The credit card or debit card charge GOOGLE GARENA was first spotted on October 08, 2021. This charge has been reported as trusted by 69 users, 1133 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Do you know what the source of this charge is? Have you seen GOOGLE GARENA on your credit card, debit card, or prepaid charge card? If so, please comment below!

Charge Information

Merchant GOOGLE *GARENA (edit)
Website Google garena (edit)
Phone Number 855-836-3987 (edit)
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What people are saying...

Joe on October 08, 2021

I purchased a Visa gift card on 10/05/2021 as a birthday gift for my daughter. When she opened it on 10/08/2021 the card was already used on 10/06/2021 between 12:17P - 12:40pm. The card was charged to Google Garena consecutively for $2.99 up to 16 times.

Chrissy on October 20, 2021

This just happened to me on oct18 2021 it shows up google garena take your credit card off your google account and check your statement often

Nick on October 20, 2021

October 16th -- 32 transactions of $0.99. My EDD card -it was never used. It must be BoA or Edd

Mary Green on October 22, 2021

I got charged a total of 27.36..1.14 like 26 times...And then I had a overdraft charge of 36.00 when i was never overdrawn..I need both of those refunded back to me or i will dispute the charges

Vanessa on October 23, 2021

I was charged multiple times of 99cents over 30 dollars on my edd card for disability by this place that I have never used.

Laura on October 23, 2021

I was also charged this $2.99 from google garena, multiple times! I didn't purchase a gift card or anything like else and have never had a issue before October 23, 2021. Has already been reported as fraudulent activity to my bank.

WTF on October 24, 2021

Got ahold of the rest of what I had on my EDD visa card. 22 charges of 1.07 each... WTF????????????????

Pissed off on October 25, 2021

This just happened to me right now October 25,2021 28 times from Google Garena for $.99 what did everyone else do? This is on my EDD card

Joy on October 26, 2021

I was just charged 3 times of google garena. Never used it and never purchased it. I want my money back

Melissa on October 26, 2021

This just happened to me today 100 charges of .99.... im beyond pissed and it will be 10 days before its put back in my account........

Lois on October 26, 2021

I have 2 small purchases by GoogleGarena on my credit card 10/18/21.Ihave not had any dealings with this orginazion. The numbers are 855-836-3987 CA Poembayg and 855-836-3987 CA Poembb5A. I have notified my credit card company. They cancelled my card and are sending me a new one.

Nick on October 27, 2021

EDD card had $30 pulled at 4:36am PST. Just spammed me with .99 cent charges. Fuck these guys. on hold to make a claim and get a new card, reporting the garena app right now too.

Darren S. on October 27, 2021

I first saw GOOGLE* NSOFT 9 charges each day on my credit card on 12 Oct an 14 Oct (total $95). I disputed the charges, was issued a new card. Then the new card was charged 9 times by GOOGLE* GARENA (total $20). How did these scam artists get my new card info? How do I get refunded for these fraudulent charges other than cancelling my card again?

Nathan on October 28, 2021

I first saw this as Google *temp hold on 25/10 for US$1 twice, then I was hit by Google *garena 19 times with US$0.99 today before I blocked the card.

Ahmad on October 28, 2021

Yesterday I got a message that stated: "You have a Trx on your card no. xxxxx from Google temporary HOLD for USD 1.00", after that I got another message that the Trx got reversed. Today the same thing happened to me as the people stated above, I got hit many times from Google Garena: "You have a Trx on your Card no. xxxx from GOOGLE GARENA for USD 0.99", and luckily my bank blocked my Card and stopped all transactions on it.

Ari on October 29, 2021

Bro I had a vanilla $40 gift card and i tried using it the other day but it didnt work so I checked on the website and there was like 35 .99 cent trans actions At 10-12 pm and it was all from google garena like bro what this is stupid I didnt give the info to anyone and I never got to use it its stupid

Tammy on October 29, 2021

I have 30 unauthorized transactions for $2.99 each starting sept 28 from Google garena. Never heard of the thieves before. I’m so sick of these a** holes stealing from me and everyone else.

Lars on October 29, 2021

Upsetting to be charged 99 cents at a time for something I didn't authorize

Charlene on October 29, 2021

I have been charged 3 times for .99 don't care but it's also + 1.00 fee so Who are these people or organization, I need my money back on my card ASAP, I didn't authorize it, I am sick of it, All the the SCAMS out there! Be Ware Karma! Karma!

Luke on October 30, 2021

Thousands of my edd stolen all in .99 cent charges over 15 pages of the same fraudulent charges by these assholes. I have never even heard of them and I rarely use Google pay this is horrible! I am broke until they finish the investigation and they have to file each transaction separately so it could be months before they refund me. I need HELP!!!!!

UpsetPerson on November 01, 2021

I got 30 charges from Garena that I never authorized. Will be contacting my bank to get this sorted. Extremely upset.

Chepr310 on November 02, 2021

I just noticed these charege of 1.08 x 25 today 11/01/2021 and pending on my edd card. I had just had one sent to me and only use this to pay an at&t prepaid phonr account. I am hoping that is a secured site. Somone had this information from EDD or Bank of America. This is si fucked up to have to report this and then wait and have another account or debit card sent. I dont get unemployment anymore and only had like 25.?? On the account to pay this months cell phone payment. I really don't want to bother for this amont but its the principle

Flip Snyman on November 02, 2021

Google Garena and their owners should all be inprisonment. Like 20x times they deduct R16.51 from my account. They stole my credit information

Robbed by GArena on November 02, 2021

I discovered this yesterday by change when I tried purchase groceries and my card was declined for "daily transaction limit exceeded". After checking my account activity between 16 and 21 of these GARENA deductions per day over a period of 4 days. Obviously stopped the card and issued a new one.

Pissed off November 2,2021 on November 03, 2021

same issue as everyone else. i first noticed a google gaming charge from 10/29/21. I thought maybe it was my daughter as she plays games on my phone sometimes. but i checked all of my accounts(apple, google,etc) and im not showing any subscriptions or purchases. I then noticed that i had more charges ( 7)from google*garena for small charges(.99) and then another charge(.99) labeled google garena 360* general services all on 11/2/21. I know for a fact it wasnt my daughter because shes not even with me right now. This is ridiculous. I reported a dispute and blocked my card from anymore purchases. I dont even use google pay! How does this happen?!

debbie on November 04, 2021

i got charged $1.15 429 times =$490.70 im hunting heads!!!anyone interested in joining a class action against google for this? email me

Denise on November 04, 2021

My debit card has been charge several times

Ruwayda on November 04, 2021

My account was also charged R16.54 x20 in one day, the deductions started on 30/10 another 16.54 x16. I lost almost R600.00, heart broken.

Roseline Cleophas on November 05, 2021

Over 50 charges on my card that I did not authorized, never used the card to do online purchases. Lost almost ZAR1500, charges vary between ZAR14.06. The bank want to charge me ZAR80.00 to reverse a charge of ZAR14, that is ridiculous

Adam on November 05, 2021

I have Chime debit card & it marked the transaction as suspicious. I received a text from Chime asking me if it's legit or not. I searched Google Garena to see what it is & thats why/how I'm here. I checked my Google Play subscriptions to make sure I didn't accidentally sign up for something & nothing there that doesn't belong.

Tootiey on November 06, 2021

This scam just happened to me over 30 charges of $1.08 to my card today. Called BOA and they are idiots. Said they can’t do anything about it until all the pending transactions are posted. This is crazy to me.

Janette on November 06, 2021

My HSA card was charged 60 times with Google Garena for $1.09 and twice for Google King. WTH? The only times I've used it recently are with providers I trust. Not sure how this can happen?!

ilya on November 06, 2021

the red flag was yesterday when i got 2 messages with google temp hold, and tonight at 1am multiple charges for about a $1. bank blocked my card after 20 of those. will communicate with them tomorrow but doubt i can get my money back

tami on November 06, 2021

Google Garena charged my credit card 15 times at $.99/charge ($14.85); called credit card company and filed fraud charges.

Brylle on November 06, 2021

I work as a call center agent in a prepaid card services and my line is always crowded irate customers who complain about multiple unauthorized charges from Google Garena and other Google transctions. There are charges ranging from $0.99 to $50. When the customers report unauthorized charges the dispute department has to replace the card. And somehow charges repeat themselves even if the card is replaced with completely different information. I feel sad about this. There are old people that these fraudsters are stealing money from.

Tommt Shipley on November 06, 2021

I just seen three charges of $10, $10 and $1.05 that were on my account and they were coming from Google Garena! I did not authorize any of these and I get tired of trying to run down all these unauthorized charges every month and get my money back. But this Google Garena is a real piece of work. It's almost impossible to get to them and I got close last time that is until the agent that was texting back and forth sent me to another, "That will be a$1 'for your first question " Yeah right

FraudAlert on November 06, 2021

I had 31 transactions on Oct 27, 2021 from “GOOGLE* GARENA” whatever the hell that is. I notified my bank and filed a claim. I have never even used my card online. It’s annoying having to cancel a card and getting a new one mailed to me. Hope they find these mofo scammers.

Sutharsan on November 07, 2021

I have not used for almost two years but on Friday money withdrew my account

Upset on November 07, 2021

Yea I literally just got 20 notifications at 2am for 4.99 about some Google garena thing. Help us

Ken on November 07, 2021

Got a charge on my Discover card as a suspicious charge. I marked it as not valid and now I need to call them to unlock my account.

Jim on November 07, 2021

Same as Ken above. Called Discover. New cards issued.

Khalilah Dobran on November 07, 2021

Yes been hanked October 26th 28th 30th and now November 5th $$126.94 $8.91 $17.82 $8.91 That's the amounted of money they taken out from me without me knowing

hank on November 07, 2021

ive been hanked too! they stole my money! yes, ive been hanked

Amy on November 07, 2021

6 charges from Google garena posted on nov 5th all 2.99 disputed it and they are sending a new card and I have to fill out an investigation form

Google*GARENA on November 07, 2021

My phone went crazy with alert from charges to my debit. Checking to see $0.99 cents was charged 11 times within 1 minutes to Google Garena. Never heard of the name, never use any or purchase anything from Google play . How on. Earth they even get a hold of my card information? Call my bank and must cancel the current card , then have to follow up to disputes these changes later. These good for nothing people who stealing other money need to just die for the world to be a better place

Bree on November 07, 2021

Starting October 12, until the 18th, my debit card was charged 11 times for $4.99 each ($54.89 total) from GOOGLE*GARENA. I submitted a fraud claim with Google with all of the information, & evidence to support my claim. & it took over a week for them to “review the claim/charges”, just for them to say they couldn’t verify the charges, don’t suspect fraud, & basically said they won’t do anything about it that if I wanted my money back I needed to talk to my bank institution.

George on November 8, 2021 on November 08, 2021

Google Garena attempted 99 cents charge on November 8, 2021 on my Discover Card. They spotted it right away and declined the charge.

Pat on November 08, 2021

Received message from discover card of fraud of .99 froze account. Getting new card in 48 hours! Unbelievable

Mimi on November 08, 2021

I have over 300 charges of $.99 and my back won't do shit but issue a new card because these charges are pending. Does anyone know where they are getting your info from cause I don't game.

Ben on November 08, 2021

I just received an automated phone call this morning from my credit union saying that there were 12 $.99 charges from this organization through Google. I have never use my debit card anywhere other than to pay a car loan THROUGH THIS INSTITUTION! Never used it for gas, online, at a grocery store or ANYTHING! So, someone, somehow got the debit card information through the banks net work it would appear! Doesn’t instill a whole lot of trust!

Brandon on November 08, 2021

Just noticed I had 1 charge of .99 and then 5 charges of 2.99 each for this Garena. I don't know where this would have linked from. I immediately removed all my card and stored password from my google accounts. My bank is looking into these transactions.

Pikachu on November 08, 2021

Yesterday, my card was charged 7 times, overdrawing front my checking and taking even more from my savings. I had not made any recent purchases with my card, especially from google. It makes no sense how anyone got my card info, as I only ever purchase from 1st party sites.

Ben on November 09, 2021

My dad called discover and the guy said he got charged 6 times and he got locked out as soon as he identified it as fradulent.

Millie on November 09, 2021

They made several attempts to charge my credit card. Thankfully the fraud department from my credit card contacted me. I was able to confirm I didn't make the transactions.

Sara on November 09, 2021

Somehow my card got hacked by Google Garena, I got a notification from my bank at midnight for 5 charges for .99. Considering all I had in the account was 5 dollars any other authorizations would have been denied. Already cancelled the card but now I have to wait until the morning and request a new card and dispute the charges.

Brian on November 09, 2021

Capital One notified me of charge early on a Sunday morning, stop stop payment and cancel card. They have sent me a new card.

Stas on November 09, 2021

Same issue - 10+ transactions of $0.99 from a card that has never been used.

EmBe on November 09, 2021

I was charged .99 today, got the text, called and put a stop to it. Glad I have my text alerts set to "anything over $0.)

Gee on November 10, 2021

Discover blocked a charge from google garena for 1.07 … I marked it as fraudulent and now im locked out. On hold for more than 10 min just to request a new card. I don’t even use this card , don’t know how the info was stolen.

Alishak on November 10, 2021

They got me from a gas pump in Campbell Ohio. Next thing I know my debit card was charged $0.99 ten times before my fraud alert caught it. Now I am locked out of my Checking account pending an investigation and I have to wait for a new debit card to come in the mail. Im beyond pissed!!

Meggan on November 10, 2021

Had multiple consecutive charges of .99, 2.99, and 4.99 totaling more than $50 before I was able to shut my card down. I only get deposits on this card… Total BS and screw my bank for not stopping the charges sooner. Have to wait until the charges post before opening a dispute. Switching banks immediately.

Monica on November 10, 2021

My debit card was charged .99 cents on November 10. My bank caught it and I'm now in the process of getting a new card. This is total BULLSHIT. Thank God my bank was on top of it. From what I've read it's someone local in Campbell Ohio.....

Sadie on November 10, 2021

I just checked my account yesterday and nothing was wrong, I checked it again this morning and had around 400 charges for around $1.07. I have .04 left in my account. I called my bank and disputed the charges, but I wont have my new card until after Thanksgiving most likely. Does anyone know how to report this to Google Garena? I don't even know what it is?

Lynne on November 10, 2021

16 charges to my card at .99 each today.

Maribel on November 11, 2021

Today I was charged $1.08 twenty times on my credit card that I don’t use. My credit card alerted me and texted me regarding if I made the purchases and is under investigation. I cancel my credit card right away. Still trying to figure out how they got my information. Be careful.

Marty on November 11, 2021

Everything was fine, it's been a great day, seriously. Then I looked at my account and saw a bunch of GARENA charges for .99 and then it was 2.99 and I blocked it and they switched to GOOGLE and charged 2.99 and I blocked that. I didn't block in time though. They ended up taking 138 from me. It's still pending and I have to wait until they go through in order to dispute. It's messed up how corrupted people are that choose to do this. If anything, do this to people with money, not struggling folks. Evil doesn't care though. Ugh this is horrible.

Jess on November 11, 2021

14 charges of .99 cents sometime after midnight while I slept. Luckily my card recognized fraud and started blocking the next attempted charges. Cards now turned off and I'll be getting a new one.

Ally on November 11, 2021

Over 20 charges from Google Garena ranging from 1.18 to 0.99 on a card I never use in a span of one day. I am mind-boggled how they are even accessing this information.

Donna on November 11, 2021

Same issue - multiple charges - no idea where they are getting the account number - froze account and getting new card

Crystal on November 11, 2021

So far 2 charges for $1.08! Of course the bank is closed today so I had to send an email to report the fraud! Homosassa, FL

Parthenia on November 11, 2021

This happened 11-12-21, early this morning 12 transactions charged to my cash app card !!

Parthenia on November 11, 2021

Sorry, This happened 11-12-21, I was charged for 12 unauthorized payments!!

Mike on November 12, 2021

Multiple charges. Don't even have this app. Total fraud.

Jennifer on November 12, 2021

I just had a charge several times come to my account for $1.08 I just put a block on my card 😡I’m find to take google off my accounts

Christopher Gary on November 12, 2021

I have 4 charges of $1.08 each pending on my bank card from google garena. I don’t have my card on any google services so idk where this came from.

Michael on November 12, 2021

I had 30 charges of -$2.99 on October 31st in a single day.

Blake on November 12, 2021

16 charges for $1.08 from GOOGLE GARENA LOC: 650-253000CA - Bank closed had to cancel card from fraud

Isokom on November 12, 2021

What the heck is this Google Garena shit... been debited $0.99 about 15 times now.. what's the solution?

Jamie on November 12, 2021

Had over 35 $.99 charges pop up when I checked my account. Instantly called fraud department for my card and notified bank. Still waiting to get my money back. People like this should be locked up!!!!

Tania on November 13, 2021

I've just been charged 3 time of 4.99 and 7.99 how can your stop it.

Marji on November 13, 2021

Just looked at my credit card statement. Didn't recognize "Google Garena". Charge was $1.10. Called my card company and reported it as fraud along with two other charges I didn't recognize, one in Japanese Yen and another to Voice of the Martyrs. They immediately cancelled my card and credited my account.

JazzerScam on November 13, 2021

Woke up this morning to this charge on my card, they only got it to authorize once but tried over 10 times. Thanks god Bank of America called me and stopped the transaction.

Tiff from November 13,2021 on November 13, 2021

Been getting notifications all week even after I changed my card, I gave permission one time and this mf site still taking off my money. I am so pissed right now, even after I removed my card from Google play

Holly on November 13, 2021

Same as above, charged multiple times for google garena for $1.08. Fraud alert texted and emailed. Cancelled card. What a pain! I don't use google pay, ever. Just die morherf%#kers.

Mervyn on November 13, 2021

Me too! Just had these transactions last Nov. 10! I was charge $1.01 34x!! Are banks going to refund these fraud charges? I never click phishing sites or anything! and what I'm confused is there's no email notifications or OTP sent to my mobile phone. This is just unbelievable!

TootieLeathia on November 15, 2021

I've been charged and I have no idea for what I'm over it... I want my money back

NFJDKG on November 16, 2021

Debit card was never used anywhere-not stores, phone, online or atm machine. Got a 5-6 charges from Google Garena for $0.99. Really not sure how card details leaked.

Lisa on November 17, 2021

I just checked my EDD debit card and noticed at least 20 charges for 99 cents on 10/27/21. I had depleted most of my funds and wasn't using the card anymore, but they still managed to get away with over 20 bucks.

Omega on November 17, 2021

I have two charges for $2.65 from this as well and also desire a refund. I

Anonyme on November 18, 2021

I am French and I can attest to the problem of these transactions! More than 700 transactions of $ 0.99 for a total of $ 600 (including management fees since it is from a country outside the European Union)

Lpaul on November 19, 2021

I woke up to 34 charges by GoogleGarena and Apple totaling over $36. I reported it immediately. Thank God for Bank of America. They are the easiest bank with which to deal.

PETE on November 20, 2021


Donald Jacobs on November 21, 2021

Yes on my discover card

I C on November 23, 2021

I had 70+ transactions on a gift card that I had totalling $105 AUD. The transactions occurred in 2 days. The transaction description is something like this "Purchase - GOOGLE *GARENA CA US". I tried contacting google but they won't refund. So, very disappointed.

Tina on November 24, 2021

Google Garena charged my card 90+ consecutive times in the amounts of $1.04 and $314 total almost $161 on November 11th(Veterans Day) I couldn’t report the charges or cancel my card until the next day but my bank refunded my money. I don’t know how they got my information because I’m extremely cautious about security but I’m more diligent about checking my account now.

Simone on November 27, 2021

I was flying and somehow like 17 charges of .99centa is on my card...who do u call to get it back

Ahkin on November 28, 2021

I renewed my prepaid card last year and since then I have never, never used it. To my great surprise Google Garena charged me 5.24 USD 3 times consecutively on 02 November 2021. I do not Know the buyer who used a different device and a different IP address.

guy de pinto on November 28, 2021

Checked the balance via the 888 # on the Visa gift card and was told that there was $29. This was on November 25, 2021. Took my family to Kanja Japanese Restaurant on the 27th and gave the waitress the gift card in addition to my credit card. She came back and told me that there was only $1,22 balance. I was puzzled. Searched the transactions on card and it shows some 22 separate transactions of $.99 to $1,99 and identified as Google Garena. Don't know what this was and googled the merchant and led me to this site. I guess my card has been appropriated and what are my options. Mine was a call to the number indicated and wonder if it's an inside job. Will try calling number and see if I can talk to a live person.

Carina on November 29, 2021

I checked my balance on the 28th as I do weekly and noticed one charge on the 27th for $4.99 and another on the 28th for $4.99 I guess they didn't have a chance to charge more because I had only $11.00 in my checking.

Alison massingale on November 30, 2021

Got card as a gift money was already spent on garena Google slot of 2.99 charegs

susan on December 01, 2021

11 $.99 charges nov. 12.

Caroline Lydia Mosupye on December 04, 2021

Charged my bank account amounts of R14.99 and R49.99 from 02/12 to today 04/ bank managed to reverse some changes

Oneil on December 07, 2021

Google garena charger my card 0.99 7 times and I want my money back

David stjohn on December 09, 2021

I was charged 22.00 off my debit card and I am hoping they will stop who doing it and I hope they put it back on my card

Anonymous on December 10, 2021

I was charged $2.99 on my debit card on November 2nd. Didn’t find out about it till today. Hope these idiots stop and that my bank refunds me!

Emily on December 15, 2021

I was charged 2,94€ on my debit card on 15th of December at 4 am??

Fed Up on December 17, 2021

They've been charging my child support card ten times a day during the week and 5 times a day on the weekends since October. All for amounts between $00.03 and $11.00. I just found out because I don't get much child support so there's no real reason to check this account often. I only use it for emergencies since the balance stays so low. I tried to use it to pay my phone bill and it declined. I thought it was weird so I made a mental note to check again when I got home. I just checked and I'm floored! These little have been charging me over 80 times a month! And I googled them and apparently some of them have the ability to re-start their subscriptions even after I get a new card! I hope this doesn't happen. It's so frustrating!

Cheryl Wilkerson on December 17, 2021

I have bern charged for over $300.00 worth of charges to google garnia ,google activations, Google uplve Ltd., And google wisdom, to my bank account, i made a report to google saying i didnt make the charges, and when iwent to google pay, none of the charges are on my monthly statement showing what i have spent theres 3 on there that i did do, znd google says thay dont find any fraudulent has been done and wont refund my money!! That should no where the charges were made from and times of charges

Jason on December 20, 2021

Received 4x43p unauthorised charges plus international transaction fee charges for each on top, then another £1.53 interest on top of that. What are Google and all the credit card companies doing to prevent this fraud - seemingly absolutely nothing. Why - because someone somewhere along the gravy train of fraudulent transactions is making a heck of a lot of money and its pays for them to let it happen

Amber on December 21, 2021

This has been an ongoing issue for me. I tried to call the number and it gets you no where. These low down fraudsters must be stopped.

TruckerChuck on December 24, 2021

Been nailed by them over 40 times. Bank wants to cancel card and dispute. I'm a trucker. Rarely home. Makes it real hard out here

Adejori Eniola on December 25, 2021

Just got hacked Nigeria Google Garena Dec25.. Google didn't say anything about been hacked..also make them thiefs

Tara on December 28, 2021

I have my BoA prepaid child support card through family court that I rarely use because I rarely get child support. I went to check the balance a couple nights ago and there were 314 , 99 cent google Garena charges from 10/07/21. Wtf is wrong with people. Thankfully BoA is being as helpful as possible.

Kathy on December 31, 2021

On October 7-9, 2021 my husband and I took a mini trip to Key West. On October 8, 2021 my debt card was compromised with 2 transactions totaling $1,000 to a wholesale phone business in Orlando. Now I’m seeing that his Visa gift card was used 41 times for a total of $65.00 for Google Gardena on the same date. We used both cards in Key West. We assumed it was Fat Tuesdays, because it was the only place both cards were used on the same night but now I’m not so sure.

Ben on January 03, 2022

Today, 3rd Jan 2022. x22 charges of AUD$1.49 from 'GOOGLE*GARENA G.CO/HELPPAY#AU' and 'GOOGLE*TEMPORARY HOLD G.CO/HELPPAY#AU' for AUD$2.00 and then credited. Immediately had Westpac cancel all cards related to the account as I am always aware of what is being charged through Google. Definitely not Google as the card charged is not linked to Google Account! Westpac Fraud Department investigating and surprisingly Google online chat was very supportive (can't stand Google customer service usually, can't even ring someone!!) and escalated to their Fraud Department. Also one other non-Google related payment to 'DIRECT CONNECT PTY LTD * followed by a non-existent Australian mobile number' What worries me the most is how are the banks allowing such obvious fraud to occur! Surely they must know that these fake businesses/games/etc... don't exist! Westpac always prided themselves on strict security, not so sure now with what seems to be fairly 'simple' fraud being allowed to occur. This looks like (from the comments above) started in USA. Well it's now in AUS... Happy New Year!!!

GameGod784 on January 04, 2022

I read almost all of these and i agree it is sad but permit me to say a few on the matter , do your kids have free fire mobile game owned by Garena ? do they play often ? if they do and i am sure they do check their devices and look for your cards last known whereabouts lol because on my island kids are into to free fire as they were and are into fortnite, call of duty, fifa etc all these games have in game microtransactions that can be done via debit/credit card and yes the charges you do not understand are these 100 diamonds cost 99c 210 diamonds $1.99c 530 diamonds $4.99c 1000 diamonds $9,99c and there are level up passes you got weekly and monthly memberships so i guess you can see a credit or debitcard or giftcard any card a kid gets his or her hands on they are going to buy diamonds to buy in game merchs and we know to well about playing games and in game merch I got an OG fortnite account lol i do these transactions for kids it's no harm it's not a scam just kids being kids

Clientenquiring on January 04, 2022

Twelve UNAUTHORISED charges of $1.49 in one day to Google Gardena!!! Wtf!!

Clientenquiring on January 04, 2022

Twelve UNAUTHORISED charges of $1.49 in one day to Google Garena!! Wtf! Lost my credit card a couple of weeks ago but, I had the card cancelled immediately and a new one ordered. Also, being very sceptical, I have never linked my bank account with any google services or any other for that matter, to avoid fraudulent activity. I don’t even own a mobile phone! Of course I own a laptop but again, I purposely do not link/sync my bank accounts to any services.

Khem on January 05, 2022

Almost every day my Master Charged has been in the name of "Google Garena" almost every day nd some day it is up to fourth times. I went RBC and they did not answer clearly but finally checked it was a fraud so when I went to check into google. OMG, it is strange so many people are cheated by this scam.

Luke on January 05, 2022

4000 plus stolen from edd card on oct 28 and 29 and it's been hell trying to recover my money

Whispa on January 05, 2022

Twelve transactions of $1.49 stolen. Luckily Bank blocked my card. Pain!!!!

None on January 06, 2022

I had $1.49 deducted from my account 20 times. I called my bank. They've blocked my card. I have no bank account links to Google. I have no idea how they got that information. Thankfully my bank is going to reimburse me. Nasty evil people praying off others!!

Netta on January 06, 2022

I've had $1.49 taken from my acc 43 times, I'm cautious who I share my acc number with usually or online purchases but my bank told me Google Garena operation has a machine which goes through random numbers untill it finds a match wtf so concerning and they want us to go cash less fully relying on technology online services No thanks.

Beverley Tee on January 09, 2022

Just been charged 10x $1.49 each for Google Garena sure hope I am going to get my money back

Yesheel on January 12, 2022

I been charge 20 times $1.60 and 1 time nearly 50 bucks how to cancel this ??

JMS on January 14, 2022

100 transactions @.44p but converted from Turkish currency. Charged to my account in uk (Marks & Spencer) all on the same day.

lmb123 on January 16, 2022

There were 300 of these 99 cent charges on my credit card (which I rarely use) and the credit card company is taking their sweet time investigating and had nerve to charge me a late fee! This is obvious fraud!!!

Janet on January 16, 2022

My account has been debited 4 x by Google Gardens Syd for $1.49, started on the 6th of January 2022, my bank contacted me immediately by text and email, when I called they recommended cancelling the card, I expect to get the money back in a few weeks.

Kenz on January 16, 2022

I have a gift card of $500 from property sales agent. Basically all gone, as it hundreds of charged from Google Garena happened on 3 NOV 2021. Contacted Google and make a complaint.... they just replied "we were unable to confirm fraudulent activity in this case, so no refund will be provided by Google at this time. " Seriously disappointed!!

Jackie on January 19, 2022

Google Gardena charged my PayPal account numerous times. I don't understand why this is being allowed to happen when it's an obvious fraud charge that goes back to it happening to people in October. Stealing money from people is a crime so why does this not get investigated and resolved ? Google's name is attached to the charges that stole my money so isn't Google being held accountable or if it's not their doing then why am isn't Google doing everything in their power to find and prosecute the source? It's disturbing to see so many others besides myself being the victims of an actual crime and realizing there is no one out there that seems to care enough to go after the thieves or help. If they did care then this Garena fraud would have been stopped in October. It's January and my money was stolen... Google should be held accountable

Clientenquiring on January 24, 2022

Following on my comment posted on January 4th, I called my bank.They blocked my card. They also advised contacting Google Garena to lay a formal complaint - which I did immediately. Twenty days later, I have not received acknowledgment from Google Garena. Surprised? Of course not!!!! Contacted my bank again today to be told, I need to call the Police department to lodge a formal complaint. Once I have a Police reference number, I am to place a third call to the bank and they will 'act on my behalf' and contact Google Garena!!! How fucking long will that take?? I believe the bank(s) ought to be reimbursing me (and everyone else in the same boat!) for this fuck up. If their 'card fraud monitoring system' are so impeccable to detect fraud, why the fuck has their system allowed a further eleven charges of the exact same monetary value to be deducted from my account??!!! Why is Google Garena allowed to continue this fraudulent scam?? Why is it so fucking frustrating trying to contact Google Garena??? Today I received an email from my bank advising I have a further THREE attempted charges of different monetary values on my card which their 'card fraud monitoring system' detected and (thankfully) declined!! How can we take action against these thieves and scammers??? If anyone has any information which can be helpful for us pissed off customers here in New Zealand, please do post it!! I for one am sick of it!!

Tosin on February 02, 2022

Google gardena turns out to be creator of a game kids love called free fire and I have been receiving deduction of 2usd several times a day!! No thanks to naughty siblings who use my card for their games. So sad I will have to block my card now.

Susan wolaver on February 09, 2022

I had 178 charges of 1.04 it took a months of fighting back n forth with boa no clue what it is tried n tried to find out too found nothing

Bob on February 16, 2022

They hit my discover card 9 times for 0.99. Reported it to Discover as fraud but I also froze the card. I do not think google has anything to do wlth this unless Google Pay has been hit and they got my credit card info from that breach?????

MAB on February 24, 2022

Google garena free fire just took 8 transactions ranging from $21.50, $11.15, $1.10 all usd. Fucking SCAMMERS, these were unauthorized

RAG on February 26, 2022

Just had a ton of goggle Gardena charges at 5:38 am this is ridiculous do not even know what that is.

RICHARD PIASECKI on March 02, 2022

Noticed a charge for $49.99 this morning from Google Garena. Contacted fraud dept at bank this morning. Apparently there were 4 other charges from the same thing in different amounts, but the bank blocked the other 4. I have closed the card and got a new one. I have also went to every website I use (Amazon, tollway, ebay and so on) and removed all stored cards both credit and debit. This is why I go online daily and check balances on all cards.

Melissa on March 18, 2022

1 had 35 charges starting March 8th to March 15th all 4.99 each from Google garena! I rarely use the card so 8 don't check my transactions regularly. I flipped out

Colleen on March 24, 2022

Had $327.52 worth of charges for the month on my ANZ Visa card. Most were for $1.49. Have never used a gaming website so no idea where it came from. Ringing my bank now!!!!!

James Rippey on March 25, 2022

3/24/2022. Get message from boa stating my card was added to another account. I checked my card numerous charges repeatedly for 4.99 for Google gardens, also charges for tik Tok live .Done in repetition like an addiction .total 144.73 I had to cancel my card. When I look up garena first thing I seen was a scam alert.Told by boa rep it's a scam and they thought they had blocked it. Last time seen was in California.

Jennifer on March 28, 2022

I had multiple charges on my debit card for Google garnea. The funny thing is there's no one at Google knows anything about these charges but obviously Google play that my card information get leaked.

Jenny on April 04, 2022

I have multiple charges for 499 or 99 cents from Google Gardena. Contact at Google and they said that they couldn't find the fraudulent charges. I did have my bank card stored on Google play.

29 charges for .99 from Google *GARENA on April 07, 2022

Within 2 minutes on April 5, "Google *GARENA" posted almost 30 charges for .99. I immediately flagged these as fraud and my PayPal Mastercard had them refunded within a day.

Bonnie on April 07, 2022

Had 3 charges for $4.99 on March 31 for Google GARENA. Taken from my disability debit card. To make matters worse, my govt. issued debit card holders make it impossible to get my money back.

Bonnie on April 08, 2022

Got me for 3 charges of $4.99 just this month. Called Direct Express, my debit card for Disability & found out there were 18 charges from Google GARENA for $4.99 each. No wonder I got denied last month for a $15 purchase. Google needs to put out a warning that people are using their name for scamming people.

Franklin James Weed on April 08, 2022

Google Garena, Mountain View, CA as charged me $1.02 for 87 times from 03/31/2022 until 04/02/2022. What are these charges?

Bonnie on April 08, 2022

I want to start a class action lawsuit. Interested parties can reach me at Tired of asshole's takin,g my money!

Sumo on April 12, 2022

Recently had to submit a fraud report with one of my credit cards, as there were approximately 9 consecutive charges for $1 to Google*Garena.

Beth T on April 16, 2022

Took all my money 4.99 over 15times in three days ,all I had!!! I hate theives!!

Jay Curry. on April 20, 2022

I downloaded ND purchase a video clown app( a scary clown app) paid 4.99. I was charged over a two day span 28 times == $139.72.. I'm LIVID, BEYOND WORDS. And I'm about to become homicidal. I'm so sick of these people robbing my hard earned money. I get a measly amount for disability. And I can't seem to ever find a way to speak to s human being at Googlep

Kim on April 23, 2022

Discover notified me of a $5.99 Google Garena purchase - I reported as unauthorized and now have to call them. What a pain.

Brandon on April 24, 2022

Google*Garena scammed me a lot. Just found out there was 51 transactions made of $4.99 each and some Google Play purchases of $10 each. How does that happen and to so many people...

Peter on May 07, 2022

They charged me 8 times, deducting $16 from me. I ended up blocking my card. Funny fact also that my Bitdefender antivirus system was switched off ...

Zoe Cook on May 07, 2022

In the last 5 days my debit card was charged 2.99 multiple times and .99 multiple times all adding up to over 40$. Can you get your money back??

Segundo Teran on May 08, 2022

I also have been charged $2.99 and 0.36, 0.12 and 0.99!!! What should I do??

TJ HOLT on May 15, 2022


Ben on May 18, 2022

Damn it just got charged the other day about 9 charges 8 charges of $4.99 & One Charge of $0.99 draining My account I didn't know it was happening to others too. Now they act like they wanna ignore me. I'm not going away until those scammers are prosecuted

ADENIKE on May 28, 2022

I was charged $2.99 by GOOGLE GARENA 2 time's from my Master Card I am so HAPPY they didn't dry out my account WE CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE THE SCAMMERS MUST BE CAUGHT

Seokjin on June 22, 2022

Hi everyone. Those getting Google Garena / BAT google Garena mobile charges should call the bank immediately for Fraudulent Transactions. Take note of all the transactions that have taken place and relay information to hotline assistant. Took me 5 minutes and they will issue you a new card (3-5 business days to arrive). They will also give you a refund if approved by the fraudulent detection department at your respective banks. Please spread awareness of the charges and the process of getting back your money as stated above. Thanks and stay safe.

Lucy on June 24, 2022

Google GARENA made 5 transactions within 10 minutes today. I suspect they stole my information yesterday when I was purchasing goods through the Shein app. Seems the app was once hacked. yesterday after I made a transaction I received an email asking me to verify my email account from Shein, and another one telling me my payment information has been stored for future convenience. I don't know which is which.

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