First seen January 26, 2014. Last updated on May 28, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge AMAZON *MARKETPLCE CA WWW.AMAZON.CAON was first submitted to our database on January 26, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen AMAZON *MARKETPLCE CA WWW.AMAZON.CAON charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen AMAZON *MARKETPLCE CA WWW.AMAZON.CAON on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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Charge Information

Merchant Amazon Marketplace (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 4372292449 (edit)
Category purchases (edit)
Description Amazon Downloads (edit)

What people are saying...

shirley on August 01, 2017

Still waiting on my ice maker to arrive It has been a month so does mean I got ripped I have already had to pay my credit card for it where is please let me if I will ever see it

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Woody on November 13, 2017

The phone number above is not accurate... belongs to someone who had no idea about Amazon Marketplace etc.

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Jean Guy on January 06, 2018

Since May 3, 2017, my credit card is charge every month the amount of $29.99 I am trying to find the source and to be in contact with Amazon but the process is complicated. Why we can't come in contact with Amazon to fix this issue

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Raymond Archambault on March 07, 2018

I have been charge twice for the same item,twice now, at amazon.caON. The items were received. I did not contact amazon yet. I'm awaything for my next purchased. I pay with my visa credit card.

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George Wildman on July 20, 2018

Nov 1 2017 I purchased a tablet from It arrived with no invoice. The charge was made to my credit card as Amazon *Marketplce (note the "a" is missing). When I tried to get a record of the purchase on Amazon order history, the purchase was not there. Since then there has been several charges on my credit card by Amazon *Marketplce (no "a"). These are fraudulent entries. Who is Amazon *Marketplce? Is this a scam? How do they insinuate themselves into the Amazon platform? How is this to be stopped?

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Danny on July 01, 2019

A charge from Amazon Downloads showed up on my statement for an amount of 9.99 CAD I never use Amazon, So I am not sure what this charge is or where it came from. I will try to contact Amazon to see why it is about or whether it is a scam indeed.

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Shiralee Markel on December 14, 2019

Received e mail that a plain hooded coat was on it's way. I was shocked because I never ordered a coat like that through Berrylook. I had ordered a fleecedlined coat which I received and gave it away because it came in the wrong color and size. Unbelieveablly why would I order another coat after that experience. I hope they get their records straight as they would not be getting any further business from me.

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dona harding on January 23, 2020

I would like to cancel my charge of 9.99.and the prime member for 9.03

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Scott on April 30, 2020

Some of you should not be using the internet. I had the weird .caon charges but looked back on my orders and they didn't fully charge me on my last order for some reason. They were legit charges

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Chester on May 21, 2020

amazon.caon took $194.22 from my credit card account for unasked and unknown goods. I asked for a refund but I have not received any reply.

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Kevin on May 31, 2020

My credit card was charged $48.99 by AMZN Mktp CA*M77U98P60 WWW.AMAZON.CAON. Called my credit issuer to dispute the charges. They told me they will look into it and suggested I checked with Amazon which is next to impossible because their customer service phone lines are closed due to Covid-19. No way to email.

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Carole on June 10, 2020

Order es to things on Amazon april 20th. Dis not Received anything yet. Today is june 10th. Was suppose to get a covid mask between may 15 and june 8th.

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Gary on August 08, 2020

Two fraudulent transactions that look similar to Amazon (WWW.AMAZON.CAON) were on my credit card on August 4th and 6th. I use a different credit card than this one for online purchases, so these are fraudulent. Watch your statements. Have been on "ignore" (hold) with my bank for 38 minutes. Have already locked the card to prevent further issues.

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Scott Gibson on October 21, 2020

Three fraudulent transactions that look similar to Amazon (WWW.AMAZON.CAON) were on my credit card on October 17th and 18th and 19th, 2020 all for 9.99. This is a scam: phone your credit card and have it cancelled.

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Jan bisse on December 19, 2020

What I thought was a Christmas gift order from Amazon, is a scam! My credit card was Charged - no proof that the order was ever made on Amazon! In the process of disputing cc charge now, at Christmas...

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Phyllis Fernandez on April 30, 2021

I have been charged $ 9.99 on my credit card since February this year. www.Amazon.Caon. ( February, March, and April). What on earth this is about; I do not understand. I request you to stop charging me and re- embers my money. This is fraud.

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Hardeep kaur on September 15, 2021

I lost 124 $ from my credit card That is fraud I complaint to my bank so hopefully I will get back my money in next 7 days.

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Sango on September 19, 2021

AMZN Mktp CA AMAZON.CA , 0917 I called Amazon and they can do anything to inform this Saller. I have now inform my Bank and they are waiting to the transfer to through before it can be reclaimed...They cannot stop it while the transaction is pending.... Guys, check your Banks transactions every day....

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Dale on October 04, 2021

I have been charges $343.00 and 9.99 for the lastt 2 months and can’t get in touch with anyone from amazon so I guess I am going to cancel my card don’t know what else to do. I am a senior and can not afford this bull!$^#

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Samuel poong on October 24, 2021

What's this , AMZN Mktp*2G5WL6QU1 on my credit card amount Statement?hs

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Gail Billings on December 23, 2021

Looking for update on order I made and paid for on Nov12/21

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Margaret Sweet on January 23, 2022

I want to know how you got my credit card number and why there are charges from you on my card.

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MARCEL PERRAS on January 24, 2022


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Fred Stafford on February 13, 2022

On Jan4 I was charged 35.35 by amazon.caon Ref# 200470988722. What for ?

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Katie on February 20, 2022

You can compare your credit card statement to your amazing transactions list by logging into and going to Your Account --> Your Payments --> Transactions. Mind all matched.

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Francine on May 09, 2022

J'essaie de rejoindre quelqu'un pour une facture sur ma carte de crédit, de amazon.mktp.caon, je n'ai jamais commandé sur ce site, on me transfère toujours sur un site payant pour avoir des infos! Je ne sais pas ou m'adresser!!

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Paul on June 16, 2022

Ces la même chose pour moi ( des frais de 13.79 kaiser rejoint Amazon et il ne voit rien,il ne voit pas cette transaction parce que cette carte n'es pas inscrite la,alors j'ai appelé ma compagnie de carte de crédit, et il on canceller ma cart et rembourser les frais, et envoyer de nouvelles cartes nouveau numéro, doit aviser tous ceux qui était payer par payement automatique.

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Maurice Thibault on June 26, 2022

2 montant le 23 et le 24 juin on été facturé sur ma carte de crédit master card de $18.38 aimerais savoir c'est quoi

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don wagner on July 08, 2022

have a charge of 103.91. No idea what for!

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Kathryn Brogdon on January 08, 2024

Have no idea why I’m being charged from this company

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Lloyd Harwood on May 28, 2024

mbna charge amznmktp ca*7x0v293n3 .caon

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