First seen August 30, 2023. Last updated on February 17, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge FUNION LP GLASGOW was first submitted to our database on August 30, 2023. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Mature Dates (edit)
Website (edit)
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Category Online dating (edit)
Description A site that allows nudes to be uploaded off supposed people looking to date. Yes, I tried the site. The site ** out phone numbers and email in chats unless you mask them in some way. They charge 10 credits per msg sent at $49 for 300 credits. I had several chats going but no one willing to actually chat outside the website so I don't know if the females I was chatting up were real or not. I thought it might be a viable option other than the Tinder bullshît. (edit)

What people are saying...

David B. on August 30, 2023

Charged £49.99 but no goods or services provided

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massimo fantini on September 19, 2023

Charged £49.99 but no goods or services provided

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Brett on October 10, 2023

The same has happened to me, but my bank declined the transaction

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Cav on October 11, 2023

Charged $79.99 on 10/08 My CC flagged as suspicious and auto declined Since I was unaware my subsequent transactions were put on hold until I delt with them !&$^%#*s

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DI DINNA GIAMBATTISTA on October 20, 2023

Dear Funion Lp Glasgow, you are requeted not to charge money on my mastercard or credit card. I have adviced you, not impose me to trasfer the problem to the postal police. Manduria(TA), Italy, the 20-th October 2023 In my beeleaving Giambattista Di Donna

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Borcard Victor on October 28, 2023

Je n'ai jamais utilisé ce site. C'est une arnaque

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face on November 02, 2023


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David Brown on November 06, 2023

Scam site.. either women's IQ's have dropped sharply or they're represented by fake IDs and call centre responders

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ILLinois on November 07, 2023

This scam has attempted 79.99 a few times October & November 2023

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glauber Rocha on December 08, 2023

They are trying to make charges on my debit card every month, but I don't use the account they are trying to use, so nothing was paid because there is no money there, but I realized that they are trying to make this charge every month.

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valentino coiro on December 09, 2023

I was charged £49.99 on my mastercard on 07/12/2023 without any service being provided to me

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Maurizio on December 29, 2023

Anche io ho ricevuto un addebito di 49.99€ il 25/12/23. la banca mi dice che è come un abbonamento, ma io dal sito di incontri mi sono disiscritto e cancellato account in settembre 2023 e ora non ho possibilità di accesso. Come posso fare perchè non prelevino altri soldi? a chi posso scrivere per farmi restituire il maltolto? come denunciare questa TRUFFA? grazie del contributo: ciao

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Alistair Drennan on January 01, 2024

I have been charged £49.99 on my mastercard 30/12/2023 without and service provided to me, I will be contacting the Fraud Department about this , and they will sort this out, I Expect full refund

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Marzocchi Donato on January 28, 2024

ADDEBITO DI EURO .49.00 del 08/01/2024

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Marzocchi Donato on January 28, 2024

mi sono stati addebitati euro 49.00in data08/01/2024 e euro 49.00 il 02/01/2024

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TiredOfScams on February 11, 2024

This site company and the sites they run are total scams. Dispute the charge.

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Mike on February 17, 2024

Hi, nobody will say that they go on !$# dating but if you see that on your credit card then it is because you tried a free 3 or 7 days on a !$# dating site and they use strange independant sites to control the payments and you can go on these sites and ask them to cancel and in some cases to be reimburse but some sites don't do it and you have to try to remember which dating sites you subsribe to cancel it there or you have the possibility of use a site that will check and find those sites and cancel them for you but like usually this is not free but can save you lots of trouble. Thank you.

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