First seen August 30, 2014. Last updated on June 22, 2016.

The credit card or debit card charge 11TH ARMORED CAVAL KILMARNOCK VA was first submitted to our database on August 30, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen 11TH ARMORED CAVAL KILMARNOCK VA charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen 11TH ARMORED CAVAL KILMARNOCK VA on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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What people are saying...

mmmmmmmmm on April 06, 2016

Had a $2.00 charge and a $2.00 charge on debit card. Any search comes back to 11th Armored Calvary. Definitely did not give them billing info.

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Very odd on April 17, 2016

I also had a $2.00 credit card charge. I have no idea what this could be.

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Cantgitmesucka on April 22, 2016

Fraud Charge. I have my credit card in my hand at home in Hawaii, while this charge was made on the eastern seaboard at a gift shop...can you say fraud?!!

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Wtf man april 22 on April 22, 2016

They charged my card 2 dollars to and i don't know why the ^$#! what the ^$#! is this?

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Amazing what you can find on Google on April 24, 2016

$2.00 USD charge showed up on our credit card that we didn't make, looked into the corporation a little and the IRS says that this corporation has significantly larger assets and yearly income than other non-profits in Virginia. Very likely this is a scam/fraud.

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Evil on April 25, 2016

Just had $1 charged on my Chase card. Fraud. Statement shows up as:11TH ARMORED CAVAL

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masterpp7 on May 24, 2016

It's a fraudulent charge... Had the same charge and credit.... Called CC company... They said probably a test first to see if CC works... Then higher charges to come soon thereafter... Cancelled the CC and a new one was sent...

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CAN YOU SPELL "FRAUD"???? on May 27, 2016

Alerted by Chase Bank that a $2.00 charge was put on my card by 11th Armored Caval. I told them I did not authorize this charge nor did I recognize this company as one I did business with at any time. They cancelled my card & are now investigating this firm. I think the $2 was to check if the card worked & if I noticed the charge. Since it has been cancelled, they probably will go on to the next card. I figure they have bought hacked account numbers from one of the major breaches in the past few years.

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momentary on June 01, 2016

Had a fraudulent attempt to place a $1.00 charge my new CHIP CARD (with old number) this morning, 6/1/16. Luckily, the bank refused or declined the charge, but they still canceled my old number and reassured a new one. These people are CROOKS!!!

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Furious on June 02, 2016

Just had a $1 charge made to our Visa from 11th Armored Caval. Hubby is on the phone now with CC company now to report and cancel card. What a hassle!

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Caught them on June 02, 2016

$66.00 charge this AM by these folks! Luckily it triggered the cards fraud alert.

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Nope on June 02, 2016

Had a $1.00 pending charge on my debit card today from 11TH ARMORED CAVAL KILMARNOCK VA US, nothing I authorized. Called my bank, they said it shows as a veterans organization. Had to cancel card and order replacement.

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OregonRain on June 11, 2016

Just a little $5 charge - but I guess if you defraud enough people for a little bit each, you're rich! Aggravating, though. Bank killed the card for me and will send a new one. Whatta bother!

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FRAud, Fraud followed by a larger charge! on June 12, 2016

Same here.. $1 charge, followed by a reversal, then a immediate charge to newegg.com for $98+

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Lady on June 13, 2016

just had a $55 charge on my card from this company. I did not purchase anything. filed claim with bank.

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%*&!ed Off on June 13, 2016

Same thing happened to me like the guy above me. I got $2 charge then reversal and then got charged from newegg for $98.

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Soccer/baseball Gramma on June 16, 2016

Just had an attempt to charge $115!!!!! So glad it raised a red flag at the credit card company. Watch out for these unscrupulous thieves!!!

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r56 on June 16, 2016

yep - $55 today... CC company caught it.

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Dpr on June 22, 2016

These crooks tried to charge $12 but the charge was declined.

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