The credit card or debit card charge SPN*SHOPATRON was first spotted on April 10, 2021. This charge has been reported as trusted by 70 users, 804 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen SPN*SHOPATRON on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Giant Tiger (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number 8774127467 (edit)
Category Click to Add (edit)
Description online purchase off Giant Tiger's website (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Mary Warren on April 10, 2021

I didn''t give them permission to charge the 5.75 dollar on my debit card. I don''t know who, what, how, when, they are and what it was for. This was the 2nd time it happen but this time it was for 6.00 dollar

Carla on April 12, 2021

another attempt on my card that was cancelled months ago because of a different scam... smh

Michael Mckim on April 14, 2021

What the heck is this charge I didn't ask to be charged for whatever it is

Brian on April 15, 2021

I use Capital One Virtual cards and they declined a payment to SPN*SHOPATRON with a Virtual card linked to completely different vendor, nice catch. Saves me having to shut down my credit card and wait for a new one to arrive, just delete that virtual card. The great thing also, is the scum trying to make this withdrawal did not get any money....

Parthenia Williams on April 15, 2021

They charged me an hour ago $6.69 and I don’t know how they got my car information but I’m glad it’s not my bank card it’s on Cash App

Danielle on April 15, 2021

This Spn shopatron tried to debit $6.95 from my account, however, my card was locked so it didn't go thru. I have no idea who or what they are. Thank goodness I keep all my cards locked at all times

Caz on April 16, 2021

Got charged USD 4.96. I've never heard of this merchant.

Fabiano on April 18, 2021

Looks like SPN*SHOPATRON refers to Shopatron Order Management Software. Did anyone purchase anything from Amazon where the seller was based in China, maybe in another country not in North America?

Rachel on April 21, 2021

Woke up in the morning around 7am and found out this company charged my virtual bank debit card for around 6 CAD, funny is that I don't live and buy things around Canada. Don't know how the f this company did the transaction.

Rose on April 22, 2021

I saw this charged on my debit card for $6.69 on 18 April 2021. It is still a pending charge today on 22 April. However, a whole bunch of other fraudulent charges suddenly appeared subsequently on the bank statement amounting to around $250. All reported to my bank which is in the process of investigating. I suspect this is spyware.

Ryan on April 26, 2021

All of a sudden they took like 3.00 from my account then i got a whole bunch of charges that were declined by the bank for over 250$ each

Kim Shaklee on April 26, 2021

I Was just charged on my cash app card for $1.00 from this website an I am mad as Hell I don't know whom they are but I am reporting it to my customer service support team right now !!!!

Kim hall on April 26, 2021

They just tried to take it out my cash app for 2.65 and I just opened the account yesterday! What!

Rosemarie on May 01, 2021

The amount is the same as my online purchase from Giant Tiger and the posted date is the same as the invoice date. Since I don't see anything else for this purchase I am assuming it is correct.

Kim Shaklee on May 06, 2021

My cash app debit card account alert informed me about another attempt of purchase for $2.71 cents yesterday from Spn Shopatron again, I am very angry about this situation I want to know how they have my cash app debit card information an how to stop this fraudulent activity to my cash app debit card account, I hate fraudulent companies that have no right or regard for trying to steal someone's hard earned money from their debit card account, this is totally B*LLSH*T !!!!!

Muriel MacKenzie on May 08, 2021

My Mastercard was charged $15.68, I never heard of SPN*Shopatron

Marilyn I on May 12, 2021

I have never heard of this company, I get and alert that Spn Shopatron have charged me $2.78. I do not care if it was a penny, I did not give them permission nor any authorization to charge anything to my card. How did they even get my information. This doesn't make any sense. I guess they charge a little to see if they are able to get a lot. That wont happen.

Shawna on May 14, 2021

I just got 2 charges from these guys and I'm already fincially stressed.

Tommy on May 16, 2021

Paid Roku bill as normal, started getting normal alerts on my phone for what I paid and then shopatron charged me almost $12. Don't know how long my ol lady was getting bogus charges. No more Roku

Kathy on May 17, 2021

Saw the charge just now on my statement -- $3.69. Have to wait until it drops out of the pending column to notify the bank.

Brianna Lowery on May 19, 2021

Never heard of SPN SHOPATRON, they charged my card $6.00 at 6 am this morning and I was 100% asleep and not up shopping. I froze everything and disputed it. Not sure what it is/was.

Kim B on May 22, 2021

In Canada if you purchase something from Giant Tiger, SPN*SHOPATRON is how it comes up

JJ MF R on May 23, 2021

For the past 2 months I've only used my C.App card for Wish app, so unless they got my card number more than 3 months ago and have just been playing the waiting game. I'm guessing they got it from wish.

Kris on May 23, 2021

I made a purchase from Giant Tiger last week and it came up on my bank statement as SPN*SHOPAT. But then I get a second charge today under the same name but with no new purchase. I've reached out to my bank and Giant Tiger. Just hoping that its not from them having an insecure site and getting my info stolen

Steven. on May 24, 2021

I’m gong to check and see how much my Dropbox subscription is. All I can say is try to make sure there’s no cheap little app subscriptions you guys have. They may be charging them through this company.

Kam on May 26, 2021

Shop a tron tried to take out $1.57 but it got declined due to no funds available on my cash app account. If you guys have money on your cash app take it off ASAP, I know someone else who’s money was taken off cash app but they got them for more than $500 so please look at your transactions and make sure your locking your debit card if your not using it

Rossy G on May 28, 2021

I got 2 charges from Shop patron. I don’t know what it is but, they used my card for 11 charges total. Something Chase bank got notified, investigated and reversal charges of more than $500 dlls to my account. Some charges were to Netflix, other purchases from a website for evenflo, Walt mart.com and Step2CC. I wish they find out who is doing this.

Erin on May 30, 2021

I've have like 5.95 pending on my cash app card. Along with 2 Google charges I didn't make in the amount of 3.00 ... Weird but Ive used my card for Amazon, Kohl's, Poshmark. WalMart.com.

Mohammed on May 31, 2021

My credit card was charged CAD 2.5 by unknown company (SPN*SHOPATRON) which I didn’t make. So I called the bank and my card was stopped.

Rael on May 31, 2021

My credit card was charged $2.79 (SPN*SHOPATRON) which I didn’t make. So I called the bank and my card was stopped. My credit card company will send a new credit card in the next 7-10 business days.

Hbr00k on June 01, 2021

Its fraud related and its a way for them to test or check if a card is valid or working. Next they either sell the information or try using it for a much larger purchase. I had this done just the other day to my cash app account but being a little more savvy caught the people behind it.

helen on June 02, 2021

oi have no idea who or what this shopatron is i have 2 charges on my debit card im pissed i havent bought anything in a while so what is this crap Visa Debit purchase - 6850 SPN*SHOPATRON -$63.99 Jun 1, 2021 Visa Debit purchase - 9572 SPN*SHOPATRON -$18.89

Gordon on June 03, 2021

This is online ordering for Giant Tiger

Tracy on June 07, 2021

Shopatron charges on my card came from Giant Tiger.

Alice Kelly on June 17, 2021

Rosemary was right! This is an online charge for Giant Tiger, so I’m good. Thanks.

Steph on June 23, 2021

Shopatron is a payment processor (the go-between who connects a company with Mastercard, and vice versa, for billing). They have recently changed their name to Kibo. If you place an order with some small- or mid-sized businesses, they may use Shopatron/Kibo to accept credit/debit payments, and Shopatron will show up on your statement instead of Roku, or Giant Tiger, or . Shopatron is legitimate. Their client, however, might not be. Think back carefully to see if you have made any purchases with your card online that do not show up on your bill. If the amount of those purchases matches the Shopatron charge, great! If it does not, then a scam company might have your card number, and Shopatron is their unwitting go-between.

Shnay on June 27, 2021

Legit. Thought it was a scam too but mine was from an online purchase at Giant Tiger.

Mimi on July 04, 2021

Giant tiger online purchases! Pay up people!!!!!

P D on July 06, 2021

I guess mine could be Giant Tiger, also.

Kacee Carter on July 15, 2021

Random bogus charges from this shopatron began appearing in my transactions 6 mths ago, first it’s for 2.29 and then the other times it’s all for amounts under $10…I use my chime debit card as my main card but I do not use it for any online purchases so this is definitely a scam. Based on my research, it seems like one of those scammers who takes a few dollars here and there hoping you won’t notice until it’s too late…it could also be companies like wish, alibaba etc selling our information to third parties or scammers who live half way around the world. As technology evolves, so does the chance of getting scammed.

Tim on July 21, 2021

I was charged 47.24, definitely not me.

Abdullah on July 22, 2021

WTF, 6$ for what !!

H B on July 27, 2021

This was Giant Tiger online transaction

V.B. on August 04, 2021

À ma grande surprise, j'ai pu réaliser que c'était légitime; un achat en ligne fait au Tigre Géant! J'ai du fouiller un peu dans les commandes que j'avais souvenir d'avoir fait ici et là (amazon, walmart, etc...) Surprenant de voir comment c'était affiché et non inscrit Tigre Géant. Ce serait si simple!

Ron on August 04, 2021

SPN*SHOPATRON is a legitimate credit card charge for items I ordered online from Giant Tiger (Canada) Hope this helps!

Katie on August 05, 2021

I didn’t make any purchases and don’t know what giant tiger is ( I’m not in Canada) but my bank automatically declined their charge even though I have MJ ey in my account. Thank you to chime for know this is bs

Doowa on August 13, 2021

I was charged 4 bucks on cashapp. Crazy I keep mine locked but that doesn't mean I want people taking out of my account

ABDULLH ALFIFI on August 21, 2021

SPN*SHOPATRON🤬 I was deducted by any right. $10.80. Who is responsible for this?

Tan on August 21, 2021

I did not make a purchase from your site! Cancel my transaction of $8.29.

rYoung on August 27, 2021

attempt for $6.65

Mike on September 09, 2021

Woke up to a fraud alert on my business debit card. They charged 5.93 but also order $2,500+ from other online websites like Walmart.com and Pet Supermarket.com. Scammer get a fricken life you losers.

Wilmer on September 10, 2021

I had a charge from this Shopatron and then immediately thereafter, my bank account was emptied completely using Walmart.com and Googlepay. I wish I knew where the source is located and who it was so i can bring them a fruit basket. This definitely is a scam on cards.

Aban on September 14, 2021

I did not pay anything in this site please give my money back

Firaz on September 14, 2021

Almost six dollars was taken all of a sudden, I didn't give any consent and I don't know where this money went

efwhmgjfy on September 16, 2021


Shopper's Voice on September 17, 2021

This is the merchant that Giant Tiger uses for online orders. They charged me the exact amount I was expecting and no issues with my credit card and/or credit after.

Jen on September 20, 2021

Was charged $4.74 one evening, a day and a half later - card was charged fraudently for Instacart as well. SCAM - shut the card down.

Coates on September 21, 2021

I've been getting charged by this company for a couple of weeks and I've never hearf of it!

Swarthy T on September 23, 2021

Dang, Spn Shopatron got me on cashapp too!!! 😔

caught by Revolut on September 30, 2021

just had this charge appear on revolut and luckily it was caught by the app. had to cancel the card and order a new one. but googling "spn*shopatron" lead be here.

MxRcURY on October 03, 2021

Zabrali mi 24,24 PLN nie wiem skąd w nic nie wchodziłem

Leonardo on October 04, 2021

Esse site esta cobrando Indevidamente do meu cartão tem Denunciar.

James on October 05, 2021

Lets find out where these people are from and where they are located, office, house, or unit...where they are performing these crimes and scams....then everybody who has been scammed out of money should all go find them and beat the living crap out of them....... Thanks,

Wavey14U on October 06, 2021

They tried taking $4.75 but my card was disabled

Fabiana Cavalcante on October 07, 2021

Me compararam no meu cartão 265 e outra de 2.99 tô muito chateado com isso que absurdo aat5yy

Elbegbayar on October 11, 2021

I did not make a purchase from your site! Cancel my transaction of $4.85 and $5.86

Disgusted on October 11, 2021

Shopatron has has attempted to submit bogus charges to my cash app account six times since May 2021. Each charge has been declined, but they keep trying.

Timika on October 12, 2021

My kids Georgia child support debit card was hacked! I found charges on there that I did not recognize nor do. Charges dating back from August to September for days back to back to back. Charges were made from Pet Supermarket, Google, Peet’s, Etsy, and SPN Shopatron! Im so freaking pissed because when I reported it to the EPPIC card fraud department they told me they did not see any fraudulent activities. Im pisses and these idiots stole me from my kids. Got me thinking now it may be an inside person doing this mess. This is not over, I’m going after what’s mine. I have 10 freaking pages of evidence on my account that I printed out now I’m getting a police report!!

Begüm on October 14, 2021

I didn''t give them permission to charge the 5.84 dollar on my debit card. I don''t know who, what, how, when, they are and what it was for. This was the 2nd time it happen but this time it was for 6.00 dollar

Felipe on November 05, 2021

Foi descontado cerca de 6$ no meu cartão de crédito ontem sem meu consentimento. Vou bloquear o cartão.

Terry James on November 08, 2021

On Nov 8, 2021, I received a text message at 12:04 AM, asking if I had recently attempted to use my card for a $684.06 purchase at SPIN*SHOP? Naturally, I answered "NO" since I'd been in bed asleep for the previous 2 hours. My bank then "locked my card", and advised me to contact them at a their 800 number. I'll likely cancel my current card, and request a new one.

Jean Paul Poirier on November 27, 2021

SPN Shopatron charged $11.61. i did not order anything

Bobbi on November 28, 2021

I was charged for a phone call to this place and don't have any idea what it is.

Sally Homan Hinski on December 18, 2021

I was asked by my credit card via text message on December 16, 2021 at 2:30am if a charge of $1.32 was valid. Never heard of them, so text replied no, and then couple of hours later, the credit card company called and cancelled the card. Researched this charge and information onlines states a scam. They can certainly be getting rich charging little bits like this on zillions of cards.

Michael on February 07, 2022

Noticed the transaction from SPN*SHOPATRON 877-4127467 TX for $5.65 on my credit card. Called the number. It turned out that it's Giant Tiger online order. So if you are in Canada and shop on www.gianttiger.com, all your transactions will be listed as PN*SHOPATRON. You'll see this in your order confirmation email " Charges will display as Shopatron"

Zonke on April 04, 2022

Hi please stop deducting money from my bank account.i don't know who you are and I'm not interested in your service.please reply on this email address zonkebonkemaphosa@gmail.com as this one zonkem500@gmail.com is no longer available

Ann Eliz on April 29, 2022

Got notice from Credit Card company suspicious $0.95 charge by SPN*SHOPATRON after donating to PBS. Local affiliate said they do do "test charge" but didn't know any "SHOPATRON", won't show up on statement. WELL one week later credit card company emailed suspicious charge for ~$850 for cryptocurrency by SHOPATRON! First charge was indeed a "test" to see if we do anything about it, since didn't--> they tried a bit bigger charge...

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