First seen June 06, 2014. Last updated on March 03, 2022.

The credit card or debit card charge D J*WALL STREET JOURNAL was first submitted to our database on June 06, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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A little black duck who has not heard of scamcharge.com and so is reluctant to provide his name on March 03, 2022

This is the Wall Street Journal. On one hand this is a perfectly legitimate series of transactions. On the other hand, they do not send any receipt or invoice. Nor do they send you daily news bulletins, which most online news sites do. When I eventually tried to unsubscribe I spent an hour or so trying to find a way to do so at their website, including typing messages to the chatbot, trying to find a way to get it to cancel my subscription. Nothing works. There is no way of unsubscribing by the website, and they provide no email address. Some months ago I left feedback asking that they cancel my subscription, noting that I had altered my credit card details so they would not be able to continue charging me. I thought that was the end of it, but - my mistake - I should have checked my credit card statements. The charges continued. Now, March 2022, I tried to unsubscribe. There is no way of doing it on the website - I am in Australia. This page: https://customercenter.wsj.com/help/article?topic=Policies&title=Cancellation%20%26%20Refund%20Policy shows that people in several US states can use a "Cancel" button, but that button does not appear for me. They gave a phone number to call for people in APAC (Australasia Pacific) 800 901 216 but this does not work. It states: "For all other subscribers, please contact Customer Service at the numbers listed below as we do not accept cancellations by mail or email or by any other means other than calling Customer Service." This page: https://customercenter.wsj.com/contact has an "email" option but this not email, it is the chatbot. The WSJ customer service item gives phone numbers, including one for Australia 0011 8000 322 8482 which does not work on my landline or cellphone. So I called the US number, talked to someone in a call center surely not in the USA, provided all my details and was told that they could not cancel i because I was not in the USA. The gave me that second phone number to call, and I tried again at that time, telling them it does not work. The only option was to call my bank, spend half an hour with them, and have them launch a disputed transaction, cancel my card and send me a new one, so I will need to update various other subscriptions. In all this time, the WSJ (dowjones.com) never sent me an invoice or any news bulletins. There was an initial email verification message, two about completing my "membership" and one about member benefits. The difficulty in unsubscribing is deliberate. They would rather make it impossible to subscribe by email or the website and pay for a call center to handle phone calls - and then make it harder for people outside the USA to unsubscribe - than have a Cancel button (except when required by US state legislation) than have an honest relationship with customers. This is indistinguishable from a cynical, exploitative, scam, designed to keep charging people while flying under the radar as much as possible, and then to frustrate customer efforts at unsubscribing with the likely outcome that people will give up and so be unable to stop the subscriptions.

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