First seen July 23, 2015. Last updated on November 16, 2018.

The credit card or debit card charge PAYPAL *CATALOGCOMP CA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED was first submitted to our database on July 23, 2015. It has been deemed not suspicious by our users.

Have you seen PAYPAL *CATALOGCOMP CA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen PAYPAL *CATALOGCOMP CA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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Merchant Northern Tool & Equipment, when paying online via PayPal. (edit)
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Fun Man on April 23, 2016

Northern Tool & Equipment, when paying online via PayPal.

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Northern Tool & Equipment on May 08, 2017

Northern Tool & Equipment, when paying online via PayPal.

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Suspicious on May 28, 2017

Placed an order with Northern Tool 4-27-17 and cancelled 5-8-17 after they backordered a part with a two month delay (and didn't tell me). One month to the day after ordering, and ~ 19 days after cancelling, my credit card company "declined" the PayPal charge. Why did Northern Tool/PayPal charge my card three weeks after cancelling the order, one month after the initial order? Why did my bank "Decline" a charge that otherwise would appear legitimate unless there is a history? Don't understand therefore labeling as suspicious.

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Sharonanne on June 17, 2017

Charge was valid for us. However, I find it a little odd that a firm like Northern Tool would use Paypal vs more traditional payment methods. Next up - Bitcoin?

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cornelia on December 06, 2017

I purchased an item from Northern Tool, which is scheduled to arrive shortly. After my purchase. Two very large fraudulent charges appeared, which caused me to cancel my card. This may just be coincidence. Northern Tool using Paypal?? Why??

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Steve on November 16, 2018

I place an order online with Northern Tool 11-3-2018. I used PayPal which is linked to my credit card to pay for this order. As soon as I hit the order button, I get the usual alert from my credit card that a charge was made, It showed up as CATALOGCOMP. Now fast forward to 11-15-2018, at 10:30pm I get an alert that my card was charged, knowing I had not used it that day, I started looking, it said charge was from CATALOGCOMP(of course I had forgotten that name by now) so I called my credit card company, the first rep did not know who that was, so they transferred me to the security department, which they investigated and also could not find out who it was, so in turn, they said it was fraud and shut my card off. The next day(11-16-18) I called PayPal and checked the transaction in my account, everything is listed as Northern Tool. When I called to talk to Northern Tool, the phone rep said, no, we are Northern Tool. So I emailed and got a little different reply, Northern Tool customer service email claims PayPal list them as CATALOGCOMP. Now the 1st charge that was done on 11-3, was never actually taken from the account, I suppose that is just a test to see if the card is valid and has enough funds to fill the order. On the 15th, when the item was shipped, they billed, which many people may take this as double billing. I have contacted Northern Tool requesting they have the name changed to stop all of this confusion. In the meantime, I will no longer order and have my card shut off!

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