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Merchant Ice maker (edit)
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What people are saying...

Anthony Green on July 16, 2022

Ice maker

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Darrell Way on July 19, 2022

I'm still waiting on my cooler was charged 45.99 on 7/7/2022

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dottie smith on July 20, 2022

still waiting on a bed sent july 7.

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LaRae Nattress on July 21, 2022

still waiting for the pots and pans order July 9th asked twice for the status on email that was sent to with no response

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Chaiquita Hamilton on July 26, 2022

Still waiting on ice maker

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Marie Murphy on June 20, 2022 on July 26, 2022

still waiting to hear from them about an Embroidery Machine ordered on June 20, 2022, around 12:30 pm if I don't hear something soon I will report them to the BBB and anywhere else

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Betty Pulliam on July 26, 2022

still waiting on ice maker

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Nazarena Lucero on July 27, 2022

Still waiting for my embroidery machine purchased on June 24, 2022. Payment posted on June 28, 2022.

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Michelle Williams on July 28, 2022

charged $45.99 7/7/22 and still not item or tracking information provided.

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Lynn Dudek on July 28, 2022

No tracking or notice of shipping on the folding bed I ordered

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Carol Brashier on July 30, 2022

I was billed $27.99 on my credit card from here that I did not charge.

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William Schulz on August 01, 2022

I am still waiting on my order for countertop ice machine for 45.99 ordered on june 23rd!

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Amanda Parnell on August 04, 2022


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LaNita M Gunn on August 05, 2022


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ROCHELLE LINDSAY on August 06, 2022

I purchased (or so I thought) a rolling ice chest/seat/bottle opener etc all in one item that I paid $45.99 on 7/04/22. I have a receipt & an order # but when I tried to find the status of the item, it says that no order exists. This is crazy! I have no tracking #. How do I get my money back?

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Sally Martinez on August 06, 2022

I am still waiting on my ice maker $45.99 and paid international delivery charge $1.38 please send me my ice maker, it is August 6, I didnt order it for winter.

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Taken on August 07, 2022

Still waiting for ice maker ordered June 25th. Reported it to my credit card and waiting for response.

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GeneLagasca on August 24, 2022

Ordered a aluminium tool box with tools and never recived it ordered on 6 28 22for 43.99 tried to call the number and was disconnected whats going on !

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Jennifer Capodacqua on August 25, 2022

Still waiting on an inflatable hot tub ordered June 16, 2022- they keep telling me it is shipped - it is now 8/25/22 and NOTHING - what should I do?

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Steve Abrahamsen on August 28, 2022

STILL waiting on ice machine (which I bought for my wife) that was ordered back in mid June. Have had emails with "Stripe" and they kept telling me the same old BS lines..."because of the pandemic" or "supply chain issues" blah blah blah. Now today, they have the unmitigated gall to tell me that my package has definitely been delivered. I am more than frustrated and well beyond %*&!ed off! I have asked them for a tracking number and name of the courier company so I could find out what happened, but that falls on very deaf ears.

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Tracy Silva on September 01, 2022

I opened a dispute with the credit card I used. Let them know I didn’t receive product. They look into and submit refund.

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Bryant M Jackson Sr on July 9,2022 on September 09, 2022

I didn't receive what i had order and no refund on my credit card I have Talk to bank they are lo

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Sheila Howse on September 13, 2022

ordered ice maker on June 2022 it is now 09/22 and two different tracking numbers to somewhere else on the planet was given to me but not where I actually live. Still no ice maker but BBB is taking actions against them so we can all get out money back.

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William Schulz on September 20, 2022

I ordered ice maker about 3 months ago and don't have any tracking info or ice maker yet!

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Vanessa Christophersen on September 20, 2022

I am still waiting on the ice maker I ordered in June- I have gone many rounds with them via email. They sent me a bogus tracking number that stated it was delivered in Hawaii- I live in Kansas. This company is a big SCAM!

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Kisha Montgomery on September 20, 2022

I have made numerous requests for a refund since they keep advising that they've delivered my ice maker, however, the address on the tracking number they provided is 180 miles away from me. They continue to ignore my request for refund with the same template response for delivery. I have now reached out to file a complaint against this company via Insolvency Service UK. Hopefully this will help others and eventually shut this company down: Online complaints: Insolvency Service Telephone: 0303 003 1744 24-hour answerphone Find out about call charges Compliance and Targeting Investigations and Enforcement Services Insolvency Service 3rd Floor Cannon House 18 Priory Queensway Birmingham B4 6FD

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Tamara L Powell on September 22, 2022

I have asked them over and over again about my order.. (Ice Maker) ordered in June. At first it delayed because of the pandemic and then supply chain issues. Then they send me a tracking number that shows it delivered to Philedelpia. I live in Oregon. I have gotten the same response 3 times since Aug. "Dear Customer, If you have not received your package, we can arrange a replacement for you within seven working days. In general, the estimate time-frame of arrival is about 15-35 working days. Hope you can wait for the new package to arrive. Thank you.

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Debbie Holt on September 23, 2022

Ordered ice machine back in mid June. Still have not received. I have emailed Stripe on numerous occassions and they told me it was delivered to an address in New York. I sent them a copy of my order with my address clearly on there. Told them I was reporting them and they said give them seven days and they would send out another one. Still nothing. After at least a dozen emails, I have reported them to the BBB and on here and anywhere else I can get it out. It is a shame they can't just be honest people out there. All these scammers make it hard to know who to trust and who not to trust.

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Evelyn Henry on September 26, 2022

I am also waiting for 2 ice machines from these folks and I see that since my order time in June as well, I have begged and corresponded with this company I don't know how many times! they have taken advantage of a lot of us, they gave me a phony tracking # LW251722042CN, and said that delivered my ice machines to Suwanee GA 30024, I hope there is a way that we can all get together for a joint lawsuit against this company.I will be glad to help! They have stolen from us, they have shown deceitful business practices, they are Crooks and should not be allowed by law to take advantage of people like this! if this happens I would like to be contacted @ evelynhenry25@

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Aleta on October 07, 2022

I ordered an ice machine in June 2022. Waited two months going back and forth waiting to hear from them. They sent it to an address in Florida. I live in Georgia. They “re-sent” it to me and I never got it. They tried to say the post office lost it or someone stole it from my porch. Both lies. They keep offering me to resend it but not give me a refund. Don’t trust these people. They are scammers. Don’t get anything that processes from Vendicart. Big rip off!

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Lois Musso on November 06, 2022

I ordered the folding bed 7/7/22, I’ve contacted the company through email many times. I also was told supply issues, sent tracking information and it was sent to New York, I live in Florida. They refuse to issue a refund saying it was delivered.

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Mary on November 23, 2022

I ordered the ice machine on June 12 , 2022 I can't tell you how many times I have emailed them the first delivery was in North Carolina then on November 19th it was delivered to an address in Puerto Rico and I live in Louisiana this is beyond ridiculous I to have been asked for a refund but it seems like they ignore that part Signed a very frustrated person !!!???

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Julie on November 25, 2022

I also ordered an ice maker in June and still waiting. I’m receiving the same run around as many of you. I plan to contact the BBB.

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Debbie on January 12, 2023

Ordered an ice maker March 2022 and still haven't received it. When contacted they gave me the runaround that it must have gotten lost. They said they don't give refunds. Places like this need to be blown away for taking people's money.

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Sharon on January 23, 2023

Do not know what my card was charged for but the cost was $53.59.

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Amanda on March 16, 2023

Ordered gel polish June 22022 they have sent multiple packages and none of them have come to my address so %*&!ed

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Deno on March 18, 2023

Thieves! Smammers! Thugs! Still waiting for my inflatable bed order from June 21st 2022! Receipt number #1825-3676 Order number: ID378-61EP0VC. Their email used: Mobile put down: +447828348772.

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