The credit card or debit card charge GOOGLE CODEWAY GOOGLE was first spotted on March 25, 2022. This charge has been reported as trusted by 19 users, 162 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen GOOGLE CODEWAY GOOGLE on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Google Codeway Apps (edit)
Website Click to Add (edit)
Phone Number 855 836 3986 (edit)
Category Applications Sales on Google Play Store (edit)
Description App (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Mary Giles on March 25, 2022

Kenzie on June 21, 2022

Just got charged $20 for this. Anyone have an idea?

Teresa on June 22, 2022

Just got charged $21.64 and have zero idea what, the hell it's for. Anyone else have any ideas?

Joy on July 02, 2022

Well i have 2 charges on my card! What is this??? Anyone know?

Julie on July 14, 2022

Just got charged on my debit card. However... My credit card is the only card on Google Play.

Amy on July 15, 2022

So far 3 charges of $5.34 anyone know how to get rid of it

Laurie Stauffer on July 18, 2022

I noticed you are charging me 5 dollars and something, I have no clue what it is. I would appreciate it of you would put the money back in my account. Otherwise I'll have to file a fraud report with my bank.

Jackie Stimson on August 03, 2022

4 charges at 4.99 on my bank account. Please refund and stop!!!

Nenad Čanak 05.08.2022. on August 05, 2022

Just charged me 199.00 RSD ($2.00 USD) ... no idea for what.

Joanne on August 06, 2022

I found this today when I was reconning my books. I've been charged 5 times since 28.2.2022. small amounts so it was easily overlooked. I have no idea what this is.

nancy on August 14, 2022

I have 6 charges of 5.35 each- weekly on my venmo card. from Google Codeway Google... with no clue what it is for or its sourc e. starting in July of 2022.

Robert on August 18, 2022

I just got charged 20$ for a codeway and have no idea what it is

Natajia on August 19, 2022

I don't understand why they charge me $4.99 from my account they need to put my money back

Jus2patient on August 20, 2022

I just seen where I was charged $5.29. I did subscribe to something but when I noticed I really wasn't using it to be charged every week for it there was no way for me to unsubscribe. I have even emailed the company with no response. Thing is that's not the name of what I subscribed to smh

Kayla on August 25, 2022

Have 3 charges from this month alone for 4.99 each. I want my money back!!

Barbara Pearson on August 26, 2022

There was an Attempt To Charge my debit Card But Because it was paused in the app it couldn't go through

Dewbakir on September 09, 2022

Please stop charge me . You have been charging me for 2 weeks with $3.5. Please stop

HeNnEsSy on September 12, 2022

Was charged $17.99 from this and I have no idea what for. Anyone able to help and identify the app that haqqs done this pls

Laura on September 14, 2022

Well i have 2 charges on my card! What is this??? Anyone know?

Blyneblack on September 15, 2022

Charge lkr 900 no idea

Adam on September 21, 2022

I got charged $1.5, when investigating it turned out to be an app in Google Store that charges weekly that amount after it was free at the beginning for a while. Go to google play store, account payment and subscriptions, and check there for transaction history. Also, regarding the publisher Codeway below link shows their apps maybe you are using:

Teri Houston on September 23, 2022

Google Codeway Google has four charges for September so far, each one is $5.40. I have absolutely no idea what these are for. I don't purchase anything from Google. At least not for a very long time. They also made an attempt to to charge me a $54 transaction which was declined. I don't know this moment what's going on but I will find out what is happening and post my findings on hope of helping someone else. I'm 68 years old trying to survive on social security but I am very good at research as Google Codeway Google will soon find out. Bless you all

Jon T on September 26, 2022

Codeway is a Turkish app developer that offers "free trials" that are followed by weekly charges if you don't cancel the trial before it ends. I was charged $3.49 for Wonder AI because I forgot I had the trial. If you're seeing this charge on your account, go to the Play Store, click on your profile in the top right corner, then click on Payments & Subscriptions. Your Codeway apps should be there where you can cancel them.

Stacey on September 28, 2022

They charged my card 5.47 and I have no idea why. This is a scam and theft! This site needs to be looked into.

Benjamin on October 01, 2022

I was 4charged $4.99 every two weeks. Google codeway Google855 8363987. $19.96 total

Hamsah on October 01, 2022

I was charged 2 times every week for 1.69 $. What is that ? I am not suscribed in any app from Google Codeway. I have checked google payment and subscrition and nothing is there in my play store.

Crystal on October 02, 2022

So I just got a charge of 4.99 on my card. Was wondering what it was from and found out it was from an app called Pixelup that I had previously downloaded. Had to redownload it at unsubscribe in the Google play store

Jasmine Peterman on October 11, 2022

Have been charged for the last 5 months from Google Code way. Have no idea what all this is about?

Colleen myers on October 15, 2022

Why was I charged 5.29 twice in 2 weeks. What is going on with Google to allow this to let this happen to me and other people and I know I want back what was taken without my knowledge

Deanna on October 16, 2022

On October 14, 2022 I was charged $5.99 on my cash app card for Google codeway & I have no idea what this is.

Wiseguy on October 25, 2022

I was charged 4.99$ but why I have no idea

Jay on October 26, 2022

I had a charge from them. It was an app that would draw pictures of what ever I wanted . I guess I signed up for a free trial. They make an app called wonder and another called face dance. Others too just search codeway dijital or digital....on googleplay

Rebeckah on November 01, 2022

I have multiple charges to my debit card. Fortunately I don't use that one unless I need to, so there is never any money on it, but they keep trying. Needs to stop!

Jimmy on November 03, 2022

Hey All, I noticed I had this problem and came here. I was able to fix it by checking my subscriptions in the google play app, and then cancel subscriptions from there. Hope this helps.

How to fix this problem on November 05, 2022

Just open play store then in search box type in Codeway... All apps designed by this company will appear. Then you can see which apps of those u have subscribed to. Then go back to home page of play store and at the you left corner click on your picture. A drop down menu will appear then click on 'Payments & Subscriptions'... Then click "Subscriptions".... Then all of the apps that you are subsc6 to will appear. Choose any apps that came up when you searched Codeway. If you want to know specifically which so it's was that was charging a certain amount, then from the menu that appears after clicking Payments and Subscriptions, choose "Budget History". Then the list of charges will appear with app names and totals you were charged and when. I hope this helps.

Liana roberte on November 13, 2022

Apareceu agora essa cobrança

Baron Anderson on November 19, 2022

It is a scam I tell you, seen it pop up 4 times in my bank account, and I am asked to close the account and get a different Debit Card, who wants to go through that?

eu fiz igual o amigo ai explicou deu certo pessoal on November 25, 2022

Como corrigir esse problema em 05 de novembro de 2022 Basta abrir a Play Store e, na caixa de pesquisa, digitar Codeway... Todos os aplicativos desenvolvidos por esta empresa serão exibidos. Então você pode ver em quais aplicativos você se inscreveu. Em seguida, volte para a página inicial da Play Store e, no canto esquerdo, clique na sua foto. Um menu suspenso aparecerá e, em seguida, clique em 'Pagamentos e assinaturas'... Em seguida, clique em "Assinaturas".... Em seguida, todos os aplicativos nos quais você está inscrito aparecerão. Escolha os aplicativos que surgiram quando você pesquisou o Codeway. Se você quiser saber especificamente qual foi o que estava cobrando um determinado valor, no menu que aparece depois de clicar em Pagamentos e Assinaturas, escolha "Histórico do Orçamento". Em seguida, a lista de cobranças aparecerá com nomes de aplicativos e totais cobrados de você e quando. Eu espero que isso ajude.

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