The credit card or debit card charge VENDCART LIMITED LONDON GB 018034 was first spotted on July 01, 2022. This charge has been reported as trusted by 29 users, 127 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen VENDCART LIMITED LONDON GB 018034 on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Vendcart limited (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number 3604313720 (edit)
Category London GB 018034 (edit)
Description Icemaker (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Nathela Arrington on July 01, 2022

Purchased Counter Top Ice Maker for $45.99 from Vendcart Limited on June 03,2022 Nothing was shown it was shipping from London

norma noffsinger on July 01, 2022

i ordered an ice machine for 45.99. on my credit card, its been paid.. now would like to have it..order number is,,,2RZHY-04334N2

Lola parker on July 02, 2022

I ordered a ice machine on 6-6 and the money was taken out but I have not received it..

Mz Dee on July 02, 2022

I ordered this tabletop ice maker for $45.99 plus added fees, using my credit card on June 22 and have not received any status updates as of yet. Something seems strange about this purchase. I hope I wasn't scammed.

C Ivey on July 06, 2022

Ordered countertop ice maker and it shipped and delivered to another state! I live in Texas and it shipped to Washington!

Myron meader on July 06, 2022

I order a cooler did not get email with any information and they got my money . And no cooler.

MARY ANN Thomas on July 06, 2022

I ordered the counter top ice make on 6/20/22. Money of course was taken from my account. I have yet to receive the ice maker or any kind of notice as to where it is. I cant find a way to track the order. The phone number or email doesnt work. Feel like I was scammed . I would like a refund or the ice machine.

Connie jurewicz on July 06, 2022

I ordered air mattress July 2, before I realized it was coming from London. Was promised it by July 9. Then found it was coming from London and canceled it 1 hour after order! Received email July4 that it was sent, can’t cancel. July 5 received email that can’t trace package. Trying to cancel with credit card. All very fishy… SCAM

I order a ice maker on june 18 and still haven't got it. I received a tracking number saying that my package was delivered on July 6 in New Jersey. Hell im from Texas on July 06, 2022

I believe its a scam

Yolanda Anderson on July 07, 2022

This is totally a scam I ordered and payed for counter top ice maker June 6th they sent it 3000 miles away who can we report to and have a stop put to this

Carol Chambers on July 09, 2022

I paid for a ice maker with my debit card June 24th and never received a tracking number. I e-mailed them no reply. I believe I’ve been scammed!!! They had a nerve to take another $1.00 and some change off my card.

Edwardine Jones on July 09, 2022

I ordered the ice maker on June 15th, received the email but nothing since then. Still waiting for delivery.

Irene Jones on July 09, 2022

Ordered ice machine with bucket,on 6-12-2022 Money was taken out of my account 60.99 !!!! Can't get any help I think this is a scam and should be taken off site !!!!! I want my money back !!!

Carolyn Keller on July 10, 2022

I ordered the ice maker on June 25, 2022 and I still haven’t received it but u guys have already taken out ur money. If I don’t get it I will be suing. Times are hard n u guys should be ashamed of yourselves for doing this to people. Please send me back my money.

Tom Mee on July 10, 2022

I ordered and paid for a tool set on 20th June 2022. Got computer generated receipt and no further updates since. No delivery. This is A SCAM .

Patricia Hollenbeck on July 11, 2022

I ordered my machine June 2 and money was removed the same day. Waited a couple of days and sent a email asking when it was sent and tracking number. Got a msg back with saying it was mailed 2 days after I ordered it. So email them back and asked for the tracking number. Sent me a tracking number, but was coming from China. Ok so I waited, went to Los Angels at their warehouse for the USPS, Then I seen it was shipped out and kept waiting for it to arrive in Washington State. No it went to Big Lake AK. Called them and they said that it wasn't here at their post office. So sent off another email to them. They say they would check into it wait 7 working days. I waited 6 days,because every day is a working day to me. Today I got 2 emails saying it was picked up by someone in Big Lake Ak and the other was for me to check with my neighbors and local post offices. Sent off another email, before I wrote this. So mad and upset with this so called company. I have kept all my emails from this place. Was never told it was coming from China. Because they said shipped out 2 days after order and would receive it 2 weeks later. Believe me if I knew it wouldn't have order it.

Brenda on July 12, 2022

I ordered an ice machine and money was taken from my account on June 30th. I would like some information on if the machine has shipped, if it will be shipped and if not, how can I can a refund of $45.99.

Rebecca Unicomb on July 12, 2022

Table with four chairs paid and didn’t receive

Karen on July 12, 2022

Ordered the ice maker 45.99, was given a tracking number,found out they said it was delivered in Maine,,I am in Kentucky. Such a scam,,shame on me,, if it's too good to be true, it always turns bad Geeze

Troy on July 12, 2022

Ordered electric sure board 4weeks ago and haven't received yet. Emailed them and they emailed back said there was a problem with there email but will have a tracking number within 3 days and never received it eather

Vera on July 12, 2022

My friend ordered the ice maker for 45.99. About 7 weeks of numerous e-mails and fake tracking numbers that took her nowhere but 2 more frustration. She finally received her ice maker it was an ice tray that was smaller than my camper trays. 45.99 for an ity bity ice tray.

Blackie on July 13, 2022

I purchased the Ice Maker on June 20, 2022 for $45.99. It was never sent out and my emails are not being returned. I feel like it's a scam and you all are taking people's money.

Kelly on July 13, 2022

I purchased an oversized foam chair, they took my money but not a word since. I’m not even going to go through all the trouble but I am pissed!

A cedillo on July 13, 2022

I've ordered my ice maker last June 24 ,2022 but haven't received it yet please refund my money if you can't deliver through my credit card

Mrs. Brown on July 13, 2022

I placed an order for the ice maker on 6/6/22. I have not received ice maker. I need to see who I contact for a refund.

Mrs Macadams on July 13, 2022

Ordered ice maker on 7/2/2022 and still not have received it or an email with a tracking number. If I do not get a legitimate answer or a refund I will be contacting my attorney.

Susan Lee on July 17, 2022

New one seems to be a brother sewing and embroidery machine for £49.99 ( bear in mind that the PE800 costs £800 in shops theses are advertised on Facebook by American company Bro sewing and embroidery machines. I am a freelance journalist specialising in consumer products and I liked the machine so I thought hey I’ll give it a go. Ordered got my order number and invoice stating to await despatch. Next day payment went out of my account and order appeared as posted. That was 7 days ago bearing in mind they gave a delivery date of 3-7 days. Invoice was still showing as awaiting despatch so I contacted vendcart who had taken the money as I had no tracking number . Plus asked numerous questions on Facebook until they stopped me posting. Got an email stating that my machine had been posted 6 days ago but they had no tracking number as the system was down so they had my details and would send a number in three days. As things go this should be after it arrived. Not much good. I noticed a few others enquiring where their machine was on Facebook Mines final day should be tomorrow 18th July 2022 so let’s see but I’m pretty sure I’ll be disappointed and end up claiming my money back as this is a scam so be warned

Annette on July 17, 2022

Imagine if I did see all those comments,I would have never bought it. Thse people are SCAMMERS be reading the comments thaþs the same thing they done to me I lived in Florida and the order was sent to Texas.I have been calling them and the call will not go through..I NEED BACK MY FULL REFUND OR I WILL GET THE POLICE INVOLVED

Ghie on July 20, 2022

ordered the mattress and pet vacuum grooming July 3 & 7 and heard nothing after payment.emailed many times and no reply,called but call always go to pissed!!!

Joan on July 20, 2022

Ordered stowaway mattress 8 July like everybody else received a receipt and payment was taken but nothing since. So annoyed with myself falling for this scam from complete scum bags taking decent peoples money as they’re too damn lazy to work!!!!!

Derek F Pinder on July 21, 2022

I ordered a chain saw. Money was removed rom my account. Said item was shipped out. Tracked package daily. Finally saw package was sent to KEARNEY MO. I live in Opa Locka Florida.. These people seem not to understand english. I asked for a complete refund.They are asking me to check with my neighbours in Kearney Mo. I live in Florida. This appears to be a total SCAM/FRAUD

Franki on July 22, 2022

I ordered with them every month ago and they deliver my product to Florida told me to go and knock on my neighbors door and I live in Kentucky

D. Purus on July 22, 2022

Was charged for the ice maker June 3rd. Still nothing. How do we get our money back?

J Kelly on July 24, 2022

This is a total scam told me it was shipped out and after bugging them for 3 weeks they finally gave me a tracking number saying it was delivered in Florida I live in Nevada 3000 miles away. Don’t trust them never received my ice maker now 1 1/2 months since I ordered it

B. Constantine on July 25, 2022

This portable ice maker is a scam. I should have known better. I bought this machine from two venders. Both were scams. Skipe and vendacart. The charge money went to a Bank in Malaysia . I have to close my visa card account for the 4th time from other online scams. My bank will not issue me any more cards. It's a real problem to get your money back from visa. The crooks in China sent me a cheap pair of sun glasses instead of the ice maker. This is ho they cover their legal tracks. You have to send what they give you back to China with a tracking number. The cost of the shipping rips you off more. China needs to catch and lock these people up but they don't care about Americans being ripped off.

Barb on July 27, 2022

I paid for icemaker June 6, 2020 I emailed them they want to my receipt I sent a copy then they emailed saying it will be there in a few days well it went to marytown ni not st marys ontario then I sent them a email again they said told them what happen we'll I assure you they said it will be there in a week it went to north York ontario mean while in every email I kept sending my address so there won't be a mix up well it did happen . This is a scam and fraud all in one and I have reported so I want my money back I don't want a ice try I would like to have the ice machine that they advertise . This is false advertisement so you people can get our money and run. We are all going to write on your advertisement what is happening which we have the right to do. So pay up .

C.Daf on August 04, 2022

Ordered ice maker on 7/3. Money taken out. Several weeks went by and I sent an email and said they would give me the tracking number. Tracking number showed it was delivered this past Monday in Mississippi and not New Hampshire. How do I get the money back?

Dina on August 04, 2022

I ordered a sewing machine for $49.99 on July 9, Keep emailing them and they said my package has been handed over to the carrier. Since nothing came after 2 weeks, I emailed them again and they said that because it is an international logistics, the logistics information may not be updated frequently, and may need to be updated once after scanning and checking at the next site. I think this is really a scam

Debbie Sanders on August 07, 2022

I also ordered an ice machine. Got a message today saying it was delivered to PA, not street address.. Asked for tracking and they would never send, only they would keep me informed but they didn't. Called Credit card company but fear they will lie and say it has been delivered. I don't believe it was sent and this is a scam

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