not report who is requesting the charges or what they are for. It would clear up a lot of issues. In my case, I thought it was suspicious at first, but then remembered it was the VPN renewal I ordered with NordVPN. Not saying that some people didn't buy junk, but they ought to be blaming the company that sold them junk, not for providing the payment services.

George on March 21, 2021

I found a transaction from in my paypal account that seemed suspicious to me. After searching my mail i found it was legit charge from my NordVPN.

Barbara on May 01, 2021

I was advised today of Paypal of a transaction of $69.30 taken from my account through Paddle.Com on behalf of Macpaw/MacCleaner. Paddle is a payment process company, however this does not absolve them from the unethical behavior that must be known to them, given the many similar complaints to mine that I have found online over recent years. I signed up for a 'one off' yearly service from MacCleaner in early 2020. I did not find the product helpful, & therefore put it aside, and would never would have used it again. I have now been billed through the Paypal account for a second year at a full rate. A shock to say the least! Clearly given the many online complaints on the Paypal Community site, and others, the information provided by MacCleaner is misleading at the very least. They offer a discounted rate for a service, and do not clearly state that it will be an ongoing arrangement. In my opinion these actions are potentially fraudulent in nature and this behavior is supported by their 'payment processor', in My communication to Paddle simply results in their statement that MacCleaner offer an ongoing subscription. I am disgusted with the actions of the companies who sell and support this product.

Barbara on May 02, 2021

Further to my comment of yesterday re, my issues with Paddle have now been resolved to my satisfaction.

Nadrah on June 07, 2021

I just found a transaction from in my paypal account that seemed suspicious to me.

Vicki Eaton on June 10, 2021

an 07 Market Limited I never made this charge. Preapproved Payment - $52.94

lajos on July 02, 2021

i get this today $100

Michael on July 12, 2021

This is one of the problems when a company uses another company to process its payments. I saw it and didn't realise it was for a music service called Vox ( I cancelled the recurring payment on paypal. OTOH, companies, especially those that process payments should be clear who their clients are.

Charles Martin on August 16, 2021

I never order that transaction,

bek on September 29, 2021

Ich habe gerade eine Transaktion von in meinem PayPal Konto gefunden, die mir verdächtig erschien.

Lili on December 18, 2021

It was nord vpn. However, I tried to renew with my card linked to PayPal and it would not go through, so I had to manually go into paypal and cancel all subscriptions.

Some Korma on December 19, 2021

I received two charges, both for 25€. never have i authorized such payments. Change passwords and request new card from your banking if possible.

Gale Roberts on January 10, 2022

This company has been charging my PayPal account and my wife’s discover card every month for the past few years. I tried to cancel what they were billing me for and they kept on billing me. Total BS. I think this is associated with PayPal and I intend on learning more. It appears that they are screwing people over.

PADDLE.COM on January 22, 2022


Confirmed Customer on February 08, 2022

Not fraud here. But - the name is different on PayPal than service company. I purchased a NordVPN subscription and handles its payment processing, so confusing yes, but not fraudulent. Check your recent purchases (NordVPN, maybe something else) for the same amount. Imagine the money spends on employee wages to handle customer complaints that could all be saved by putting the correct info on one line on the credit card bills...

Andrew on February 08, 2022

Unauthorized charge from Market Limited subscription on Paypal. I never ordered this whatever it is, never heard of Market Limited or according to Paypal, my subscription started today, before I had even gone online.

Allie upset with unforeseen charges on PayPal on February 17, 2022

PayPal never wants to help buyers wonder if there is a better company to use beside them. Saw a charge like many others on this board from for 29.63 for a Restoro Subscription I didn’t order and don’t know what it is. All PayPal did was tell me I won’t be charged again! PayPal sucks not helping people that use their service will find another service lost my money.

Roblox player on March 21, 2022

This payment was from roblox payments, i would highly suggest any parents to watch out if kids are involved in thoses payments through their games.

Geoguessr on June 27, 2022

Used by geoguessr i case you forgot you signed up

Bob on June 29, 2022

Paddle is just a payment gateway like WorldPay or SagePay that smaller companies use to process online payments, especially SaaS subscriptions. I'm willing to bet 100% of complaints on this page are people who either don't realise the above, or (more likely) people who signed up to an annual subscription to something a year ago and then forgot about it.

Paypal User on July 05, 2022

I received an email as a "receipt" for their product Reimage that i did not purchase. I thought it was just a scam email trying to phish my info but there was a second email from paypal showing a charge for that same product from that same company paddle. I check my e-statment and THE CHARGE WAS ACTUALLY THERE! I am so distraught right now i am getting in contact with paypal and my credit card company and im linking this page to them RIGHT AWAY!!!!

Malcolm on July 06, 2022

I recently purchased a digital product and was charged by Paddle, contacted paddle and was asked to show what percentage was a i spending , i didn't understand so i asked them to explain clearly, but the responses i was getting back was the same What type of percentage are you spending

Drakine on July 21, 2022

This randomly showed up on my Paypal and I don't have a single clue what it was for. Requested an immediate cancellation via paypal and a refund but I genuinely dont know how they got my info. 100% a scam site I have never even seen it before it showed up on my purchases.

Mikey on August 01, 2022

I wanted to try this Advanced System Repair Pro that was advertised on the internet and it was cleared by Norton as a safe site. Price for the service was a discounted $17.95. But when I checked my Paypal account, I was charged $56.34 by . The service of fixing my computer was questionable, it was supposed to clean my browser activity which it did not. Some of the service did seem to work, my drivers were reset to work correctly, but that was something done through a Microsoft program they used which I probably could have gotten for free. The access that company had to my files in my PC has me worried now, they don't appear to be a honest company.

Bob on August 17, 2022

I got a charge to my PayPal account by this company. I don't even know what its about. I didnt purchase anything from nor did I authorize it. It sounds like a scam. Im trying to get the money they stole back.

william on August 24, 2022

this is a scam ! i got a bill on my credit card and don't know for what i will not pay for this and want a refund

Janice Armstrong on September 17, 2022

My story is the same as for Mikey on August first, Advanced System Repair Pro looked very legitimate to me also. Fortunately, I used PayPal so was able to go right in and cancel any future automatic payments. Now, will figure out how to get it off my computer.

Marvin Adams on October 01, 2022 is a payment processor for many companies. There are two fundamental problems that I see here. One is that PayPal allows companies to setup automatic payment processes without my explicit permission so I check regularly so I can cancel the ones I do not want. The other is that is not telling us which company is using their service so it is difficult to figure out who was paid. Since there would obviously be less issues for them to deal with if they would simply say who is being paid, one must assume they are either stupid or obfuscating for nefarious purposes.

Norman Duncan on October 03, 2022

Who are you people I didn't give you permission to do anything with my accounts

Dewi Morgan on October 08, 2022

I looks like I have been scammed via Pay Pay

john dortmunder on October 19, 2022

I saw a small charge from Paddle on my PayPal and didn't recognize it. I investigated and it was a donation I made to a free app so it was legit for me.

derek osborne on October 25, 2022

Like Dewi Morgan I have been scammed VIA Paypal

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