First seen June 06, 2022. Last updated on September 29, 2023.

The credit card or debit card charge ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB USD 100 was first submitted to our database on June 06, 2022. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB USD 100 charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB USD 100 on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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Janet on June 06, 2022

I am in Singapore. I noticed a credit card transaction on 2 June 2022 in US dollars; ''ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB USD 100''. As I had no recent on line transaction, I called my bank and credit card was immediately cancelled.

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Callebaut Gustaaf on July 24, 2022

Deze klotezakken hebben 100 usd van mijn rekening gehaald zonder dat ik iets gedaan heb. Creditkaart onmiddellijk blokkeren.

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Eug on July 27, 2022

Was charged today from israel 100USD... it's a scam be carful from cards stealer...

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Ivannia aguirre jimenez on December 01, 2022

A mi vecina, una adulta mayor de 65 años le han sacado 140.000 colones en costa rica desde este ONLYFANS COM LONDON

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Australia Comm Bank user on February 12, 2023

Yep happened to me this morning. $144.73 Australian dollars 💸

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Al from Oz on February 13, 2023

had unauthorised 2 amounts of USD $50 taken out of my mastercard on the 10 Feb 2023 Statement shows ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GBR USD 50.00 reported as fraud as we did not make any such transaction. One day before that we had another presumably test theft of *REALTOR ASSOCIATION/ML CHICAGO IL USD 5.00 Card cancelled and dispute raised

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Australian CommBank User on February 17, 2023

I got a charge for $100 USD for OnlyFans London GBR today as well. Definitely was not me. Called my bank, cancelled my card and raised a dispute.

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El cba Australia on April 06, 2023

Happened to me today, 2 transactions within minutes of each other, $74.90 aud each to onlyfans London. Cancelled cards immediately and registered dispute with bank. Is it my imagination, or are the Australians targeted all with CBA?

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german bank user on May 09, 2023

I got these transactions on my visa-credit-card too. this just happened when i was switching to a new credit card. so i saw this transaction of 50€ on my new not even opened or used credit card. i called my bank and they cancelled the new card. later i looked at my already locked old card, and i saw 3 ONLYFANS.COMLONDON transactions... but strangely the first two ones onlyfans send me money. 2 times 50$. then one of them was cancelled and transfered back.. then i got my new card it seems and the 2. transaction was transfered back too. dont know what to think about that ?!?!

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Th. on June 04, 2023

Happened to me this morning. 4 charges within minutes of each other, one of 100$ and three of 50$. Card and e-banking cancelled and dispute raised.

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gm on June 22, 2023

You have made a purchase of AED 378.93 on your card ending 30XX at ONLYFANS.COM, LONDON. i never did this purchase , its a scam, i am in dubai. i ll go to the bank tomorrow as i believe my bank lien this amount already. i think i get it back. card blocked anyways

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scd on June 27, 2023

I reported two suspicious transactions today one for AED378.90 from ONLYFANS,LONDON and NICE KICKS,MORGAN HILL USA for AED530.45 within minutes of each other. Reported both transactions to my bank they blocked my card and investigating.

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Leo R(Mauritius) on July 08, 2023

4 transactions (USD 10 + USD 50 + USD 20 + USD 20) on 08 July 2023 - ONLYFANS.COM LONDON - Never subscribed to any website with this card. Dispute raised with my bank.

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Gm on 11 July 2023 on July 10, 2023

I am in dubai, I strangely got a transaction from my debit of 378.93 from ONLYFANS, LONDON. Was suprised and now went to bank to block my card...

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SL on July 27, 2023

Onlyfans London took 148 from my account this morning while I was sleeping. Had to report to bank and cancel card.

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David on August 03, 2023

me he takes money from me as he wants how to stop this theft? london

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Australian cba bank user on August 05, 2023 London took 100usd from my account. I report to the bank and block my card. Have been using Apple Pay. I think these scammer got me is I may a deposit at the bank (CBA bank Swanson street) I believe that is skimmer or scanner at machine. Recently got my card replace due being expired. MAKE Sure to check the machine for skimmer.

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MrEd on August 06, 2023

Just received a charge today from Commbank, seems to be a common theme with the comm bank London $153. Report the dispute and cancelled my card.

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Comm bank Aus User on August 06, 2023

Transaction Date Merchant DetailsPending Amount 02 August 2023 NICE KICKS MORGAN had same HILL USAYes$30.21 01 August 2023 ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GBRNo$151.43

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Raj on August 08, 2023

I was scammed this morning from only London $152.90 never opened the site in my life. Bank is disputing and cancelled my card

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RRani on August 09, 2023

75 AED was deducted from my account from , I immediately blocked the card. I will report this to Bank

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Cover Up at Comm Bank Australia on August 09, 2023

I just got done for $153.98 by a ONLYFANS.COM London on my Commbank MasterCard. I think Commbank has been hacked and they are not telling anyone about it. When I spoke to the the call centre they knew exactly what transaction I was going to dispute WITHOUT being told.

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Sonia on August 12, 2023

I had a 25 minutes fight with 2 different specialists at CBA for 2 charges from onlyfans to a card that I do not use! CBA was definitely hacked. I’ve got done for $266 plus international fees.

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CBA Australia is not safe to deal with on August 13, 2023

Just found charges on my CBA debit/master card for london. Don't use my "card" for anything & just have the account for my pay and I used different company's card for everyday use. Have never shoped online with my CBA card & never given the number out. Stolen almost $750 from me and I don't know how. ONLY common theme I can see is that it is happening to CBA Australia customers.

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Muhammad Usman Ahmed on August 14, 2023

I had AUD77.01 charged on my Commonwealth Bank account on Saturday 12th August. Only came to know of this in the morning of 15th August. Informed the bank of this and cancelled the card. The common denominator here is London and Commonwealth Bank.

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Sulav on August 15, 2023

This site charged me for no reason 77(*2) twice in less than 5 minutes. I never heard or visited the site. They have many trap sites, like I was ordering a book from ergodabooks and I guess my card was stolen from that site. Because the reason from the site for not sending me book was very strange. Raised dispute with commbank on the 2 pending transactions today. But the learning is never order from a unknown site unless we know 100% sure, they are genuine.

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Fiona - Commonwealth Bank Australia on August 16, 2023 London has 2 "pending" charges on my account with Comm Bank total amount $280 from 15th August. When I called to ask about these charges staff said they have had a lot of calls about this charge on customers accounts. They did not come out and say it, but I got the feeling from them there has been some sort of Data Breach or Data theft at Commonwealth Bank Australia

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Joel on August 19, 2023

Same commonwealth bank, nickkicks two charges, one only fans unrecognised charges. No idea where they got my bank card detail. Anyone got their money back?

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Lindsay - Commonwealth Bank Australia on 20 August 2023 on August 20, 2023

Fraudulent charge of AU$156.81 just went through on my card, immediately raised dispute with CBA and cancelled card. Agree with others above re. CBA being hacked. Never use my card for online purchases and have no other idea how someone would have my card number and given all the other CBA customers on here with the same issue, CBA being hacked makes most sense.

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Grant - Citibank Mastercard 22 August 2023 on August 26, 2023

Charged by ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB USD 100.00 onto my citibank Mastercard. Found transaction early when still pending, card cancelled and reissued, transaction disputed (transaction has since gone from Pending to Billed). Citibank flagged transaction as suspicious as soon as it hit account and sent me Txt asking to verify. Sounds more like a fishing exercise than a data breach.

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Guy on August 27, 2023

- Commonwealth Bank 27/08/2023 ONLYFANS.COM London charge $156.76 have cancelled card and raised dispute.

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Upset fella on August 27, 2023

- Commonwealth Bank 25/08/2023 ONLYFANS.COM London charge $155.75 have cancelled card and raised dispute.

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AHMED on August 29, 2023

I'm from Adelaide just take money now from my account just fan's England

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Another upset fella on August 31, 2023

CBA 31/8/23 5:09am ONLYFANS.COM LONDON charge $155.08 pending Card cancelled Dispute raised 🤬

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Pat Staunton on August 31, 2023

Yea I live in Sydney Australia and just noticed a charge of $156 on my mums CBA matercard for ONLYFANS LONDON on 28th Aug 2023. My mum is 87 yo & has never heard of this mob & neither have I. The Bank has canceled her card.

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Steve on September 02, 2023

I'm another commbank user who has been scammed by ONLYFANS. Seems like Commbank has been hacked, but they won't admit it. Maybe time to close my account with them

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Steph on September 02, 2023

Another CBA customer 2 X only fans charges. Never had a fraudulent transaction previously. Only other change to processing was joining Hayu? CBA hacked? Also thier fraud monitoring is non existent. No warning from them when it's an international charge and completely out of the scope of my current purchasing behaviour.

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Jase on September 05, 2023

Same here got the charge and reported. Definitely looking like a data breach!!

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Jason on September 05, 2023

At first, I thought I was the only one who got the "ONLYFANS.COM LONDON GB GBR Card xx7540 USD 100.00 Value Date: 02/09/2023-$155.20" message on my CBA. Seems like it's happening to other Australians as well.

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Lucy on September 06, 2023

$77AUD was withdrawn from my CBA on sept 2. Filed a dispute and have cancelled my card. Guess they didn't take as much as everyone else here because I had under $100 in the account. From the sounds of it, there's definitely been a breach covered up.

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Bek on September 06, 2023

CBA account holder here who has also been affected by this. At around 11pm on the 4th Sep had a $155.20 charge popup. My card rarely leaves the house or is used online etc so very much doubt this is anything other than a CBA databreach especially due to all the CBA customers posting here.

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Jeremy on September 06, 2023

Another CBA customer who has had a charge of $155.20 from their account at 3:51am last night. Attempting to dispute it now !!

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Kevin Williams on September 08, 2023

Yep also had to cancel card and dispute this morning also cba customer

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Jodie on September 08, 2023

My daughter’s CBA account charged $155 and then refunded today very sus

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aa on September 08, 2023

also $155 charge in the last few days and then refunded - also CBA customer. Messaging CBA now

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CBA User 08 September 23 on September 09, 2023

My account charged $78 today. Had to dispute and cancel the card.

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Olivia on September 09, 2023

Today 09/09/2023, at 05:48am, I was charged$157.10 twice😭

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Olivia on September 09, 2023

Forgot to mention. I am also a commbank user. I was charged $314.2 in two transactions ( London) Very disappointing

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V on September 13, 2023

CBA: one transaction for 156.1 AUD. Money stolen, the card cancelled (no card till next week at best)... convenient...

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Jake on September 13, 2023

Got charged today on my CBA account $156.10 AUD. Card never leaves the wallet. Locked card then cancelled, waiting on CBA to get back to me about the dispute.

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CBA user on September 14, 2023

My Comm bank card has been charged with $156.76 to London, Card not stolen and not used. On a call with CBA right to raise a dispute. Blocked my card, looks like they have really been hacked. Shows a transaction from thu 14/09 7:58am only realised today when a notification popped up for USD charges to provide authorisation code.

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CBA User on September 15, 2023

Got an deduction of $100 USD ($157 AUD) one day and refunded the next day.. wife was hard to convince let me tell you.. HAS to be CBA data breach … they even told me they had LOTS of complaints about the same thing..

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Unhappy camper on September 16, 2023

I’m a CBS customer as well and I got done on Wednesday 13/09 for $156 AUD from Canceled my card immediately and got issued another card and before I even received my new card in the mail I got charged again 3 days later from florida for another $156 AUD If it happens again I’m jumping ship to another bank. Over this big time!

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Michael on September 26, 2023

Came on my statement

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Jasmin on September 27, 2023

Took money out of my bank account

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CBA User Aus on September 29, 2023

100 usd taken out of my bank for London - Commonwealth BANK, Aus. Cancelled card, haven't used any ATMs/weird sites for transactions. Possible data breach ?

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Dan from Aus on September 29, 2023

CBA customer. Roughly $100 USD (about $160 AUD) charged to Onlyfans today at around 05:30am my time. Cancelled Card and disputed transaction. I have a support ticket open with Onlyfans to try and gather more information.

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