First seen November 26, 2014. Last updated on June 11, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge PAYPAL *SAYAN CA was first submitted to our database on November 26, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen PAYPAL *SAYAN CA charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen PAYPAL *SAYAN CA on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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58% of users have reported this charge as suspicious.

Charge Information

Merchant Sayan (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 713-673-8264 (edit)
Category Fast Food Restaurants (edit)
Description Taco Bell Mobile App. (edit)

What people are saying...

Mister on March 15, 2018

Unknown charge

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RSG on June 09, 2018

Showed up on my card, unauthorized charge. SCAM

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Miss GA on November 26, 2018

unknown charge hit my account the day before thanksgiving~ SCAM

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TB SAYAN - TIKTUK on May 18, 2023

Was Taco Bell for me :D

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Unknown on June 02, 2023

Taco Bell Mobile App

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Taco Bell on July 01, 2023

Charged and said order not completed

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Unknown on July 04, 2023

Taco bell as well it seems, lol sketchy

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. on July 15, 2023

Taco Bell Mobile App / College Park location

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Britty on July 29, 2023

Also The Taco Bell App, for Me!! :)

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Eric on July 30, 2023

Also Taco Bell Mobile Order. I wasn't sure what it was until people pointed it out. I remember doing a Mobile Order for one of their deals, just checked the deal and the price checks out. Now I know.

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Gage Martyn on September 18, 2023

Did it through website for Taco Bell they took over a 189.00 dollars of my credit card even when it declined

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Nic on November 17, 2023

ordered Taco Bell through the website. no scammy

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Paul on November 24, 2023

Taco Bell for me legit

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Sharon on February 29, 2024

Found out it was Taco Bell via the Taco Bell app. All good on my end.

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Dwight on March 07, 2024

Taco Bell for me too. Valid charge.

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Nelson on April 14, 2024

Taco Bell Online Order, confirmed

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David S. on June 08, 2024

"Tb Sayan - Tiktuk" $26.75 charge on 2024-04-28 the same day that a "Taco Bell." charge for the same amount. I believe the Taco Bell charge is legit. I just noticed the charges from my Apple Wallet.

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Chihuahua on June 11, 2024

Relax, eat your Taco Bell nachos and enjoy your app deal. (Sayan is a restauranteur.) It's legit.

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