The credit card or debit card charge FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES NEWSPAPER was first spotted on August 25, 2014. This charge has been reported as trusted by 9 users, 186 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES NEWSPAPER on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

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What people are saying...

DC/SilValgal on November 23, 2020

This fraudulent charge, not small, was first put on my credit card last year as a recurring/automated charge -- I don't do automated charges at all! -- & it is still happening!!! The FT is Unable to tell me what this charge is for (after several days!). They seem to have no idea; I do not believe them. So glad I put the descriptor of the charge in my browser -- and I see that I an Not alone!! My bank says the charges put on my credit card (in 2019 and last month) are described as 'direct marketing'! My subscription is for home use; I am not a business! *There is FRAUD going on at the FT and, according to all the SCAM/FRAUD enteries for same online, it's been going on for a long time and the venerable FT is Unable and/or Unwilling to get to the bottom of it. At this protracted point, law enforcement needs to be called in -- THEFT & FRAUD of customer Payment Data is going on at the FT! In fact, one their better stories may be fleshing this out, after all, they are a business and finance 'newspaper'!!! Today is November 23, 2020.

Monpedrin on January 10, 2022

My bank called me to report a collection attempt from "FTP Finalcial times". I had to cancel the card.

Dave F. on January 10, 2022

Had a charge for $1.00 from FTP FINANCIAL TIMES. My credit card company notified me because the charge was made online, by phone, or by mail. Canceled those cards and ordered new ones....

Ronnie on January 20, 2022

Bank of America text me asking if I used debit card at FTP Financial Times for $1.00 I’ve never even heard of this company! This charge looked suspicious to my bank, so they put hold on my card. Called bank and they need to send me a new debit card.

Michele B on Feb 23, 2022 on February 25, 2022

I just noticed a charge to my Chime account for $375 to Ftp*Financial Times! The charge was Declined because there is only$1.95 in my bank and I hardly use my Chime account anymore - Thank God, but I never heard of this company!!

Carol C on February 27, 2022

I just got a call from my Bella card saying there was a declined charge of $375.00 luckily I didn't have the funds, & they automatically denied it. This needs to be stopped!!

Marcus K on March 02, 2022

There was a declined charge of $375.00 on my cash app card luckily I didn't have the funds, & they automatically denied it. This needs to be stopped!!

Monica Ingram on March 03, 2022

Our bank flagged and denied $375 charge on our credit card. I have since reported it as being fraudulent and have deactivated that credit card.

Jared C on March 04, 2022

They tried to charge my card luckily any money sent to my cashapp I immediately transfer it to my checking account but idk anything about this ftp financial times

T.A. on March 21, 2022

I was charged $629.00 on my card from ftp financial times. Good thing I didn’t have any money. And my card was blocked.

Anonymous on March 24, 2022

$629 and $375 charges blocked 3/23/22. Card number was a one-time-use card from pravacy.com. I used it online at a local restaurant to order food. I suspect card data was stolen.

Anónimo 3/24/22 on March 24, 2022

Same thing happen to me ftp charged my card $375 but my bank decline the charge, getting a new card

Anonymous. Fraud chg 3/25/22 at 2am Financial Times on March 26, 2022

Thankfully I received a text at 2am from my cc company that a charge tried to post for $629. My card has been canceled and attempted charge marked as fraudulent. So many others experiencing this same fraud charge. Why can this not be stopped?? So infuriating!!

anonymous on March 30, 2022

just happened to me too....$375 to FTP Financial Times on my debit card. Thankfully my bank blocked it and is sending a new card. I completely ignored the text the bank sent this morning because I figured it was spam, lol.

Lisa on March 31, 2022

Just seen a declined purchase from Ftp Financial for $629 but I keep my card locked until I use it so glad I do because I would have been upset it they took my money SCAMMERS need to be STOPPED

Lisa on March 31, 2022

Glad I keep my Cashapp card locked until I use it I just saw a declined charge from Ftp Financial for $629 glad they didn’t take my money SCAMMERS need to be STOPPED

Tom on April 03, 2022

Luckily my CC company sent me a text asking about $375 to "FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES" - the CC company declined the charge and after I verified I hadn't made the charge, my old card was cancelled and a new one will be issued.

Donna Smith-Martin on April 04, 2022

I just noticed they tried my account I canceld card and waiting on new one damn shame!!

Jay on April 14, 2022

Same I got a $375 charge on my card. I think it was because I got a notice from USPS that they tried to deliver a package and I had to pay $2 to have it redelivered. Maybe 2weeks later this fraudulent charge. Got new card a couple days ago they tried again. Over it

Mike on April 15, 2022

My bank did a fraud alert this morning for $375.00 from FTP Financial Times. Never heard of them until now. Charge declined and my card was disabled pending reissue.

Brett on April 18, 2022

Cashapp declined a $375 ftp financial times purchase using my cashapp card this morning, fortunately I didn’t have the funds for that lol

Cathy on April 20, 2022

My bank has great fraud protection and thank God, because they texted that a $375 charge at FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES on my debit card was declined. They cancelled my card and reissued a new one. This is obviously fraudulent.

Doctor M April 26, 2022 on April 26, 2022

My bank declined a $375 charge from FTP Financial Times! My bank texted me and then I called them. They cancelled my card and will issue another. The reoccurring name that keeps popping up on this feed is CashApp. I'm about to STOP using CashApp! I'm not sure if they are a link, but I'm done with them!

redbeard5598 on April 29, 2022

Very suspicious.

Evie on April 29, 2022

Just got notified by Capital One about FTP Financial Times about a charge of $375. Never heard of them, but card is canceled and reissuing a new card.

Ray on April 30, 2022

A charge of $375 was attempted by FT* Financial times. Luckily it was blocked for fraud by chime and I was notified. I was also notified by Google yesterday that saved passwords in my Google account were found in a data breach. They are more than likely stealing saved card data from Google accounts from data breaches and attempting charges from the small research I have done so far. Replace your cards. Change your passwords. And do not save card data on anything including your Google account. Good luck these scammers are relentless.

Anon on May 06, 2022

Wondering about sources of this charge...I am using the receipt pal app...anyone else use this?

Anonymous on May 07, 2022

Reported it to NY State. Scammers.

R.M on May 11, 2022

I keep getting charged $375.00 I have a feeling I know who it is as they have hacked my system before. I think it might be this group of tweaker scammers. Look into Lisa on this site she likely knows more then she had said just a thought.

R.M on May 11, 2022

Jay too!! In fact I would check out a lot of these ip addresses of commenters because I bet they are trying to blend in with the people such as myself who actually did get an attempted charge. If you are reading this I promise you all won’t get away with this someone is going to connect the dots and figure out your stupid scam. Stop stealing from people, get off the drugs and get a life. You all are crooks.

J.W. on May 13, 2022

Same. I was notified by my bank of the charge of $375. They shut down my card and are sending me a new one.

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