First seen August 30, 2021. Last updated on September 20, 2023.

The credit card or debit card charge AMAZON CHANNELS AMAZON.CA BC was first submitted to our database on August 30, 2021. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen AMAZON CHANNELS AMAZON.CA BC charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen AMAZON CHANNELS AMAZON.CA BC on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

Charge Information

Merchant Amazon Canada (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 1-800-280-4331 (edit)
Category Business Prime (edit)
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YOLANDE POPPY on August 30, 2021


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Frank K. on September 11, 2021

My business Visa card was charged CAC 114.45 CAD under AMAZON CHANNELS AMAZON.CA BC. I could not find this amount initially anywhere in my Amazon orders. However, after contacting customer support, I found that this was an annual renewal fee for my Amazon Business Prime account - which had been completely FREE for two years (a bit of bait & switch in order to help fund Jeff Bezos' next flight into 'space'). So I've now cancelled the Prime membership (since I already have it on my Personal account) at $79.00 CAD. The charge was 'legitimate' per se but just a little sneaky by Amazon in my opinion.

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Maureen Vreeland on September 12, 2021

Was charged $6.77 for amazon channels bc. Didn't order any channel. Want my money refunded. Can't get anyone to do this?????

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Jessica on October 08, 2021

I got charged $10.07 the other day to my credit card by Amazon Channels BC and I have no idea what that is. There are no incoming orders from Amazon (and even if there were, that's not what Amazon's charge looks like). I've never bought a "channel" from Amazon and I don't have a Prime membership.

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Romena on October 20, 2021

I got charged $14.94 for Amazon channel bc. I want a refund immediately i do not know what this is nor do I care, want this refund ASAP.

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lori on October 25, 2021

how do i cancel this

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Darrell E. Johnson on November 28, 2021

I have no knowledge of purchasing a channel from Amazon 14.68

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Charlene on December 21, 2021

They are stealing from people left and right!

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emily on January 14, 2022

how do i stop it??

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Elad Suhkrik on January 15, 2022

This is a phoney account

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brian kinsella on January 26, 2022

just got my card statement there are 5 yes five charges for this amazon channel dec 18 for 10.16 one dec 19 for 7.90 onejan 1 for 11.29 one jan 18 for 10.16 and one for jan 19 for 7.90 cut out these charges immediately

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Samantha on February 03, 2022

I got a charge for $4.51 on my credit card and I do not and have never had an Amazon account. Will now have to contact the bank to get this sorted and I have horrible social anxiety and am terrified of phones. Not impressed.

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Dhanesh C on February 11, 2022

This is because you subscribe to some channels in amazon prime membership. Its subscription fees go in every month. If you want to cancel these subscriptions Go to --- Login ----- Account&Lists ------ click the arrow ------ membership& subscriptions Now you can see the channels you subscribed. Cancel that subscription.

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Tom on February 13, 2022

To Dhanesh, We understand that it’s an Amazon charge but a lot of people commenting, myself included, DON’T HAVE AN AMAZON ACCOUNT!!! I’ve never signed up for Amazon and never ordered from Amazon so there’s absolutely no reason they should have my credit card info. And if I don’t have an account, how am I supposed to log in to see my subscriptions??!! Also, I called Amazon and my bank. Amazon even told me that they have no record of this charge and that this has been happening lately. Scammers will test the credit card with small fees hidden as Amazon charges as a way of seeing if the card works. If it gets through, then they will start putting larger charges on the card. Be careful and report any charge you don’t recognize even if it’s only a couple dollars.

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Gilbert Pineau on February 22, 2022

I saw a charge from OP periodic payment 17 February Amazon Channels BC of 10,34 CA$ On February 18 2022 in my check account with BMO bank,. I have an Amazon Account and the Prime Video channel.

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Togal on April 30, 2022

Charges from Amazon that show up as Amazon Channels BC are other TV channels. Some of these are: Amazon Prime video currently $7.99 Britbox video currently $10.16 Hollywood Suite currently $5.65 PBS Masterpiece currently $7.90 STARZ currently $6.77

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Elizabeth on April 30, 2022

Charge of $11.29 appeared twice on my credit card statement. I do not have a Prime Account, or even an Amazon account. Nor have I used this particular credit card in several years.

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Garry P on May 09, 2022

I think I have this figured out at least for me and my wife. My wife's MasterCard was receiving charges to Amazon Channel (BC locality) in the 6 to 10 dollar range similar to others who filed a report here. Several years ago, an Amazon Prime and Prime video account were set up by myself, using my Visa credit card as payment method. Later on my wife wanted to add her own MasterCard to my Amazon account so she could make her own purchases. She freaked when she saw about 6 charges to Amazon Channel thinking someone was using her card. Here is the semi scam thing or at least the somewhat greasy company practice thing. Prime Video has a number of subsidiary video platforms services which they offer to their clients. These include Hollywood Suite, Starz, Britbox, Masterpiece etc., etc. They give you free monthly trials to these services but once you start and then forget, watch out. The greasy part is they don't tell you up front you will be automatically charged and will continue to be charged with every video from those platforms you watch. BUYER BEWARE. So why did the charges end up on my wife's Mastercard. Well, I forgot to update my expired Visa card (the default card for the account) and so payments defaulted to her card. Mystery solved (for us), Garry

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Bruce on May 10, 2022

Just spotted charge on credit card statement. I did not authorize.

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Jan Cooper on May 16, 2022

Amazon snuck Amazon channels in, which I didn't authorize. Now it's next to impossible to cancel it. There are no links that I can find to simply cancel it.

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Donielle on May 17, 2022

Yes I have Been charged 3 days in row I want my money back 14.68

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Kris on June 21, 2022

I just noticed a payment for 4.51 from this amazon channels. I do have amazon prime and all that but this was charged on a credit card I don't even have linked on amazon so theres not way its from them. I went through all my current charges and canceled subscriptions and nothing adds up regardless. I reported it to my bank, it totally has to be a scam

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Dawn on July 08, 2022

This has been going on on my credit card for 3 months. 3 charges, 3 days a month. I know nothing about it. Not on my amazon account. I'm just going to cancel my amazon account. Enough!

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Michelle on July 27, 2022

My friend is also getting charges for this but her phone number is listed on this post but it’s not her doing this. The scammers must have her personal info. She is trying to put a stop to this as she is being charged too.

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Slav on September 10, 2022

Three charges of $11.29 on credit card from in one day. There's nothing my account on Amazon, and I'm not on Prime. Called them, they say contact the bank. Card is cancelled, bank promises to refund and handle the dispute.

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john pieroway on September 14, 2022

ive ben charged for months now,on my visa card for amazon channels bc how do i get rid off this charge.i read on hear that its a scam.boy you cant do anything those days.always someone scamming you or hacking your account.

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Dave on September 17, 2022

Three credit card charges from channels for $11.29 over two days. I don’t have Prime and there’s no record of these payments in my Amazon account. Card cancelled, which is a PITA.

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jack on September 19, 2022

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Alan Andrew on October 16, 2022

Amazon Channels charge 10.07, monthly, from at least as far back as 2021Nov. also Amazon Channels charge 11.19, monthly, from at least as far back as that. I don't know what these channels are. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber, but not these channels.

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GB on November 09, 2022

This is how we dealt with this. We contacted our credit card company. Asked them to discontinue the monthly charges as they were not authorized. Be specific, this about the reoccurring monthly charges, not your regular Amazon purchases. We also asked for a refund of past payments. You may only get 3 months back. We removed the old card from our Amazon account. We got a new card and moved all legitimate monthly charges to it. We also got a separate card and only used it for Amazon, nothing else. If you have a Monthly Amazon subscription contact Amazon and have them change it to Annual and make a one time payment on that separate new card. This way you can be assured that the monthly charges (if any) are cancelled. And CHANGE your Amazon password.

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terry leblanc on November 26, 2022

Was charged 10.49$ on my credit card for amazon bc called customer service they reimbursed my credit card and did not explain why it happened

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V Weston on February 06, 2023

I pay for Amazon Prime, and through them Acorn and Britbox. What am I paying Amazon Channels for? I cannot find anywhere on my Amazon account that shows this charge or how I can cancel it.

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gloria on March 09, 2023

Which number can i call to cancel the charge? they took money from my credit card $111.87

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Mirko on March 12, 2023

Just spoted on my Visa card 8.35$ Amazon channels BC. Don’t have any Amazon subscription or orders.

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Rhonda MacDonald on March 22, 2023

On my credit card statement I have 7 charges for, for the sums of $4.51 × 2 + $6.77× 2 + $11.29 × 2 + $23.73 for what? Well I'm about to find out. I'm %*&!ed. Thank you for everyone's information that I read. This type of crap makes us all crazy and to think we can trust them. Why do people have to suck every extra dollar from us. Life can be tough at times and by the looks of what I just read on her it's gotten tougher. Sad situation. 😔

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Screw Bezo on April 10, 2023

I don't have prime. I don't watch TV. I don't order channels. Yet, today I notice two charges. WTF is going on here. Sat. Apr. 8 2023 opos amazon channels amazo pos purchase -$14.68 Sat. Apr. 8 2023 opos prime membamazo pos purchase -$11.29

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B Jardine on April 17, 2023

April 13 2023 was charged $11.19 with reference to Amazon B.C. never dealt with a BC account and believe there is more that I have not noticed - PLEASE CANCEL THIS RECURRING CHARGE. -- Pay enough without getting scammed for unknown uses! Thank you for the attention to this matter -

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D Haughn on April 19, 2023

With reference to BC, I was charged $11.49 recurring for channels that I'm not watching. Please stop this recurring charge. I have prime and don't need anything else! Thanks

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Lorne Bilkowski April 19,2023 on April 20, 2023

I have a charge from Amazon channels ca bc ,that I did not autherize I am contacting the credit card to have this charge blocked and credited back to my account Thanks for all of your input

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Bob Simmons April 27, 2023 on April 27, 2023

Have been charge with $11.29 for some channel that I have no idea where it came from. Supposedly something from Paramount Plus which I am a member of for a yearly payment. Amazon is ripping us off. I will cancel Amazon Prime if I have to.

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Gwladys Noel on June 12, 2023

J'ai ete debité de de 28,73$ sur ma carte de credit et souhaite etre rembourse je n'ai pas d'abonnement avec prime video

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M on July 19, 2023

I was charged $111.87 by some type of amazon thing although nowhere on my account on Amazon does it say I bought anything - furthermore, it also says I had cancelled my Business account on amazon years ago - so I am confident my cc dispute will stand.

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Keltie Paul on September 19, 2023

Nuts!!!!! What is this damn charge?

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CAROL SPEERS on September 19, 2023


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Ruth Ann Haggerty on September 19, 2023


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Nathalie on September 20, 2023

I have been charged for several months now by "Amazon Channels BC". I clicked the information provided to the bank by them and they only provided an address but no phone number to contact them. I checked on Google map and the street view provides a phone number for the security of the building. To be continued once I've contacted someone...

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lynn mcgrath on September 20, 2023

I have been charged $4.59 for months and did not know what it was.Could not find out info. CAN I BE REFUNDED THIS MONEY IF I NOTIFY my credit card company

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