First seen February 24, 2014. Last updated on January 18, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge SKY DIGITAL INTERN LIVINGSTON was first submitted to our database on February 24, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen SKY DIGITAL INTERN LIVINGSTON charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen SKY DIGITAL INTERN LIVINGSTON on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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What people are saying...

C.manguzi on June 14, 2016

On 7/6/16 £118.15 was taken from my account for no reason by Sky digital intern Livingston. Don't know who they are and don't subscribe to digital so how do I get money back? Will now report to police and get solicitor

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elizabeth southall on October 30, 2017

i have a payment of £ 47.50.on my Barclaycard for no reason I don't have sky .the payment s to sky digital intern Livingston how do I find out who this is please

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Natalie on November 01, 2017

I had a payment of £58 on 17 June 2017 I just looking back on my statements in not happy

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Emma on May 26, 2018

This is a scam they get money of you if you do a payment through email sky are not allowed to email you by law this company is people sat at home taking our money

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Mike on October 04, 2018

They have taken £109.95 out my account what do I do???

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Tina Jefferson on November 15, 2018

I have just saw £37 tak3n on Wednesday 12th

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Alison on December 20, 2018

I have had a payment of 20 pounds taken by sky digital Livingstone do not have sky and don't know who they are

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Rix Myth on May 30, 2019

Using the MySky app, which appeared and worked well with my Sky box, I made a payment which went to Sky Digital Intern Livingston. I get a text from Sky saying the payment didn't go through. No problem but on the bank statement the money has been taken but not by Sky who obviously know about it. Is it a scam to go on for so long and be part of Sky's app?

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ronald broome on August 09, 2019

i to have had £69 taken out 09/08/2019 can you tell me if these people are sky or not

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Donna on August 11, 2019

I have a payment gone out for £113.20 on 7/8/19. Don't even have sky and bank tried to make out it had been a payment made from my Wi-Fi using an iPhone. Noonee here has an iPhone. Making bank investigate more and me get my money back

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Clare on August 31, 2019

I have had a payment of £10 taken on 30/08 by this company. Bank are investigating.

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paul on November 04, 2019

19th sept 2019 £30 taken out by SKY DIGITAL INTERN LIVINGSTON, Barclays refunded me back.This needs to stop

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Marie on November 06, 2019

Sunday 20 October 2019 - 37 pounds was charged fraudulently by SKY DIGITAL INTERN LIVINGTRANSF Cable and Other Pay Television Services I never have subscribed to them. Lloyds has refunded me back

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Richard Butler on January 21, 2020

Just checked my bank account and spotted a payment of £10 to Sky digital lntern livingstone. I will contact my bank tomorrow.

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S. Stevens on January 29, 2020

Had a payment of £50 taken from my bank in November 2019, then £45 in December 2019 & £45 January 2020, all by direct debit. The name of the person claiming is SKYDIGITAL - however I know nothing about this, I am not a customer of theirs & I have certainly not subscribed to any of their services, I am with VIRGIN MEDIA. Contacted NatWest Fraud team who have filed an indemnity claim & refunded me immediately, but I am very worried now, because I have heard that SKY then send the matter to a debt collection agency, which in turn racks up hundreds of pounds & also ruins your credit score 😢 SKY refuse to provide details of who set this account up, or where they installed the SKY services & they are refusing to discuss it because of privacy laws & the Data Protection Act. I’m very, very worried now. SKY know full well that this is happening all the time, they should be held responsible by the Financial Conduct Authority because they simply should not allow someone to set up an account when they live at a different address to the address where the bank details/payments are registered. SKY KNOW this is fraud, they just don’t care! 😡

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Lynne rogers on April 05, 2020

Just had £20 taken out of my bank by sky intern, I will be notifying my bank first thing Monday, hope there's somebody there to sort it out as many are on lockdown!

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paul barton on November 06, 2020

Just had £58.00 taken out with my sky subscription never seen this on banking ever phoning bank inn the morning

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paul barton on November 09, 2020

just a quick message from my earlier post phoned up sky and he checked and he just said it was double payment {2 different names mind} and he gave me my payment back so would advise to phone up and get it sorted hope this helps some people

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Omolola Shuaib on May 12, 2021

My £81 was taking on the 21 April 2021,can you refund me please 😩😩😡

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Pete McLeod on October 25, 2022

£20 taken on 23rd - Sunday night around 10.30 while I was sitting at home watching TV. Bank are investigating and as it is still 'pending' they can stop it coming off my account.

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Elizabeth phillips on April 22, 2023

Sky digital took £33- from my HSBC account today 21/4/23 I see they have been doing this since 20/14 how do they keep getting away with this nothing is safe let’s go back to the old days

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KC on June 07, 2023

£98 taken from my credit card on 13/05/2023

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KJ Wright on January 18, 2024

Check your bank statement..I've just had Sky digital intern take 21.50 from my account ....I don't gave Sky...Spike to Sky they could not help and assured me they'd taken nothing. My Bank has refunded me after I reported it as fraud/scam. Beware..little amounts like this can got unoticed

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