First seen May 12, 2020. Last updated on April 11, 2024.

The credit card or debit card charge 21CM NY NEWSPAPERS CIRC was first submitted to our database on May 12, 2020. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

Have you seen 21CM NY NEWSPAPERS CIRC charge on your credit card? Do you know what the source of this charge is? If you have seen 21CM NY NEWSPAPERS CIRC on your bank statement, debit card, or prepaid charge card please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!

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Charge Information

Merchant 21st Century Media (edit)
Website https://www.medianewsgroup.com/ (edit)
Phone 3039545300 (edit)
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Description Newspaper Publisher (edit)

What people are saying...

Paul on May 12, 2020

Charged $12 a month on my amex that i did not notice for a year until finally notice when they start with a .99 Cents charge on March 11 an a different chase business acc and charged $12 in April and May 2020 I took care of the Amex but no way to contact Chase

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Conor S on November 20, 2020

I think it's for a digital newspaper subscription

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James J on March 03, 2021

Conor S - makes sense but I cannot find any such subscription. Nowhere... Any ideas? Just call the card and block payment?

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Sharrissa H on May 03, 2021

I Agree. I have two charges on my bank statement however, when I call the number to ascertain the name of the subscription, I get a non working number. Noone says it's a non working number; it just beeps. frustrating. We will stop payment.

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Joanne G on September 01, 2021

I was able to figure where my charges came from. It was connected to a newspaper subscription called the Kingston Daily Freeman and are placed in NY upstate region. Their sister or partner companies may all be listed as 21CM NY NEWSPAPERS CIR. The other companies are Saratogian, Troy Record, and Oneida Dispatch. You'll have to directly call them (dependent on their specific customer service line) to cancel the subscription. Hope this helps!

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Tom on March 31, 2022

I was getting charged 12 a month for over 5 month and then got a whopping charge of $78. I'm Headed to the bank. Very upset.

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Ray. D on August 17, 2022

subscription to Kingston DAILY Freeman SERVING ULSTER COUNTY NY it is Legitimate

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Janet d on October 12, 2022

I just received my chase statement and have 2 charges for them $38.40'each. Don't know who the are. Calling chase now to have these removed from my account.

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Robin on November 04, 2022

What number do I call? Yea

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Kristi on May 23, 2023

I noticed it a few months ago. I’ve changed my card number but some how it gets it and has been charging again. No way to contact them to stop it.

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Pete on July 15, 2023

I suspect it is just as Ray said, a subscription to the Kingston Daily Freeman. That is the paper my wife has been reading on-line.

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Nathan Rodriguez on November 04, 2023

I didn't make this purchase

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Sandy Long on November 11, 2023

Received a charge of $14.99 on bank statement. I have no idea who this is and did not subscribe to whatever this is.

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Laird Coates on November 13, 2023

21CM PA2 NEWSPAPERS CIRC don't know what this charge is. On a credit card statement

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MimsyBird on November 21, 2023

Attempted charge on old account number 11/21/23.

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Di on November 29, 2023

Was charged $18 and didn't recognize the 21CM description. The number in the description didn't work. CC Company wanted to cancel our card number rather than just start a process to decline payment, so I backed out. Should have googled 21cm first. P.S. The Daily Freeman isn't worth it.

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Sarahbloom on November 30, 2023

Anyone figure this out

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Peter on December 05, 2023

I want to cancel this charge

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Carolyn on December 11, 2023

I want to cancel this charge

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Nanami on December 14, 2023

I was charged today for $14 and I have no idea what or who this is.

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Melissa Ortquist on December 20, 2023

I was charged 26$. They said they were the Daily Freeman Newspaper.

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Tanya on December 20, 2023

Reviewing bank statement and found repeating charges of $18.00/ for 3 months, with multiple charges each month totalling $126.00. There is no account to check as the web site claims. Will need to cancel bank card to deal with this.

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Lin on December 29, 2023

Credit card charged $14 for Dec. 2023 unrecognized phone number 888-699-0399 and name 21 CM NY Circ. Made contact with daily freeman circulation website. Person (maybe call center???) willing to change the charge to $8 per month. Questioned the phone number. felt scammer, cancelled, suppose to refund charge. Will get new credit card as a safer matter.

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Flo on January 01, 2024

This is a charge for The Kingston Daily Freeman or the Saratogian, Or The Troy Record or Oneida Dispatch.. It seems they changed their name and increased their rates . We paid 8 now it's 14!

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Sharren Phelps on February 04, 2024

Did not authorize this payment.

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Denise Woodbury on March 01, 2024

why am i being charge 14 dollars a month. Please stop

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John DONGHIA on March 27, 2024

They charged me a dollar back in November 3 weeks ago. They charged me $14. I don’t know who these morons are nor do I care to subscribe to anybody I don’t no idea who they are or what they are.

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Martha Margolis on March 29, 2024

no idea what this might be, it was charged on 3/5/24 $14

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Dorothy Wells on April 01, 2024

Don't know what this is about! But I didn't order it, please return my money!!!

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21CM NY NEWSPAPERS on April 10, 2024

Just saw this charge to my credit card. No idea what it is and will have it stopped immediately!

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frw on April 11, 2024

yes i found this and disputing with my bankcard

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