The credit card or debit card charge PADDLE.NET was first spotted on October 17, 2021. This charge has been reported as trusted by 26 users, 409 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen PADDLE.NET on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant Paddle Subscriptions (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone Number +17745236658 (edit)
Category Subscription (edit)
Description Paddle.Net is a subscription manager, from which some sites use to charge users for the purchases made on their site. This is why seems suspicious to some. If you have an unwarranted charge, check to your bank statements for which site charged you through (edit)
Phone Number

What people are saying...

Kay on October 17, 2021

Unauthorised charge from on my card

Marianne Theresa Lampadarios on October 23, 2021

This company has charged my credit card for 5 months before I realized it! I am not a customer of AdGuard or Paddle Net. I dont know how they got my credit card number. I am angry! I have reported this activity is fraud.

Josephine Parrilla on February 02, 2022 charged me for a PC repair subscription which had been cancelled (Restoro) but it has not been reinstalled and Restoro has not contacted me. Am tryinng to get a refund.

Micoi on February 03, 2022

For anyone wondering, is a subscription service that some websites (typically less popular websites) uses to charge you for THEIR subscriptions. I found by looking at bank and PayPal statements that was a purchase I authorized, I just wasn’t aware it’d be charged through rather than their website.

Julius on February 18, 2022 has been charging my account without any online purchases

I am very angry about paddle charges and I have no idea where it came from. I am going to find out who and get to the bottom of this and make the better business award of the fraudulent charges and have them investigate. on March 07, 2022

I am very angry about paddle charges and I have no idea where it came from. I am going to find out who is responsible and report it to the BBB and have them investigate.

Kathy on March 09, 2022

I was charged 69.99 On my credit card by and I have no idea what it is I didn’t purchase anything so why are they charging me take it off my bill

Miamia on March 10, 2022

I’m a poor person, hard life, have 4 kids. but paddle charge my bank USD190.67 convert to MYR means RM795.52. I have to buy pampers for my baby, school for my kids, i have to buy food for live.. pay my rent house. they take half of my money, how i going to life? 😭😭😭 . If want to scam, take it with riches.. not with poor.

Anna on March 24, 2022

Dnes jsem si procházela mé poslední platby a všimla jsem si, že mi bezdůvodně strhli 300 korun z účtu. Jsem si naprosto jista, že jsem nikdy nic od té stránky PADDLE.NET nekupovala. Netuším co mám dělat. Jsem teprve studentka a nevím co mám dělat, abych dostala své peníze zpátky a zrušila nějaké předplatné, které jsem si nezřízovala.

JAN on March 30, 2022


Ann @goodgirlsguide IG on April 05, 2022

I thought this was a scam too, initially, especially as bank were supposed to have sent a new bank card a few weeks ago, but after trawling my mind and talking with Ebay, I finally searched my emails and there it was. It was a payment for the 'ContactInBio' subscription that many of us use for Instagram etc. PHEW- SO we can all calm down now.

Patricia Naqi on April 06, 2022

Well im completly disgusted with this paddle net soouya . Net please anyone that has connection some investigation team today was my 13 yr old desceased son birthday and could not by flowers or put gas togo cemetary because they took my $$$$$ shame on you

Tshepo on April 12, 2022

This scammed me for 7 months debits with an amount of R350.00 per month for 7 month I don't know what the hell is this shit..

Gary Duckworth on April 14, 2022

PADDLE.NET have made 3 unauthorised transactions on my crefit card. I wrote and cancelled but they contune to charge me. This mob is a scam, for sure

Audra Lee on April 20, 2022

I’m so glad my bank sends me a text asking if I authorize it! They sent the amount paddle was trying to charge me and asked if it was me to reply yes or no. Everybody should have this option! When I reply No, they text me back saying it was blocked.

john Johnson on April 23, 2022

So far these crooks have taken $419.40 from my bank (Capital Bank) When I contacted all I got was a runaround. I might add that Capital bank aids in the theft.

Carolyn on April 25, 2022 has charged my credit card $139.48 on 3/3

Sharon Abbott on April 28, 2022

Why am I charged 8.99 for something I know nothing about on Paddle net ad gone . I have been charged twice for two months. I never authorize this company to take anything out of my bank account I don’t even know how they got my bank account … I am reported them for fraud and I want this canceled ASAP 😡My email is

JOHN on April 30, 2022

Paddle has charged me $38.45 supposedly for a program called 'Restoro'. I am not aware / can recall signing up for this program. All attempts to cancel this payment have to date been unsuccessful. Be VERY CAREFUL of PADDLE and / or RESTORO. Mob of crooks.

Frank on May 14, 2022*powerline2 charged me 3x in the amount of $95.93. Emblem card refunded me 2 of the 3 charges saying they were fraudulent. After sending in paperwork 3x, and 6 months later…Emblem is saying the last charge is valid!! Are they kidding me? They are just as crooked as! I’m going to Sue both of these companies who take advantage of us working folks!

Steve White on May 15, 2022

3 fraudulent charges in quick succession charged to my Credit UNion Mastercard. several hundred dollars. Credit Union stopped card but as not caught instantly now must file as a claim. PITA. Whoever is behind these things need to be executed.

How do we get them to stop scamming? on May 26, 2022

How do we get them to stop scamming? How do we get charges removed?

Kao on June 03, 2022

I noticed the first charge last month and looked up the company. It claims to be a software company, but being the it geek I have been for years I have always checked in on who it is I am buying any software from and have never heard of them. I think that this is just a scam. Your best recourse is to contact your bank and have them block any transactions from paddle.

EDDIE J IN DENVER on June 12, 2022


Jayne Halle on June 30, 2022

A Paddle charge appeared on PayPal account. I did not approve an order via this third-party vendor nor do I want them handling my private information. I demanded a refund. There would be no reason to utilize this service.

Lee Romero on July 02, 2022

you have scammed me/ cancel and return my money asap!!!!!

Vilyacheskav on July 27, 2022

Today I was charged for buying some kind of revolution slider plugin. I did not buy this plugin and there is no subscription to it. These are scammers

Toni on July 31, 2022

It’s literally spyware someone put on your phone

Don in Alabama on August 01, 2022

I also have been charged by this Paddles and do not know for what. I am looking into it if I find anything I will post it here.

Today its 1 aug and i have been charged online without any authorization. I'm from Turkey and know nothing about this paddle but I'm going to report this on cyber crime department. on August 03, 2022

Today its 1 aug and i have been charged online without any authorization. I'm from Turkey and know nothing about this paddle but I'm going to report this on cyber crime department.

Joe on August 12, 2022

Amt of $41.91 charged to my credit card on 8/7/22 with a transaction description of: PADDLE.NET* ADVANCEDSY ASTORIA NY This is clearly a scam of some kind.

JA I Wright on August 29, 2022

Has anyone been able to recover fees charged to your card? When I called the associated phone number it says that it is no longer available. I filed a dispute and hope for any e fund at this point.

Terry on September 09, 2022

DO NOT go anywhere near this site they trapped me into spending first £43-14 the said That things were so bad I had to pay another £179. 19 to put things right. My computer had been hacked and the emil files stolen and left empty. They did nothoing at all but charged me the full £222.33 and took it from my account via Paddle Net' A completely fraudulent outfit BT spent all week-end trying to repair things, for no

Kurt Kupsek on September 16, 2022

You guys are crooks. Have cancelled this 4 time. Keep getting 2 -3 charges per month on my statement. Refund or I will contact the Federal Trade Commission

Alicia on September 16, 2022

Just got charged from then says Luckydog T. Never heard of it. No idea what this is! Pissed!

Robert on October 12, 2022

I have been charged on my credit card $33.00 by LawDistrict the last two months. I have no idea who LawDistrict is or how they obtained my credit card number. I suspect some trial account but do not know what it might have been. I am having trouble reaching this organization to end the charges and get a refund.

Charles Johnson on November 06, 2022

I have a charge from on my most recent credit card statement in the amount of $35.99. I have no idea what this is all about. Unless it is something that I ordered, I wish to challenge the charge.

Ole Quiberg on November 19, 2022

I have been trying to cancel an unauthorized charge from They list their address as 3811 Ditmars Blvd. Astorian, NY which is a Fed Ex Shipping Center. Very interesting.

leigh burdick on December 07, 2022

I have a charge from on my most recent credit card statement in the amount of $35.99. I have no idea what this is all about. Unless it is something that I ordered, I wish to challenge the charge.

Raul N on December 12, 2022

I bought a SW from and I got charged $29.58 US Dollars converted to my local currency and I never received a receipt from PADLE.NET only the charge to my Credit Card and when I asked this situation to IOBit they asked me an screenshot of the transaction that simple I don’t have it and as a last resource I asked PADDLE.NET about this situation and I’m waiting for an answer with no much hope. Next time I’m going to pay with PayPal, because they respond very quickly and in case something went wrong, they refund your money ASAP.

Thea Dykman on December 21, 2022

i just checked my account and saw charges To paddle net... so i googled it and came to your site... I am a 82 year old Senior... and live on a modest income and my bank account showed 190.00 withdrawn so upset... SCAM FOR SURE...

William H. Sutherland, Jr. on January 16, 2023

I made a very small purchase on 01/09/2023. It was processed on my charge card and paid. On 01/15/2023 I get an unauthorized charge of $39.90. The merchant number listed is the one on this form: 774-523-6658 which is a number NOT in service. This does not appear to be legitimate to me. I made a dispute with my credit card company. I had no idea how I was to be billed by the merchant but the charge was billed through paddlenet. Their bot could not match up my email with a charge.

willis a on January 24, 2023

charged $46.04 restoro. know nothing about this it is a scam

Gg831 on January 30, 2023

Found one charge in Jan on my Discover Card. Called thinking it was a one time charge only to be told “marked reoccurring by merchant” but I’ve called the merchant telephone number andI it’s “no longer in service” and I’ve been charged for 3 months for what looks like services for something called Law District. I downloaded an online POA for health issues and the only thing I can think is that they captured my number then. Total BS but Discover will figure it out.

Lawrence of The Desert on February 02, 2023 is a fraudulent scam and virus which Chase Bank refuses to block. I was a voluntary Regular Army soldier long ago defending America and Americans. Now America's biggest bank will not defend me by preventing this theft of my money! When I called Fraud Dept. at Chase a FOREIGN female would NOT help me. I am so VERY disgusted! Feb. 1, 2023.

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