First seen May 03, 2014. Last updated on January 26, 2022.

The credit card or debit card charge PAYLINK VEH COV CREDIT was first submitted to our database on May 03, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Phone 8008397940 (edit)
Category car (edit)
Description kia (edit)

What people are saying...

Kevin on September 14, 2016

This is for extended warranty for your vehicle. I can confirm that this is a trusted charge, provided you received a call about extended warranty and opted in for it. It maybe confusing for some bc the initial charge is listed as something else. If I recall, they let you know this over the phone.

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Kathy on July 19, 2018

They told my Mom that if her car broke down, it would cost her at least $20,000.00 to repair... She is being charged $99.00 a month for a car that is worth about $4000.00... She is in no position to afford something like this... The bank stopped the automatic deductions for her and then paylink.vehcov called and told her that they would take her to court unless she caught up the payments and continued the service... Her late boyfriend had put this into effect when they first bought the car in 1999...They are telling an 86 year old woman that they will take her to court and she will go to jail...They will not give a number where I can reach them for her...I smell something real bad here...

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Karen on September 29, 2018

I share a credit card with my father. He the primary card holder therefore only he sees his statements. I finally found out this paylink had been chasing my dad 176.00 a month since April for my car! I have NO idea how they got my information or my dad's! I called them and they redirected me to someone else and those ppl said they would have to get the FBI involved to find out how this happened. That doesn't sound suspicious at all! I don't know how to get almost 1000 back for my father. I did cut off the card so they can't charge it anymore but now I'm wondering what are they going to do next?

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Jheria on August 02, 2019

Paylink attempts to outsmart its victims and find ways to steal their money!!!

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Peter Omolayo on November 28, 2019

Everything about the company is suspicious. Sent a letter of threat about insurance for my home appliances. I called them to send me detail proposals by mail so I can review. They refused asking me to pay first that I can cancel the deal later if am not satisfied.

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SEAN TAYLOR on March 11, 2020

Just saw this transaction on my mother's account. I have been trying to reach someone at one of the listed numbers and get no one. I will be reporting this to the Federal agencies and business bureau for fraud.

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Alex on October 15, 2020

I called them once that it was to expensive and planning to cancel it they said that it could be decreased in which I gave them a chance but here it is the SAME price as last time. so my recommendation treat them as if they were none other than the plague itself.

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John B on November 03, 2020

I have never ever authorized these scum to charge my card. This is outright theft!

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HockeyNut in Florida on September 22, 2021

I first noticed this $129.96 when I went to make a payment on my Discover credit card. I thought, WTF! I called the paylink number which showed up on my Discover account, but the "recording" is very vague. However, the category it is under on my Discover card shows "insurance" - well buddy, I NEVER EVER buy extended coverage for my Ford Mustang. So this was an unauthorized charge 3 times! Discover has issued me a new card, I have changed my password, and I'll be damned if Paylink is going to take another red center out of my card. Discover also listed it as FRAUD and their investigations team is looking into it. They say they are putting the money back on my card. SCREW PAYLINK!!!!! Scamming !&$^%#*s.

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PHILLIP KROUSE on November 03, 2021

I was receiving notices for Extending the waranty on Hyundai

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WINSTON GRANT on January 26, 2022


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